Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today was a shitrack !

Eh blog ,,

I didn't check my blog for like ,days already .right , and that's a lie .it was just yesterday ,I missed blogging due to the so-called internet connection problem ,which ,-with stressing bold .pissed me off inside and out !-.-"

my homework's undone !I'm doomed !headache attacked me since yesterday .however ,I'm fine now .I'm SOOO worry with my politics class this semester ,Political Thought 2 especially .Ya Allah !-__-

by the way ,early in the morning tomorrow ,I have presentation and then around 11.30 I gotta sit for Political Thought 2 examination and and at 5.15pm ,it's gonna be Public Personnel Administration's paper .exams just suxx man !>.<


Monday, August 30, 2010

I yell because I hate you

last Friday I was supposed to go out with a boy whom I barely recognize and the one who kept on calling me everyday at 6am ,dah macam it's a must for him to do that .weird ey ?but I cancelled for the last minute because I was fcuking exhausted and not in the mood to meet people especially strangers and idiots ?

___: :(.nape cancel today?
nuns: oh sebab I takot you orang jahat .haha !
___: fine !stop contacting me you MORON !!!

matherfaker !!aku pulak kena moron ?and what's up with "stop contacting me ?" it was you who contacted me first .I don't even know his number and he kept contacting me since the first day of Ramadhan .fine lah ,I'll stop contacting you but I just wonder why would I do such thing because as a matter of fact I tak pernah pun nak contact kau !

haa elok lah ,aman hidup I lepas sahur lepas ni kan .thanks for the wake up call dude !


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sugar Candy Mandy Lil Wandy Oh Got Crazy !

Eh blog ,,

This is what happen when you stay up late at night and watch tv drama okay !I'm craving for all these candies macam gilaaa !I'm looking for these for soooooo long !like for ages !
where do I exactly can find all these candies ey ?can cold storage solve my problem ?:(

I couldn't find Twizzler at c
old storage .neither do other candies but I think Tootsie Roll ada kat Cold Storage .I'm not sure but whatever it is ,I'm gonna find it tomorrow !read my word blog ,T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W okaaaay !:DDD

This one is new .I mean I haven't seen this flavour before .okay sangat outdated but yes ,the matter of fact that candy ni takda kat Malaysia ,sangat lah LAME !-.-"
Eh jap ,I just saw that it says it's LIMITED EDITION .haha okay ,err my apology dear Malaysia :)

and these ,I believe it's new !sebab it's stated there .HAHA

but of all the candies ,this one is what I'm craving for .candy that I love the MOST !:')

aww how I missed my cousins who used to give me all these candies especially the peppermint candy cane here .now no more I guess since they're already in Malaysia and I grown up too fast ?SOBS !:'(

AWH .I guess I'd better go to Cold Storage and hunt for those candies ey .a great idea isn't it ?!these are all I need for berbuka tomorrow :]


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now I remember how to smile

Pizza Hut has its own kurma .impressive !:P

Eh blog ,,

I had laksa for berbuka just now .wasn't that delicious ey .tiMah ordered bee hun goreng with telur mata and sotong while mAryam had nasi goreng daging merah .mAryam's food looks delicious gila .next time I'm gonna order that for sure :]

I miss home .I miss bapakk and makk .therefore I called them and we had a great one hour conversation :')
Called haNi but she's asleep and asked me to call dinA instead .ceyt !talked with dinA just for a few mins cause she didn't know what to borak about .double ceyt !-.-"

I just need a deep rest as I have class from 8.30 till 7 tomorrow .eh wait ,I forgot I have hafazan tomorrow .shiat !>.<


Monday, August 23, 2010

another fairy tale

Eh blog ,,

how are you today ?I'm still not in a good mood .my mood continues swinging since yesterday -__-" maybe cause I haven't prepared for my Fiqh presentation yet ?or maybe it's the pressure of having two midterms on Sept 1st ?or maybe I'm just being too emotional lately ?

hmm I wonder why people are okay around me whenever they are alone .I mean not with their groupies .you know that I don't have any group of friends right ?I don't even have best friend ,sounds sangat LOSER okay >.<

so it's just me minggle around with anybody that I like .I don't care if they don't like me ,I don't care if they think I'm annoying ,I don't care if they make fun of me ,I don't care if they talk trash about me behind my back ,I don't care of anything as long as I have someone to talk to and not being alone but let say I have no choice except for being alone ,I just know how to entertain myself :)

I'm just WONDERING why people don't appreciate me .sometimes I think I dah cukup baik untuk orang-2 tapi rupanya tak .orang-2 pulak macam bila dia lepak dengan I alone ,without their friends ,they are being themselves ,they talk about their problems and I just listen and support them .tapi whenever they are with their friends ,macam ni lah diorang buat I ?!
I've been left out and they'll look at me in a creepy way .they sometimes make fun of me as if I'm a loser and they are not .apa ni semua ?!bukan before this kau cerita problems kau semua ke ?!

Haa yea laa ,kau ada kereta and I just don't .I don't even know how to drive .tapi whenever you're going out with YOUR friends ,ada kau ajak aku ?takda kan ?tapi bila your friends aren't there to teman you to go anywhere ,siapa kau cari kalau bukan AKU ?!
so ,kira I ni member time susah jek lah kan ?oh fine laaa ,,kenapa tak pernah nak ajak aku keluar join kawan-2 kau and boyfriend kau ?ahh I know !it's because I'm big ,,I'm fat and your car isn't that spacious to fit me in .MACAM TU ?!

Ahhh entah lah .macam couldn't be bother pun to argue about this tapi I'm upset plus disappointed gilaaa okay ada kawan macam ni .eh but don't worry ,I'm still being myself .I won't let you down and I still can lend you my ears as well as my shoulders if you need me .it's because I'm not YOU and it's just schukz to be you .so ,let me know if you need me and I don't bother to talk to you when you're with your FRIENDS and BOYFRIEND :]
I just hope that you appreciate for what I've done towards you and your secrets are still safe with me .no worries darling ;)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was just a NightMare ,I swear !;)

Last night was horrible !
I wasn't in the mood to spend the night at Ampang .soree diNa haNi :( on the way back ,met jUe my ex-roommate .she talked about her ex-boyfriend which somehow I found it interesting because I heard her crying after the ex-boyfriend dumped her .it was pretty much dramatic eyy ,that's why for me it is interesting !HAHA she kept on telling me how sad she was at that time and I was like "err okay dah lah tu ,I'm tired of hearing those things laa" .ceh nuRin ,padahal awal-2 beriya-2 nak dengar pasal ex-boyfriend dia .haha .sikit-2 boleh laa ,lama-2 macam I'm sick oh it !could you please stop NOW ?HAAHAA .aaah lets just drop the topic and move on to the next topic :)

went online with kesTen and fAtin .aww friends ..I just love chatting with friends .hehe I told kesTen what had happened .but of course after seeing my sisters ,I got better tapi bila dah sampai UIA tu ,emo lah balik kan .heehee .then kesTen merajuk sebab I didn't want to tell her my weight .ugh !benci !
so ,move on to fAtin .frankly speaking ,I miss her so much !I mean ,I missed her bawak I round-2 KL and makan-2 .hihiks :') then fAtin pulak merajuk sebab I didn't halo her yesterday before entering the hall .she said I tak tengok langsung dia plus ,muka I macam nak carik gaduh jek sampai zetY pun pelik kenapa .HAHA well well ,I've stated the reason in previous entry .so ,I think I don't wanna talk about it anymore :( .this is just the fact that I need to add on ,hehe
if you know me very well ,you might find that I'm the person yang tak tegur orang if orang tak tegur I .such a bad person kan macam tu !I don't know ...it wasn't my fault .my self-esteem is very low .I just don't have the courage to tegur people first as I might think/assume that orang tu takan respond balik kat I .that is why I jadi tanak tegur orang before orang tegur I .got me ?eh tapi bila I got hyper ,haaa ambek kau !semua orang I tegur including strangers .HAHA

okay next ,while waiting for anyone to chat with me since NOBODY wanted to chat with me :( .I put on my new baju raya and snap some pictures .oh so lame yet so fun !macam mana tu ?HAHA me and my sisters went for shopping yesterday .oh I LOOOOOVEEE it !awesomeness !:))))))
and I bought one cotton baju kurung and two selendang .NICE !:D .so I go melaram at night in my own room sebab the roommates weren't in the room .double awesomeness !lets see how does it look in me .hehehehe :">

it fits me ,no ?:P

woke up at 5.15am for sahur .went out of the room to get some water .hmmmmm wondering why the block was so sunyi ?masih belum imsak kan ?or am I too early to have my sahur ?nyeh ,I didn't care ,erm since I've bought my "stock makanan" ,I got confused which makanan should I eat for sahur and I think I was being tamak sahur tadi .ended up I had bread with nutella and milo nuggets for sahur :]
I thought of staying up till subuh but haih tertido pulak .sedar-2 bangun dah pukul 12pm X-(

I mimpi ahMad faIz ,my ex-schoolmate ,last night .he used to be a hot stuff in school long time ago .unfortunately ,I wasn't even notice him .damn !I should have noticed him sebab I baru tahu that now dia lebih handsome !*wink* okay crap !I couldn't remember about the dream ,cuma tahu he was in my dream .ahaaaa a green light ,no ?:):)

lets talk something about him .as you know blog ,I was an art stream student .therefore ,I started not to like the sciences students sebab atrs students selalu left out .then a friend of mine ni macam gila habis dekat aMad ni (people called him aMad) but I wasn't interested to find out who the hell is this boy .so macam biarlah ,lantak kau .haha and one day during the assembly ,my friend was like "nuRin nuRin ,tu tu aMad !macho gileee kaaann" .after looking at the boy-yang-konon-hot time tu ,barulah macam respond "oh laa die ke" tapi otak tak fikir pun hot ke tak

lately ni lah sebok-2 aMad nak add kat facebook .tapi nama nak letak Emmet-something-something .konon hot lah tu ?(eh ,kenapa I dengki sangat ni ?HAHA) .we never had the chance to talk and I don't think he recognized me ,neither do I pun .haha .and last few weeks ,it was his birthday and as normal people would do is to wish the person's birthday right ?so did I :] and we started comment to each other .ohh respond rupenye mamat ni .oh kira okay lah sciences students ni sebenarnya ?suka hati I jek nak jump into conclusion this fast .so Imma throw away my assumption towards the sciences students :)
eh tapi certain sciences students memang sombong pun .sheeessshhh


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well halo again blog hehe ,,

I met ustaz on the way back to mahallah just now and he asked about the paper .heh

Me: ugh ustaz !it's very tough !!
Him: what's so tough .everything I've taught you in class
Me: yeah but the essay about Ramadhan you didn't teach us right
Him: it's about your daily routine during Ramadhan .how'd you not know about that
Me: but it's hard to translate in arabic .our essay might sound funny to you ,haha
Him: nevermind ,essay only 10marx .how's the rest ?
Me: the paragraph isn't that hard but the question is too many
Him: what is it all about ?
Me: hmm .al-ukhuwah
Him: ukhuwah !easy !we've done in class
Me: yeah ..hmm okay ustaz
Him: okay .assalamualaikum
Me: wassalam

And now I'm at ampang park waiting for the sisters to come .lambat betuuul !!
Dear couples ,I'm not in a good mood .please behave .it's Ramadhan and you SHOULDN'T do that in front of the people especially ME !back off man !


A test during Ramadhan

Eh blog !!!

Arabic mid-term was ugh !so fcuking susaaah !i'm doomed !>.< why is it that they need to buat paper macam tu susah eh ?

Okay .I admit that I haven't finished study yet but the fact that everything that ustaz mentioned in class ,not a single pun yang keluar memang frust gilaaa okay !I thought that I could score for this subject but by looking at the mid-term questions ,oh I wonder how finals would treat me ey ?

and to my dearest friend fAtin ,I know you won't read this but I'm so sorry I didn't halo you just now .I was frigging scared for the paper .dah lah tak habis baca semua kan -.-" that makes me even scared and didn't feel to talk with people .sorry babe :(

Well blog ,,arabic mid-term paper just ruined my mood .THANKS A LOT lah kan !feel like yelling at anyone's faces right now .too depressed ,too hard to control !X-(


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello Handsome ,will you marry me ?

Eh blog ,,

As you know ,I LOOOOOVE BABIES !:] so whenever I meet people ,I'll ask them if they have any nephews or nieces that are still baby .it happened that my ex-roommate have a very big and happy family .so ,she has like hundreds of anak sedara ?HAHA kidding !:P
I know a few of tasNim's brothers ,sisters ,cousins ,nieces and most important among all is her nephews !love love love loooovveeeee !hehehehe

introducing ASIF ILYAS OMAR !the cutest among all .his pipi is so yummy !feels like pinching it everysecond everyminute and everyday !:))

Haaaa this is how he looks when he was i-don't-know year old .hehe but obviously ,he'll turn out to be so macho and hansome raiiiteee .yes ,I'm so sure with that !hehehe

Oh well ,I met this cute lil' boy bila dia baru setapak dua berjalan .thank God I've met him before he's grown up or else I'd be dying to move in with his family in Bangkok just to be with him everyday and I'd probably melt whenever I see him .okay that's a total psycho .HAHA

boy oh boy ,kenapalah kau tak lahir tahun 1989 ey ?

this is the latest and I think he's 2 ke 3 macam tu kot ?he's all grown up kan !macho habis !oh baby ,will you be mine ?God ,I've fallen in love with you ever since you were baby man !okay crap !HAHA

Haha comel comel comel coommeeellll !!eh ,why these two boys are so cute ah ?geram tahu tak !
anyway ,iLyas and adAm are best friends .probably because they are in the same age .ada gap beberapa bulan jek kot .tapi cute ,itu penting !:D

see ,I told ya they are best friends .still and will always be lah kan .in pictures pun nak pose macam ni .memang mengancam !that's iLyas' new hair style .aww :') and this is my desktop wallpaper .everyday pun feels like smiling kalau tengok gambar ni .hehe

well iLyas ,hopefully you'll be a good boy and makin handsome day by day .okay boy ?hehe .looking forward to meet you again :):):)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She yells because she cares

Eh blog ,,

nowadays I have problem with my sleeping time .ya'know when it's in the month of Ramadhan ,you will feed your tummy at night .for me it's good .so that I can go on with my diet plan .ahaaa *wink*

but then ,my sleeping time .yes ,that's the problem !I usually go to sleep at 1am or sometimes 3am and wake up at 6.30 or 7 .I know I haven't had enough sleep but yeah ,at least I get to sleep on a BED !hehe

so now macam dah confused .macam wondering bile patutnya kena tido .dengan class habis at 7pm kan .the daily routine is continuing but I need to wake up at 5 for sahur .therefore ,kenalah bentang comforter tido bawah or else I won't be awake untuk sahur -.-"

Oh I just can't wait for weekends !I'm so in need of bayar balik hutang tido .yes .after went through this extremely rough&&&tough week .I'm exhausted .seriously .


I stalk people ,I rock !

Ni bilik lama .everytime lalu sini mesti macam curious gila kenapa budak bilik ni tak bukak tingkap ?she must be some kind of weird punya orang !haha well ,after observing from far ,now I realize that SEMUA penghuni bilik D1.5 tu tak pernah bukak tingkap .amaigadd ,tak rimas ke ey ?HAHA so busybody meh !=P

I miss this block !:(


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescue me please

Halo blog ,,
it's 5.53am here .I gotta stop eating sebab dah imsak .I want to go back to sleep but I'm afraid if I susah nak bangun tapi I'm tired like hell -.-"

I have articles to be discussed in Comparative Politics class tomorrow .I have 6surahs to be memorized tomorrow .and then ,proceed with the quiz tomorrow .I then have presentation tomorrow .eh !should I say just in a few hours to go ?ugh .this is TORTURING !I feel like crying :(


August fifteen two thousand ten

God ,why can't I be so mean like certain people do ?:-S
Ugh uia !everytime I'm eager to go online ,there'll always be a connection problem .why is it that you need to be so gay when I'm in the middle of doing something important ey ?GRR !X-(

Eh blog ,,

Just now I berbuka at klcc with the sisters .we had our dinner at fish market or manhattan fish ,oh whatever they call it .I just LOOOVE the food !delicious and affordable :]err but I didn't contribute satu sen pun :P

what happen to my diet plan ?oh I couldn't care less .I think it will work whenever I'm away from home .haha .you see ,when you're in college ,you'll have the tendency to skip your meal right .I mean for the reason of being so lazy to get out from the gloomy room or maybe you don't have the mood to eat cause you're homesick .it sounds so not relevant but I found it logic .yes ,such a solid reason ;)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't judge the book by its cover or you'll be surprised by what you may discover

Eh blog ,,

I have Arabic quiz tomorrow .as usual ,I haven't started anything yet .oh so dead !X-(
as you know I dah tinggal banyak benda for this semester .so all I need is go through semua notes dari this two ladies here .hehe ;)

Meet fazReena .she's no longer been called as machA .so ,meet yOng !:)

Here's Hafizah .known as fZa izhaM :]

awh .feel so wrong when the lecturer was marking the students' book ,we were busy cam-whoring !hihiks :P basically ,this is what we are doing during the Arabic class .it's not that the class is boring but well yeah ,I haven't done this routine for such a long time jugak lah .so ,I'm gonna start it again .HELL to the YEAH !high 5ive !=DD

I've created one folder in yOng's new phone and I named it as "Hari-hari bersama Nurin" folder .cute kaaaan ?HAHA okay ,yOng's respond was like "eeee tak payah lah nak poyo sangat !*siap dengan muke jijik dia*" HAHAHA !sukati laaa .as long as I'm happy ,you kena lah accept it :P so from now on ,I'll snap a picture of me hari demi hari .best best best beessstttt !!HAHAHA

oh blog ,I better get going .eh I mean go study lah !hehe .cause I nak pegi pasar Ramadhan at 6 nanti .it's my first time for this sem .okay I'm excited !char kueh teow !yum yum yummy !I can smell it from here !:)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

I hate goodbyes

Haa inilah rupa kalau orang baru 1week pakai phone baru then suddenly ,tengah rushing nak pegy class ..*kelepekk* bunyi benda jatuh .Oh no !it's her phone jatuh dari pouch .I didn't laugh .I was shocked and speechless .both of us did .I'm sorry babe for the accident .hehe

Eh blog ,,

we went to bazaar ramadhan today and happily bought lotsa food .yayy me lavh !:))
I also bought nutella for sahur and berbuka kat uia nanti .hehe
I'm going back tomorrow and I hate it .okay dah start homesick :-/


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Feet

I'm H-A-P-P-Y !!

as happy as this boy here :))

I'm broke but I'm Happy :')



I'm HOME baby !
Wheee ~ :DDD

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days ,Weeks ,Months ,Years ,Tears

Time-time puasa macam ni rindu pulak kat nazarEne .YES ,I KNOW ,now I admit I actually missed him so freaking much .he's the only one who would call me and ask what I'm gonna have for berbuka .he's the only one who would call and wake me up for sahur .kadang-kadang video call terus :]okay now i miss those moments like seriously :'(

eh tapi besides him ,it's my dad and fatiMah who would do such thing to me .sweet kaaaan ?HAHA !but it wasn't a phone call .they just send me text messages -.-"
if call terus and talk about food during Ramadhan ,yes ,HE'S THE ONLY ONE :')

it has been 2 years we didn't contact each other .if he did ,I'm sorry ,your number is private and I couldn't trace if it was you .DAMN !I think I'm so regret for deleting your phone number and facebook >.<



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Now that I'm closely 21year old ,I try to think maturely and positively .so when there's a big or small fight with friends ,MATURED people would think that it's perkara remeh .but for me ,it's NOT .it doesn't even indicate that the person is childish or what people call as jealous .it's actually because you're annoyed with someone and you don't know how to ambush that little someone .that's why they're fighting ,the little someone cannot be criticized .err there's no element of perli here .just want to express the feelings of anger !HAHA

eh blog ,,

it's like this ,ever since I studied in UIA ,people started to judge me as childish .no no no ,I'm not talking about YOU !neither do YOU !this is the general statement cause when people asking about Nurin .they'll go like "oh ,she's so childish" .some sort of that answer lah .

Actually ,I myself haven't asked for being so childish .it's just me being mengada-ngada with the girlfriends .can you like differentiate childish and mengada-ngada ?both terms totally have different meaning kan ?so I just need you to THINK lah !

You have boyfriend ,which I don't and I don't even care about it .you may want to tell every bad things about me to your boyfriend .for me ,I only have family and friends .they are the love of my life .so I'd rather tell them about what happen to myself than telling a pedestrian or any strangers whom obviously know NOT A THING about me .raiiitee ?so ,which part that makes you think that I'm childish ey ?this is what we call sharing stories with friends .that's what friends are for man !!!!!

So friends ,don't terasa with me .I used to curse people all the time .I used to talk trash about people .I used to be so sombong with people .I used to be so bad with people .I used to have harsh words with people .I used to tell lies to people .yeah .I know that !I'm so sorry .I'll try to improve myself as I'm getting older day by day .my apology dear people !EVERYTHING BAD COMES FROM ME AND THAT IS GOOD COMES FROM ALLAH okay bro ?:]



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Boredom Strikes

42 words

Go try it yourself .it's fun ey :]

Monday, August 9, 2010

She Got You High and You Don't Even Know It

Dadih Dadih Dadih ♥♥♥

How did I get this dadih ?I didn't even have the mood to eat today .now that I'm OFFICIALLY on diet ,I only eat once a day cause I don't have this what people called as appetite this few days .why exactly is that happened ey ?is it because of the homesick syndrome that I'm having right now or the busy-ness of being a third year student ?SO NOT !hahaha :P

knock knock

knock knock
Sister :Sis ,nak beli dadih tak ?tinggal satu jek ni *muka kesian*
Me :errm brape satu ?
Sister :RM1.20 satu
Me :jap ekk *go and take the cash*
*it took me so long to take the money cause I didn't have small change =S*
Me :eh tapi saye tade duet kecik
Sister :brape awak ade ?
Me :rm10 ?
Sister :ohh ,,ade kot ..
Sister :*still finding the coins* nah rm8
Me :*okay lambat sangat !*eh bagi saye rm8 jek lah .tape ..
Sister :eh tanak lah cmtu
Me :eh tape ahh .ambek jek *padahal dah terliur gila tengok dadih tu*
Sister :okay thanks .awak sorang jek ke kat bilik ?
Me :a'aa .yang lain pegi makan rasenye
Sister :awak tak pegi makan plak ?
*amboi nak borak plak die !*
Me :oh .malas nak turun .hehe .thanks eh
Sister :okay

That dadih is so yummy !I freaking like it !feel like asking for more unfortunately ,just one left :(


Malam yang malang

Eh blog ,,

Dengan keadaan sakit perut ,menuju ke kiosk untuk beli pad ternampak sister yang dikenali ,terus jalan laju buat tak nampak

Rasa nak beli air asam jawa ,ambek sebotol tanpa lihat expiry date .bijak bukan ?bila minum rasa macam euwy !air apakah ini ?rupanya expired 2009 .ahaa ni yg rasa nak SUE kiosk ni !grr

Teruskan perjalan dgn kelajuan 20tapak seminit .tiba-2 ..'NURIN !'ada orang memanggil .toleh-2 tengok ,eh eh takda org .ish bergurau plak !aku dh rimas tak mandi lagi ni .panggil lagi nurin dgn nada yg loud and clear .toleh lg .phew sebaek ada org .erm jiran bilik dari kat nilai tapi tak pernah taw name .ala ,yang muka sebijik mYa tu !kalau cite dgn kawan-2 perempuan lain mesti mereka kenal:)

Sister: nurin !hehe see !dr blakang pun blh knal
Me: eh bergurau plak td ek .gy mane ?
Sister: laundry .bli makanan ke ?
Me: eh tak la .bli pad .hehe
Sister: period ke ?
Me: hehe a'a

*DUHH !kalau dah name pun beli pad !takan nak buat tulis plak .mestilah period .adoyy jiran jiran*


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Give me a break

Eh blog ,,

While everybody's busy with theatre ,pantun ,etc .I'm the only one who got stuck in this boring room doing NOTHING -.-"

Phew thank God Qila ,naBs n kAzu took me out for lunch :] .it was naBs' treat .thanks babe :]

Went back from Klcc around 5 and straight away went to bed and woke up at 8.30pm .planned to wake up at 9 but this two little rascals ,waNi and naBs ,came to my room and bising-bising about their leadership problem .eh ?I don't get it =S

And oh !I bagi kAzu a souvenir from oppss and he said to naBs 'eh same dengan yang kakA bagi .sebijik !'
I was like (dalam hati lah) 'oh ye ke ,kalau dah same toksah ah bgtaw in public kan .pulanglah balik cmtu !hahaha :P'

Now that I know that manusia sangat pelik at times .hmm


Thursday, August 5, 2010

My pleasure

Eh blog ,,

Done with all 5 lecturers .1 more left .ugh !-.-"

My leg hurts so bad !!I wonder why one of my group members suka guna tangga bila naek tapi bila turun pakai lift ?concept apa die guna ?boleh tercabut lutut ni weh X-(


Mookie Conster

Eh blog ,,

I think I just couldn't stop smiling after seeing Sir Moniruzzaman smiled happily for the gift I gave .ahaxx :">

Me: sir ,here's something for you from oppss
Him: oh you're back from oppss ?how was it ?
Me: yeah :] .it was good but the weather is pretty hot
Him: oh yes yes .so did you pray for me there ?(with the sweetest smile I've ever seen from him)
Me: of course sir :P
Him: thanks :)

Aww .now I know he can actually bergurau with students like friends .haha :P

Sir Tunku Mohar treated me nicely as always .instead he didn't want the gift cause he's not my lecturer for this semester .heh jual mahal taw !haha

Oh so relief !just need to wait for the arabic lecturer's response as well as tilawah lecturer's
Hopefully everything will be alright =S


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today my life still WASN'T that awesome eventhough political thought 2 was cancelled :[

There are TONS of work need to be done as well as to be prepared

1. PPA class activity - next tuesday
2. Fiqh presentation is in 2weeks time
3. PPA mid-term exam - Sept 1
4. Hafazan - 13surah
5. Comparative Politics of the Muslim World assignment and presentation - Oct 28
6. Poli Thought 2 assignment
7. PPA group presentation and assignment

With 13 credit hours can be this busy ah ?impressive raite ?;)

I'm still excited for this Saturday .hehe :P


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rough day

It was a hectic day !i feel dizzy and feel like fainting .tilawah class was cancelled izzit ?hopefully it's a YES cause I went to class just now ,there was no ustaz ,not even a student came to class .ustaz didn't reply my text message ,he also rejected my phone calls -.-"

Anyway ,I met Nor.Faiz just now and I asked him what is he majoring in .he said 'Political Science' but it wasn't that clear .as if he was so ashame of majoring in Political Science .why is that so eh ?
I somehow think that he should be proud of the course he's majoring in cause the subjects are tough and aren't that easy to get an A ,plus the high competition .hmm well ,different people have different views raiittteee ?:]

Oh cepat lah Sabtu !I wanna go watch muviesss .hojyeahh