Monday, May 27, 2013

May Hey

Hey blog,

Have I told you that I love my kids so much I could buy them anything that they like. Itu tipu. Takyah percaya please :P

Oh well, seeing all 15 every single day makes me wanna pull their ears? Really?! Dengar parents confirm paranoid kan! Haha. Of course not. They're just kids, kesian ok nak buat gitu.

I love them but I just don't quite prefer their parents' attitude. Adults kan, macam macam attitude la. Tak boleh ke diorang like appreciate what we all are doing. Ain't that easy ok nak handle your children from dawn to dusk. Nak ajar bagi pandai lagi, nak encourage them to speak English lagi.

Well, whatever it is, I just love my job. It's fun to work with kids rather than adults. Tengok the parents pun I rasa I surrender working with adults.

That's all hey. Till we meet again :)