Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy birthday !

Happy 19th Birthday Arina Manasikana !!!!!;pp
kau tua sudah yo !
aku muda lagi !whee :D:D:D
i miss youu weh !
may Allah bless you
gdluck in everything you do and take care always
kau aku sayang bahh :-*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the superheroes

of all the people ,this picture reminds me kat ali :)
well .supehero nurin kan namenye ?;p
FaizalTahir me lavh !<333333
since everybody is updating their blog with pictures .me wants to put mine as well .
the one that i amaze ,the supehero and a rockstarrr of course !hehe :D:D

and here goes ali .you i missed you !

i miss usha-ing you from the back
i miss when you talked to lecturer
i miss to hear your voice
i miss waiting for you to come to class
i miss you talking crap with adam si bangang tu :p
i miss your laughter !
i miss to stare at you when your helping our lecturer
i miss kumpat-ing good things about you
Pokoknya ,i miss you so badly !

am not gonna see you next sem
most probably your gonna graduate before me
well ,your taking master enn
haihhh =S
why am i afraid of losing you when your not even mine aih ?:)

Monday, November 24, 2008

keburingan yaw

1) put your iTunes, windows media player, etc on Shuffle.
2) for each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4) put any comments in brackets after the song name

are you male of female?
` losing my way (haha)

describe yourself!
` bergelora!

what do people feel when their around you?
` gun in hand

describe your current relationship.
` summer love

where would you like to be now?
` generasiku

how do you feel about love?
` bukan diriku

what's your life like?
` go to war

what would you ask if you only had one wish?
` something in your mouth

if someone says, "is this okay?" you would say?
` mestikah ada yang lain (gila bodoh shial)

how would you describe yourself?
` batu&golek (rock&roll dohh :D)

what do you like in a guy/girl?
` burn it to the ground

how do you feel today?
` tak bisa memilihmu :O

what 's your motto?
` dia ada style

what do your friends think of you?
` anganku melayang

what do you think of your parents?
` sexy ladies

what do you think about very often?
` cry me a river

what is 2 + 2?
` dengar ini cerita

what do you think of your bestfriend?
` mara bahaya (HAHAHA)

what do you think of the person you like?
` ada apa denganmu

what is your life story?
` this is me!

what do you want to be when you grow up?
` you

what do you think of when you see the person you like?
` berdua lebih baik

what will you dance in your wedding?
` bawaku terbang

what will they play at your funeral?
` bilang saja

what is your biggest fear?
` look me in my eyes

what is your hobby/interest?
` boneka rafia mafia

what do you think of your friends?
` pupus LMAO

what will you post this as?
` what you got

Sunday, November 23, 2008

ohh me

Regret !

darn !aku regret with what i said before about that girl tu lah
i think she's reading my fucking blog
oh God ,i am sorry dear !
well ,i was angry and upset time tu .
bak kate fizah ,bile marah ,sume pun keluar kan ?hehe
if your reading this ,,,,,
you i really am sorry ok ?
i was not supposed to say those words to you
i know you hate me but i'm not supposed to hate people
it's between mereka and Allah lah
i dowanna get involve eventho they were talking shits about me kan ?
you i said i'm sorry !really am
i love you babi !:)
haha tak pasal ;p

anyway ,,just now i chatted with bombet and accidentally with awai :)
i miss both of them !
but i missed bombet more !
he's a jerk !stupid jokes of his ,rindunyaaa hai :(

this bloody bombet broke up with his girlfriend and he was not in the mood and stress
aku pun tapaham masalah cinta dorg
hehe ;p

the we talked about Irul
ohh did i call u Irul ?
No i didnt kan ?
i called u with the name Nuar
hehe :)

how i missed school life
if i would turn back time
serunuknya hai
umur 20 is coming
what am i gonna be agaknye ?
haih ,seram !=S

and oh ayin ,i wanted your kucing that day but then the matter of fact that i tinggal di hostel enn ?:(
ayin busuk mcm kucing punya taek ?
hhaha gurau jek yaw :p

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the fact that i am fat

Your butt is wide, well mine is too
Just watch your mouth or I'll sit on you
The word is out, better treat me right
'Cause I'm the king of cellulite
Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

My zippers bust, my buckles break
I'm too much man for you to take
The pavement cracks when I fall down
I've got more chins than Chinatown

Well, I've never used a phone booth
And I've never seen my toes
When I'm goin' to the movies
I take up seven rows

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come on you know
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
Don't you call me pudgy, portly or stout
Just now tell me once again who's fat

When I walk out to get my mail
It measures on the Richter scale
Down at the beach I'm a lucky man
I'm the only one who gets a tan
If I have one more pie a la mode
I'm gonna need my own zip code

When you're only having seconds
I'm having twenty-thirds
When I go to get my shoes shined
I gotta take their word

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, sha mone
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it you know
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
And my shadow weighs forty-two pounds
Lemme tell you once again who's fat

If you see me comin' your way
Better give me plenty space
If I tell you that I'm hungry
Then won't you feed my face

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, sha mone
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
Woo woo woo, when I sit around the house
I really sit around the house

You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come on
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know it
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know, you know, you know, come on
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
And you know all by myself I'm a crowd
Lemme tell you once again

You know I'm huge, I'm fat, you know it
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, you know, hoo
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know
(Fat, fat, really really fat)
And the whole world knows I'm fat and I'm proud
Just tell me once again who's fat

Weird al Yankovic - I'm Fat

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was mya's bday on the 16th of November .
Omg !For real ?She's older than me yaw !:p
nway ,Happy Belated Birthday NurMahirah Wahid !
i don't mind you looking ugly .as long as you're happy like a monkey having her favourite banana !i know you're doing good. :D
she had a jolly good time last year .how will this year be he he he hey? :p

she was too well fed ,her tummy expanded, and look there's an
anticline. hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!
as long as you're healthy! (:

soo, Happy 19th Birthday!
eeeeeeeee, you're getting olddddd. hahaha :p
i love you muchy much okeyh :-*

and ohh ,i did sleepover at mya's frm 14th to 16th .haha sumpah lame gile ennn ?;pp
well ,i helped her A LOT okay !;)
i do the kerja dapur ,i angkat the meja and kerusi and i sleep banyak .haha ;pp
mya fetched me on the 14th tu around 4pm cmtu .then ,we straight away went to ikano to ambek her mom .she's buying jelly cake for mya but ended up suruh kak ya beli kt taman desa
then when to her rumah .i was GILA BABI punya malu and mya was like "kau nak malu ape ?kau nak aku lempang kau laju-laju ke ?"
haha she kept saying that coz i kept on saying that "aku malu ah mya"
sorry mya ,but that's just me :)
and at night ,mya ,me and hakim went to the curve to meet uncle wahid and to buy shirts for hakim .he starts his new job next week aku dgr .congrats yo bro !:)
the makan at the curve .Padahal aku dgr aunty cakap "mya ,dinner kat rumah ,lauk banyak tu"
bengong btl mya ,tak dengar kate ibumu !hehe
we went back home around 9pm .hakim bought a book which he borrowed the money from mya .he said he's gonna pay her back later .haha funny ;p

The next day ,i woke up at 7am coz aunty screamed mya's name out loud !haha
Aunty and uncle were preparing to go to singapore
Then ,me and mya went downstairs TANPE mandi and i helped her out with potong-potong stuff
Then ,aunty turun for breakfast and lectured aku pasal masak and all those coz aku nampak cm tataw memotong .haha
They laughed at me and aunty said "learn thru experiences"
ohh mahn ,the problem is ,i dnt have any experiences .i dnt cook at home .Neither my mom .haha ;pp
Went to redha's around 12pm
sumpah aku buring at redha's coz aku x knal sape .
there were aku ,mya ,alyaa ,dann ,redha ,acap and haziq
i know them but they dnt know me as usual :(
then makan-makan ,gelak and took photos but i dnt have the photos with me because sume kat mya's camera :(
pulang around 3pm
sent dann home and we girls sambung masak kt rumah mya
i was having second thought samada nak tido or not .
gile x sampai hati nak tido while dorg penat2 masak enn ;pp
last2 ,tolong gak potong2 potatoes :)

hye ,,die Alya Qaryna :]

at night ,people came to the party around 8/9pm cmtu
redha and dann came first .they did the fire sume
pastu dann balik jap coz nak tuka baju and all
then makan makan makan dan terus makan ..
zetyy and her cousin pun sampai
pastu borak-borak
then i started to get bored coz i was not in the mood to talk

then sent alya home :(
alaa she tak stayed over at mya's .sedih :'(
pastu redha and dann lepak sampai 2am cmtu
aku lame dh masuk tido
hahah penat yo !:P

ohh before sending her home ,we all throw telur at mya
sorry babe ,it was REDHA's idea !!!
blame on him doh !;pp
me and alya joint them
but that fucking telur tamaw pecah !
bodoh betol !
high quality telur ahh tu !shial

the next day ,aku and mya woke up at 11am
haaa hambek kau !
lame gile kiterang tido ;pp
we had breakfast and watched melodi
after zohor ,mya sent me to lrt station
haiiihhh ,goodbye mya's house !
it's nice to meet org2 kt rumah die :))

thanks mya for everything

i had fun ya'know !:D:D:D
eventhough badan aku sakit-sakit .haha
next time when i come to ur house again ,make sure your marisa and amily ade skali coz when i watched movie with hakim ,i know he got annoyed with me coz i kept asking him about the story .haha sorry hakim ,that's the way i watch movie ;P
ohh how i missed those moments kann ???:(((((((((

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Si Fye

Happy Belated Birthday to Dyg NurFaizeleen Abg Mohamad

oh, yes baby !
i know it's very very late .
i know i'm a bad friend because i forgot your birthday was on the 15th !
i'm so malas to post about ur bday .
life really hates me nowadays .i hope you understand .
if it wasn't for Mya reminding me .i would be the WORST FRIEND you had.

but wtheck !
now that i'm here ,Happy Belated Birthday Fye .
aku sayang kauu very much .
eventhough i forgot your full name ._____."

i really really love you as my bitchy friend :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

bitchy bitchy ya-ya

she is so penyibuk
dgn semua org pun nk add kat myspace tu
with who i keluar
with who i kiss
sape kwan i
semua dia mau add.. cuz she juz plain ugly

ok cuz she keep on buzzing me on ym
n it making me sick

y? do i have to layan stupid loser ppl like her!

SHE SUX weeyyy !!!!!!
back stabber !
shial dohhhhhhh
thank God aku ade spy terchenta !!!:)
you bitch ,stop saying bad things about me ,will ya ?
coz aku tak pnah ckp buruk pasal kau
when somebody kutuk you ,i will like "ohh kau x kenal die lagik kot ,die ok jek lahh ,baek ."
i tak expect ur gonna say THESE about me ?
like WTF weyyy !!!!!!
aku x bwat ape pun kt kau enn ?
i did add ur friends but we've met ,so why not aku berkawan teros ngan kengkawan kau kan ?
shiall ahh kauu
mmg betol lah what ppl said bout u
its just me who dnt believe it and i thought i'm not gonna believe it
i'm wrong ,there you go ..the REAL you !
i hope Allah will balas what u did to me and to my friends !
Allah knows the best !
like u said ,"if ppl dnt like me ,so what !"
FINE !one day all ur friends will no longer be ur friends coz they are sick to layan ur kerenah !
ya'know what !if u treat me nice ,i'll do the same
but if not ,KAU MEMANG SIAL LAA .i tell u

THANKS for what you said i guess :)*still smiling after dengar lagu smangat yg fye bagi kat aku*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

friends ohh friends

ohh girlfriends ..i miss you guys like gila babi !
adoihhhh :'(
friends ,me lavh !:-*

Friday, November 7, 2008

man oh man

haha is just a haha
doesnt mean i laugh at u lah brader !
ya'know it's just a text message
so what do u expect ?nak aku cakap "olololohh u sabar ekk ,die mimpi u jek tu ..bla3"
hmph !mmg tak lah en !
guy ,i'm not that type of girl
i wont pujuk you because i don't know how to pujuk org
when i said haha means i dnt knw how to respond
u knw i'm not a good listener .ohh maybe u dnt knw coz i havent bgtaw u yet ;pp

ur exgf mimpi u ,so what ?!
lantak kau lahh
ini blh plak cakap "u gelak plak ..jiwa i tgh kacau ni"
abes aku perlu respond ape ?!gelak tu kire cukup ahhh
hahaaha jahat gile aku !:p

ohh guy ,u solve ur problem sendiri ahh
aku tade credit nak text kau like everyday ,everysecond ke coz kau digi ,aku ni setia ngan maxis terchenta !;)))
jgn kasik jiwa tu kacau lagi yek ,guy !;p

ehh girls and guys yg ambek SOCA ,all the best yek !!:)
my beloved friends ,fye ,ida ,zetyyy ,shawal and eizaas !SELAMAT yaw !:D

aku benci ahh senior aku ni
sebok soh sound that girl soh solat
weyyyy ,,sape aku nak sound die ?yelaa ,,mmg aku perlu sound die tp ape hak aku ?!
me myself pon smayang x cukup .malu ahh nak sound org lain en ?!
kau nak ,kau sound sendri ahh !
i dowanna get involve dgn bebenda cmni
aku takot !
plus ,aku taw bile aku nk smayang lahh
so ,dnt menyebok di tmpt aku and sound aku plak nak solat bile !
fcuk u lah wey !X-(

Thursday, November 6, 2008


aku dh abes exam
whippie !!!!!!!!

aku rase cm nak balik muar 18th or 19th nnt :))

Monday, November 3, 2008

family is for rindu !:)

ohh today !
family ,i love so much !:)

makkk ,bapakkk ,dina and jihan came to visit me this morning
awwww kerinduannya same dorg !!!!!:(((((
they reached here around 10am
and aku siap lambat because 10 mins before sampai baru bapakk nak called me soh bangun
aihhh mmg tak sempat lah nak mandi bebtol en

then siap2 ,gy makan nasik dagang kat tmpt biase area2 gombak tu gakk
sedap gak :)
lepas dh abeskan rindu dgn dorg ,they sent me back to uia .*sob2* :(
and i continued maen game and went to fye's room
die baru mandi ,,memang siud ahh en !X-(
pastu kene marah ngan die because x kejut die ,die nak jumpa bapak aku
cis !tak kejot ngamok ,kejut lagik mengamok aku rase !hehehe ;pp

pastu silah ambek keta around 2pm tapi ambek aku kol 3.15pm
PUNCTUAL lah sgt en !!!X-(

pastu gerak gy low yat
sesat sekali jek kot
fye tunjuk jalan ,HEBAT yo !;)

parked kt TS and jalan ke low yat
anta liptupnya fye ,cucuk duet and jumpa M
aku x ckp hello pon kt M sbb aku terkejut !
first time jumpa maaa
hahahha ;pp

lame lame lame lame tu baru ok sket
aku masuk gak ahh ngan die en
he's okay with me i guess ;p

makan @ mcD ,sungei wang
pastu ambek liptup
ambek kawan M ,syafiq kat gumbakkk
then ,gy TS balik ,maen bowling

at first ,aku and silah tamaw maen bowling so ,M and syafiq maen pool
pastu last2 lelima maen bowling
serunuk ahh gak :)

kol 11.40pm cmtu td baru balik bilik .hehe

hmmm ,i asked fye about my problems
aku tanye if aku maw cite my probs with other ppl boleh x agak2 ?
and she said ok lahh kalau kau x puas lagi bile cite ngan die
aku ckp a'a aku x puas tp aku appreciate lah die satu2 nya nk dgr .heheh ;p
but she said better don't tell that girl because mulut die banyak fye rase
ohh myyy ,,aku baru nak cite kt minah tu sbb ape aku tataw ahhh
mcm lah die blh jadik 2nd favourite friend aku en ?
aku tak punya reason why i wanna tell her eventhough itu sangat risky !
argh !stress aku ini wahh !
exam lagik ....X-(
can i trust her ?
can she keep it as a secret ?
is she really wanna dengar my problems ?
is she the right person to share problems with ,besides fye of course ?
aaahhhhhhh ,,i just dnt knw what to do !
i knw fye's the one that i bebtol boleh trust
but i need another person
blog jek ok gak ?
heheh ;p

Saturday, November 1, 2008

definitely a night to remeber !:D

1st of november
aihh boringnya en
4th nnt ade exam(p.hist)
then next paper(comm) will be on the 6th of november
memang serunuk ah en
tak revise ape pun lagik =S

what did i do today ?
yesterday was the best nite ever !
i mean like a night to remember weyy =DDDD

at first fye got angry with me because i didn't wanna follow them to giant to buy pizza !
hmm ,,aku blh bwat ape .dh mmg aku malas tahap semut kan !=S
then i just let it be like it supposed to be
then she's okay sudah when balik dari giant tu
thank god !

before joinning them @ court ,fatin called me
i thought it was her but it was ayyum ,adek fatin yang ku sayangggg
hahaha ;pp
he invited me to his open house tomorrow ,which is today !
then i said okay .hmmm *ayyumm cute* :)

i slept at macha's room last night with macha of course ,nad ,mya ,ida ,fye and silah
serunuk bahhh :)))))))))
we talked ,we played cards ,we gossiped ,we nyanyi ,we laughed
awwwhh i just loved those moments =D

they started to sleep around 3am cmtu
ida ,mya ,nad tido bawah (kesian !:p)
fye and silah kat katil yana
and aku dan macha kt atass
hahaha memang funny ahh kan

at first aku dh tido but then when macha naek katil ,die gelak sakan gila
whats so funny mahhnn ?
aku pun tak paham and them girls marah kiterang sbb bising
mmg siud ahh kan
then chit chat with macha smpai kol 5am
pastu tido smpai 11am

pastu tgk muvieee ,i'm not single
but i didnt join
i sambung tido till 1.40pm cmtu kot

then get ready to fatin's house
around 4pm baru gerak
padahal janji kol 3pm
ni fye ahh ni lmbt sgt
hahaha ;pp

reached fatin's hse at 4.30pm
we sesat .urgh !
pastu makan-makan ,borak-borak
and met pablo ,hanis ,feeza ngan aswad
itu ke aswad ex-VI tu ?!
hmph !tua semcm jekk ;pp

feeza mcm x friendly awal2
tp last2 ,time kite sume nk balik baru die ok gak ahhh
nice meeting with you feeza !:)
nnt boleh lah lepak same en :)

pastu jumpa RUZ !!!!whippie !!
the only girl yg konon-konon rapat ngan aku kt ms lahh
hehehe suke aukk !!:))
tp x ambek gamba with ruz
cume ambek with the girls

tak happening ahh org2 td
feeza ,aswad ,hanis ,pablo and fatin duk kt sofa
and kite girls kt meja makan
so agak ahh terpisah kot en :(

anyway ,sume pun best ahhh !!
thanks for everything
i did have fun today !:D:D

esuk bapak ,mak and dina datang
wheee !!
kasihan mereka !igt nk tido ampang ,tp cm malas ahh plak en
nway ,esuk mereka nk jumpa aku kt uia
so ,mari2 datang visit aku !ehehe :))

and esuk petang ,aku fye and silah planned nak gi low yat
silah drive
feeewiiittt :))

i love AKON !<3333
goodbye !^_^