Monday, August 23, 2010

another fairy tale

Eh blog ,,

how are you today ?I'm still not in a good mood .my mood continues swinging since yesterday -__-" maybe cause I haven't prepared for my Fiqh presentation yet ?or maybe it's the pressure of having two midterms on Sept 1st ?or maybe I'm just being too emotional lately ?

hmm I wonder why people are okay around me whenever they are alone .I mean not with their groupies .you know that I don't have any group of friends right ?I don't even have best friend ,sounds sangat LOSER okay >.<

so it's just me minggle around with anybody that I like .I don't care if they don't like me ,I don't care if they think I'm annoying ,I don't care if they make fun of me ,I don't care if they talk trash about me behind my back ,I don't care of anything as long as I have someone to talk to and not being alone but let say I have no choice except for being alone ,I just know how to entertain myself :)

I'm just WONDERING why people don't appreciate me .sometimes I think I dah cukup baik untuk orang-2 tapi rupanya tak .orang-2 pulak macam bila dia lepak dengan I alone ,without their friends ,they are being themselves ,they talk about their problems and I just listen and support them .tapi whenever they are with their friends ,macam ni lah diorang buat I ?!
I've been left out and they'll look at me in a creepy way .they sometimes make fun of me as if I'm a loser and they are not .apa ni semua ?!bukan before this kau cerita problems kau semua ke ?!

Haa yea laa ,kau ada kereta and I just don't .I don't even know how to drive .tapi whenever you're going out with YOUR friends ,ada kau ajak aku ?takda kan ?tapi bila your friends aren't there to teman you to go anywhere ,siapa kau cari kalau bukan AKU ?!
so ,kira I ni member time susah jek lah kan ?oh fine laaa ,,kenapa tak pernah nak ajak aku keluar join kawan-2 kau and boyfriend kau ?ahh I know !it's because I'm big ,,I'm fat and your car isn't that spacious to fit me in .MACAM TU ?!

Ahhh entah lah .macam couldn't be bother pun to argue about this tapi I'm upset plus disappointed gilaaa okay ada kawan macam ni .eh but don't worry ,I'm still being myself .I won't let you down and I still can lend you my ears as well as my shoulders if you need me .it's because I'm not YOU and it's just schukz to be you .so ,let me know if you need me and I don't bother to talk to you when you're with your FRIENDS and BOYFRIEND :]
I just hope that you appreciate for what I've done towards you and your secrets are still safe with me .no worries darling ;)



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