Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tribute to the M.I.A friends

Hello blog !I missed you already .I miss you everyday instead .hihiks :">

Eh blog ,,

while I was going through all my folders ,files ,etc. I found these photos .

weh boleh tak nak rindu korang semua?
If I could turn back time
Bestnyaaalahaaaii :'(

hmm I just realized that there were you in most of the pictures kan kan ?do you guys realize it ?haha !well ,of course la .you and me were like spongebob and patrick tau .that's why in almost of the pictures, you were there .sometimes I got a lil bit upset when everytime I wanted to find picture for facebook there will always you beside me .sebuk !hahaha no lah ,I don't mind anyway .long long ago punya story meh .past will always be the past .we cannot turn back time .we cannot rewind what we've been through .we just need to hmm moving forward !that's the best way :)

I never felt like grudging .I've forgiven you for so long long ago tau but I'm not sure if you ever say sorry to me ?hepp Nurin !you're not supposed to talk trash about anyone .you gotta stop what you think about this little someone .heehee :P:P

I missed you .I don't care if people think Imma loser for saying this to the public .eh I peduli apa !people don't even read my blog .plus ,it's a fact that I missed you .so ,how can I live in denial kan ?if you don't miss me ,I don't mind .I don't even care about it cause it's your choice .I cannot force you to miss me .that's something stupid and crazy !HAHA

haa but this is weird .why there must be at least one day in a week I bumped into you .adoyy I'm tired la to pretend that everything is fine .eh but what's the point of pretending when you and me are actually fine .we're good .it's just that things aren't the same as we used to be .

entaaaaaahhh ,it's not like I don't accept you anymore .sometimes when I look at you ,I'll feel like AWH kesian awak ,salah saya ke salah awak ek ?haha tibe-2 :P but to be like old time is quite hard lah .now you nak sentuh I pun ada limit okay .HAHA so everything pun ada limit .bila ada limit ,semuaaaa jadi awkward .bila awkward ,situation jadi macam ni laa .senyap ,sunyi sepi .not as before .situation memang leceh !I hate situation .I mean this type of situation !hahaha

  • I can hang out with you ,seriously I don't mind .but I need someone to accompany me .I don't want to be when it's just me and you cause I'm afraid that I jadi the old me ,sebab I ni tak ego mana pun -.-"
  • I can talk to/with you ,seriously I don't mind .but yeah the way I talk might sound like I baru je kenal you .macam I borak dengan member-2 macam beLl ke ,taSnim ke ,mAira ke .yang macam sopan-2 sikit tu .hehe :">
  • I can hmm everything lah !anything that people want ,I DON'T MIND .I'm not pretending or whatever .it's just that hmm again ,limitation !nothing more can I say lah .soree bro !I am not as what I was BEFORE kot ?:-/


Busy Bee

Eh blog ,,

Alaaa not in the mood again !have LOADS of work need to be done by end of this month .eh mana sempat ,ni je dah last day of September kan ?shoot !I'm so doomed !T_T

I only have one class for yesterday .so after Fiqh class ,I went straight away to ITD .need to find things for PPA .malas gilaaa !then balik bilik around 1.30pm ,tak salin baju ,tak naik katil apa semua ,terus landing kat lantai and fall asleep .haha biol gilaaa !macam penat sangat .padahal satu class je pun :P

then woke up at 6 !believe it or not !HAHA .went to cafe at 7 to find food for berbuka .nothing interesting eyy .safiyyah cafe ni lately disappoint many students la .tak bagus tau macam tu !sebab nak pegi hs cafe memang jauh amat .nak delivery memang tak mampu .harapan kat safiyyah cafe but then after having a meal kat sana ,semua sakit perut .aiseyh -.-"

tonight I promised myself not to sleep as early as yesterday night sebab dah tidur lama gilaaa siang hari kan .so ,here I am still awake and need some ideas to write my resume ,to think what I wanna be when I grow up .madam needs that for tomorrow class .leceh sikit lah cause I thought it's for next week punya class :(

I still couldn't figure out what job should I take after I graduated .now I realize that it's hard to be a graduated student .haha .I think I'm not gonna aim for something cause normally what I'm aiming for takkan dapat .pelik sikit with what other people think .usually people'd say that we'll get what we're aiming for kan .but for me ,it's the other way around .haa elok lah tu ,,pfft !

Gotta finish up everything by tonight


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dekan means Dean's List kan kan kan :)

Just ignore the picture AGAIN .I told you I don't know how to not to put the picture cause I'm updating the blog guna phone :)
Anyhow ...

Eh blog ,,

It's pretty emberassing for me to effortly get ready for the pre-registration session .beLl and fiTri told me that it will be opened on the 12th of Oct but mYa said it started today .so I was confused .therefore I ran to the tv room to go online .unfortunately I couldn't even get connected to the wireless .geez

I just watched Dear John .Ya Allah ,boleh tak nak boyfriend macho macam tu ?haha .that's the sweetest movie ever .after a walk to remember of course :) but seriously .it was such an unpredictable movie .best la .boleh pergi jauh punya !haha

Hey I just wonder how UITM students easily get dean's list in their studies ey ?what exactly the course that they are taking ?is it really THAT easy huh ?or the marking system is not as strict as UIA's .God ,I wonder .the only problem when there's a reunion is that ,when the UITM students meet their own cliques ,they started to ask about the dekan thingy .macam ,"eh kau dekan kan" ."rugilah tak dekan sem ni kalau sem lepas dah dekan" .WTF WEH !!is there really a conversation like that hah in real life ?scary mahn !cause for me ,to get 3pointer pun dah cukup payah lah !HAHA !
Btw ,apa itu dekan ?dean's list kan ?haha

Malas nak fikir .


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peraduan Memori di Pagi Raya

Eh blog ,,

the blogger herself ,MIZZ SUE invited me to join this contest .pretty cool ey ?:)
I love contest !woot woot !but this time the contest is about your memori di pagi raya .You gotta put the best picture of yours showing off your baju raya and the next picture would be your picture with someone else (family ,friends , fiancé ,etc)

it's me during the first day of Syawal obviously :)

The father and his girls <33

for further details ,just click here

Imma tag my favourite boy ,ASNA ASHRAFF !:D:D:D


Birthday Boy

Eh blog ,,

Meet Hazwan Mustaffa

I barely know him .haven't even met him yet .but basically we're friends since 2006 .even I dah dekat KL pun ,we still don't have the chance to meet each other .sobs !:(

Haha okay .he's now studying at UTHM JOHOR !ngeng gile .bila aku dah ke tempat kau ,kau pulak ke tempat aku .haa eloklah tu !lagi susah nak jumpa adalah !grrr !:P
well blog ,,he seemed like the kind of person it might be nice to be friends with .he's kind and funny BUT lately he was really starting to annoy the crap out of me !I don't know .maybe it's the WAY he texts me .some sort of rempit pun ada .adoyyy kawan !berubah lah !HAHA :P

eh lupa one thing ,,I knew him from
Mysarah .we were exchanging friends and then she was like "kau try yang ni .aku pernah jumpa kat rumah kawan aku .nampak macam okay" and puufff ,it became Hazwan !hahaha

one more fact is that he and his brother look alike I tell you !I once met him at Ampang lrt station .then ,I texted him but he said it wasn't him but it was his brother .phew !thank God I didn't say hai and being so friendly with that guy .he might think that Imma weirdo or a pervert ?HAHA


I did ask him out for lunch but I guess it was a HUGE mistake .he gave me a lot of reasons but I effortly asked him to go out for lunch with me .ajak like hundred times macam tu ?shoot !I
should have realized earlier that he actually didn't want to meet me .yeaahhh ,,I thought we could be friends ,lepak-2 macam tu but hmmm I was wrong !:-/

anyway ,,

Happy 21st Birthday man !


Monday, September 27, 2010

Peace Yaww !

Ignore the picture .I don't know how to update blog tanpa letak gambar .haha
Anyway ....

Eh blog ,,

Today wasn't that awesome .yOng was not in a good mood .prolly cause she's fasting and mulut dia ada pecah-2 which makes her tak boleh ketawa .therefore ,I'm just being silent and wasn't as hyper as I used to be .relief ha ?haha

Dear people ,DON'T blame me if I'm not being friendly with you .blame YOURSELF for not being friendly to/with me .okay ?;)

Once you know the real me ,then you'll know how friendly I am .I'd rather say hai to strangers than have to be hypocrite to the haters .but when there's no choice except for tegur-ing them ,I won't disappoint them .I'll layan them as mesra as I can be eventhough for the bottom of my heart ,I feel like smacking down her/his face .HAHA

Okay .enough with the craps .off to bed~


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Not in A Good Mood

Eh blog ,,

I don't feel like going to class tomorrow !my head feels like cracking whenever it wants to .I don't wanna meet the friends yang selalu bully I .I don't wanna submit the assignments .I don't wanna sit for finals .I don't wanna hear the lecturer .I don't wanna wear proper attire .I just wanna go hooomeee !:'(



It's A Feeling I Got Inside

Eh blog ,,

I've known this little someone ever since I was in Matrics PJ .we were in the same class for Arabic and English .you were so (should I say) innocent .you refused to talk to girls .you even hate them so much especially your classmates .but I think you hate me more !X-(

it's weird when you're acting so different lately .I mean when we're now in Gombak ,you started to change so drastically .the way you talk .the way you socialize .your hair .your style .no more spectacles .no more nerdy person .everything .every-single-thing .it seems like I baru kenal you

it became weirder when you started to talk to me like nothing happened before :-/ and I just found out that you added my father dalam facebook .what the heck maaaan !what's exactly your purpose of adding my father ?aren't you supposed to hate me ?I mean ,I knew you hate me from the bottom of your heart and you just couldn't look at me cause if you looked at me ,you'd feel like slapping me in the face .am i raaaiiiteeee ?:-/

seriously ,I got nothing to do with the person you liked but the fact that I've been blabbed (ugh) made me wanna poo on your face or any friends of yours !okay now I dah start nak marah !X-(

ah !I couldn't be bothered pun if you wanna add my father but I just need to know why ?!of all the people ?!and the reason that you gave wasn't strong enough -- "nampak macam die lucu orangnye" -- SERIOUSLY bro ?!gilaaa !you don't even know me that well and you just stated a statement that you think my dad is a funny person .you're just so PSYCHO lah weh !!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Case You Don't Know

I'm sarcastic
I'm hypocrite
I'm rude
I'm loud
I'm harsh
I'm talkative
I'm not serious
I'm a pretender
I'm a sweet talker

What else do you want me to be ?if all these attitudes annoy or irritate you already ,just back off !I don't really need you in my life

Friends come and go
True friends last FOREVER

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa friends but my true friends are less then 3 =)
I put in some humours in my talking and that makes me not serious in any cases .but ONCE I'm being so serious ,that means I'm really mad at someone or certain things or I'm so stress out .I rarely get mad and so easy to forget and forgive things that pissed me off .kira macam I ni pemaaf lah .AWH perasan much kan .HAHA

If I'm using names with you ,that means I'm totally not comfortable with you .it's too sopan for me to bergurau with you
When I'm using I and You with you ,that means I'm trying to get-along-with/understand you .it's too formal for me to bergurau with you
When I'm using aku kau with you ,haa ambek !memang boleh bertepuk tampar ,bermaki hamun segala bagai lah kan .memang seronok lah bergurau macam tu !=D=D=D

It's weird cause I'm very difficult to merajuk among friends but it's a piece of cake for me to merajuk among the family .pengaruh anak last mungkin ?:P:P

Be afraid !
Be VERY afraid !!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010


Eh blog ,,

Mid-termsss are FINALLY over !phew .alaa alaa tapi what I hate the most is the results !tanak dapat can ah ?=P

I got Arabic's paper and PPA's as well .Arabic was okay ,so-so but PPA was horrible !I'm not satisfied with my result and I'm sure others were not satisfied with theirs as well .therefore ,there'll be a second mid-term on Oct 12 .hambek kau !finals just around the corner but quizzes ,presentations ,mid-terms ,etc still haven't settled yet .NICE !-.-"

Oh I just finished Fiqh's mid-term yesterday night .it was hmm boleh la but as usual ,I have less ability in memorizing the terms ,definitions ,etc etc .therefore ,I couldn't answer the questions .sheesshh !

I'm off to Putrajaya tomorrow =D


Monday, September 20, 2010

Aizat Amdan - Sungai Lui

I'm addicted to this song
Siud laaaaa -.-"
and I thought it was Sungai Long


If only ....

If only he remember this
If only he knows me
If only it's for real
Heheheheheeeeeee :D:D:D:D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Malaysia Day

Eh blog ,,

I just got back from UIA on the 15th of September .I straight away went back to Muar as both of the classes have been cancelled -.-" I don't really mind actually cause I got to meet Sir
Moniruzzaman and he was so cute waving at me .AWH :">

and so ,
Syaza invited us to her open house on September 16 .I went there with Aqilah and Rafiqah .we met Farah Nadia and Nasihah Rasyiqah at the open house .awww rinduuuuu !long time no see Nasihah man !the last time I met her was at Azrah's wedding and we were like "eh kauuu ,last time jumpa kau kan time kite gaduh" and then bye-bye .here's the chance where we could catch up with each other again .I miss Nasihah ,seriously but well yeah ,it was a little bit awkward because she was so polite and I couldn't crack jokes that might hurt her feelings .ish susah tau macam tu !hehehe :P:P

just let the photos do the talking aite cause I'm sooo lazy to type :P

Me ,Syaza ,Rafiqah ,Aqilah ,Farah Nadia and Nasihah Rasyiqah :')

I asked them to make silly faces but this is all I got -.-"

Meet the leader of the convoy raya ,KIKI :]

Cotton lovers

Rafiqah sengaaal

meet the celebrity ,Syaza Hani (tuan rumah) !:P

the second house was Syahir's but we didn't take any pictures cause we were so tired and sleepy .and the fact that I didn't get everysinglething that came out from Syahir's mouth makes me had a bad head ache >.<>Farah's house .now this is BETTER !I started to laugh and felt so much comfortable around the girls .basically ,boys are so complicated and annoying .HAHA

before we went home ,singgah convent sekejap .


mummy ,me love :-*

Kalthom Ahmad

Happy 50th Birthday emakkk !

I love you always and forever okaaaayyyy :)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Lazy bum

I need to study and finish up all my assignments but I am so lazy to open up my book and start reading .it makes me yawn like thousand times .geez .what am I supposed to do ey ?-.-"

Eh blog ,,

Last night I slept early like hell .around 9.30pm dah masuk bilik nak tidur .but then around 10.30 barulah fall asleep .heehee :P
the head ache is torturing me !seriously ,I need MC for this Monday and Tuesday .HAHA :P


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bye-Bye Muar ,I'll be back on Thursday okay :(

Eh blog ,,

I'm on my way back to KL ni .I wasn't feel this sad when I was at home just now but then I feel like dying when I'm in the bus ni haa :'(

When I said that I'm going back to UIA today ,everybody was so shocked and asked me so many annoying questions -.-"
Ya Allah .sumpah sedih dengar lagu raya dalam bus ni ha .I wonder how Shafferina and Kesten feel kan ?


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya !

Halo people !how's your raya ?my raya was AWESOME !my second day of raya was double AWESOME !I was enjoying every second and every minute of it :D:D:D

Eh blog ,,

I miss youuuuuhh much !<33

First in the morning ,the family :]

Bapakkk's side

after went back from yaii's house

merepek much ey ?:P

awh I just love Raya man !eh but don't worry ,Ramadhan is still my number one :) I need to go back to KL tomorrow .okay benci :( cause I got class on Wednesday and it's Political Thought II .terbaek kan ?HEH !X-(

the Maahadian is having this convoy raya whatever tomorrow .unfaiiiiirrrr !I'm not joining ,thank you very much lah kan :-/ but the convent girls punya convoy raya is on Thursday I guess ,so I might be joining them for sure .whippieee !!:):):)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Friends Last Forever

Oh oh I
LOOOVEEE reunion !why ?because I really need to catch up on the gossips with friends !;) whenever there's a reunion ,I'll be the only one who wouldn't stop talking .HAHA .I think I just miss the laughters and the "eh kau tau taaakkk .." moment .hihiks :">

but I just wondered if they still having a reunion for this hari raya cause if it is a yes ,they better do it before 14th of September ,okay friends ?:) don't ask me why but let me just give the answer okay ,it is because I'm going back to KL on September 14 .tell me how lame is that huh ?:-/ I knowww right ,ugh what to do ,the mother just doesn't want me to ponteng any classes as I've skipped classes for two weeks last 2 months .therefore ,I have to go back on Tuesday and go to class on Wednesday ,even if I only have one class on that day .bencinyaaaa .I better check if Sir wants to cancel the class on Wednesday because my Fiqh class is cancelled :D:D

I just had a moment to remember with the ex-schoolmates .childhood friends are always be the best among all kan ?:') I actually sort of organizing a small reunion or makan-makan for my Convent schoolmates .I just missed hanging out with them but the problem is ,people that I invited were from Dahlia class whereas I was in Orkid for standard 5 and standard 6 .it's weird eyy when you gotta hang out with the Dahlia people ?HAHA

but I think it should be a moment to remember cause well after about 10years then only I could meet this lady named Shafferina Dayana .I don't think we used to spend time together or even talked to each other ?it was hard to get along with Dahlia students cause there was some sort of bias thingy among the teachers and the students .but now everyone can chit chat with each other .tepuk tampar sana sini .no no ,no bias at all .say goodbye to the teachers ,you're just not invited !okay ni sounds jahat sikit :P:P

pictures are not with me .it was Aqilah's camera .so ,hopefully she doesn't upload all the pictures in facebook or I'm dead !:-|


It's the List

  1. Study for Fiqh
  2. Start searching for the assignments' materials
  3. Start reading Locke book
  4. Start doing the house chores
  5. Get off the bed early in the morning (starting from today)
  6. Clean the toilet
  7. Check whether there is class on Wednesday or not *crossing fingers*
  8. Get a boyfriend !HAHAHA

Okay you can ignore #8 :P .everything in the list I surely can do it all by myself but #6 ?!AAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!why must the sisters didn't apply cuti for raya ?????:-/


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well It Just Schukz to be You

__ :aku nak gi Johor boleh ?
Me :err kau pegi rumah naD lah .haha
__ :*staring at me*

was I too hush ?eh I mean harsh for saying that to her ?haha .I unintentionally replied that but I didn't and most probably won't apologize for it pun :P

I don't hate you
I don't practically like you
I just envy you

for what ?for making all your haters pretend like they have no problem with you .when the haters are being hypocrites with you ,it's just awesome man !how did you do that ey ?B-)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shawal is coming real soon

Eh blog ,,

What's about Ramadhan that you love the most ?

1. Shopping !=DD
2. Variety of food
3. No hantu
4. Attitude of the lecturers - TIPTOP !
5. Berbuka with family and friends
6. DIET plan ;)
7. Bazaar ramadhan
8. Less cursing
9. Wake up early
10. Exchange food with neighbours

etc etc ,,I just feel so SPECIAL during Ramadhan .and I just love everysingle thing that I do during Ramadhan .AWH please don't go dear Ramadhan :')


black and white contest

Eh blog ,,

asNa ashRaf tagged me for this contest .I've never been tagged ever since I start blogging -.-" and I'm sooooo happy that asNa wanted to tag me for this contest .plus ,it's a contest weh !ain't that interesting ?:):)
you just need to show off your black&white photo and here's mine .the best I could get/find kot ?-___-

for further details ,just click here



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boo Exams Yayy Raya !;)

eh kenapa senyum macam ni ?
macam manjengkilkan tapi seronok !
tapi rasa nak senyum macam ni every second ,every minute ,every hour and every day
boleh kan ?:D:D:D:D

Eh blog ,,

what exactly happen to me ey ?well hello world !I've finished my mid-term and all I can do is enjoy for the weekends and Rayaaaaa .weehooo :))

err I actually don't wanna talk about the exams .I know the questions weren't that tough but it was ME !I have problems in memorizing terms and the elaboration .when I memorized the terms ,I'll have the tendency to forget the elaboration .I know it's based on my understanding but I somehow needs the exact words to elaborate cause I know my lecturers .They are someone who wants us to answer exactly like what the books has said .ain't that challenging ?

Nahh ,I don't care whether I did it very well or not cause benda dah berlaku ,let it be lah .I just need to wait for the results .then baru boleh matiiiiiiiiiiiii ?:P

I'm going back home this Friday .Allah ,tak sabarnyaaaa !!:D:D I missed home so badly .now that the family told me that I have new bed .lagi lah excited nak tengok ada katil sendiri !unlike haNi and dIna ,they have to share beds .haa yelaa ,queen bed kan .nyehhh -.-"

Imma watch adaMaya .kenG just transferred it to my external .Imma enjoy my holiday babyyy !:)))))))))

Happy Holidayssss People !*hugs*


shoot me

face it ,Imma downer !Last night I studied Political Thought 2 and this morning I studied Public Personnel Adminstration but I ended up forget everything about Political Thought .yep ,every single thing !-.-"

so now ,I'm watching Senaman pagi bersam Abang jEm and it's fcuking hilarious .at least ,something cheered me up :-/
I think I just don't wanna talk about it cause it makes me wanna kill maself .heh >.< Eh blog ,,

the KILLING exams ain't over yet X-(
one down ,two papers to go .let me scream ,FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKK !right .feel better now :]

and I have Public Personnel Administration's mid-term this evening .I hope I can concentrate like this guy up here .sigh .why am I being so lazy lately ?ish the fact that I'm a forgetful person makes me sooooo stress out !I always forget what I've learned/revised .aiyooo matilah !X-(