Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Begitulah Kisahnye

my "littlee girls"
man ,they're waaaayyyy kecik dari aku !T_T

Nobody wants to throw me a party

Ni lah kawan kan !!

Well dear friends ,i'm not upset tak jugak nak merajuk .Geli !geli !

But imma bit disappointed dengan korang for not remembering my birthday

Yes yes ,they did wish .who said they didn't ah ?!HAHAK

I know they didn't forget to remember to wish

What about a party ??????!!!!!!!!!(naahhh ,not a party ,more to a celebration i guess)

Dulu-2 ,bday korg .Aku yang excited lebih nak celebrate cause I know my bday is always during the holiday

But then this year ,it's in the beginning of the semester ,nobody wants to celebrate with me .Macam siud okay lah kan

Errr I don't mind cause I've celebrated my bday with my family and I didn't expect it<33

So yeah ,thanks to my family .I love them more than everything(: