Thursday, September 27, 2012


Oh. And one more thing. If you plan to go to Wondermilk for tea time with your loved ones.

I suggest you to:
1. Think carefully before you queue to make orders. Why? Because they talk really fast and they are somehow so pekak that we have to shout -_- And people behind you queuing will definitely tolak or hempit you. LOUSY LITTLE FELLAH! UGH 😤😡

2. Order Rocky Road and Red Velvet. WAJIB! These two are the only cupcakes yang delicious! Others biasa saje.

3. Sit anywhere yang facing the door cause nak ambek gambar background cantik. Yang facing dalam, background hancus.

4. Mind your steps! There're too many stairs and speed level. So you better be careful 😊

5. Ask for the real password for WiFi. It has stated kat cup dia password WiFi: drinkmoremilk but I couldn't connect to it 😐

That's all folks. My rate for this cafe would be 4/5. It's too pricey for an ordinary people like me 😋😋😋

For more info boleh visit

41 Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Unemployed. Still.

Oh well, hello blog!

Lama tak update blog. This time around I just want you to know that I'll be back soon. See you next month! Mmwah! 😚


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aku Baru Perasan

Aku baru perasan whenever I upload gambar banyak banyak using this iPod mesti macam dia straight ke bawah and bertingkat tingkat. Alaa tak syoknya! Rosak blog I!

I want something that I can arrange the gambars. Like bawah one picture ads description. Siapa tau? Guna iPod la tapi. Mohon ajar pweeeaasee ☺

Selamat Hari Selasa alls!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Day Hoyeay

Hello blog,,

Kalau tengok pada tittle macam wedding I kan? MACAM laaa kan! Sighs 😔

Unfortunately it's NOT! It's my childhood friend's wedding, KESTEN yo!
Congratulations darling! I'm so proud of you! 😚

Tapi I macam a bit sad la. I don't know because of the husband ke, the wedding ke, the awkwardness ke? Awkward? HAHA. That's the secret I'll never tell 😏

Eventhough the husband looked at me and my sister like we came from solok mana. But I hope he treats you well. I hope you're happy with him. I hope he makes you happy. And I hope you'll never forget your friends especially this fat little lady who's unemployed 😒

I love you my friend. It's just so sad to see one of your bestfriends is getting married.

Eh but hello! Takde la sad as in you cannot get married and let's stay single forever kan. But well, it's understood la when you're married there's always a limit between you and your friends. Oh wells... That's life! 😊

Oh and I met Michelle!!! Allah knows how much I miss her! I thought she didn't recognize me since we've lost contact time standard 4 5 camtu. Ala sedih man nak tell the whole story about them 😢😭😭😭😭

Anyway, I didn't mean to judge your husband but it's just from my observation. Congrats once again! :)

Gambar still in camera. Malas nak transfer. So I bet my next post la I upload :P


Last Day of Raya

Hello blog,


Sorry last day raya baru nak wish. Alaa biasa la. Nama pun raya. I didn't even have a minute to update my blog. Busy la konon kan? Open housessss uolls! Siapa tak suka? Sexcited I noks.

First day of raya memang the best la for me. But this year, Mak volunteered to cook with a little help by me Dina. Pretty cool huh when Mak suddenly has the urge to cook for raya. It was Nasi Beriyani yo! Totally Love it! ❤❤

Then went to Yaii's house and salam salam gambar gambar makan makan borak borak gelak gelak and a little bit of everything la bak kata orang tu kan :)

But I just realized that this year we didn't visit MakTok's house and didn't take banyak pictures. I mean like last year semua pose ada. This year nak buat pose Jennifer Lopes tak kesampaian, semua busy makan Mak masak. Jakun sangat tau 😜

Second day of raya semua berlengkor depan tv like usual till third day of raya. Itu normal ok anak anak. Bila umur dah bukan teenagers ni, the definition of raya is to berlengkor depan tv and ngap kuih raya especially tart nenas! 😊😊

So my raya started on the forth of Syawal till seventh. Fullamak! Marathon raya I tell ya! Four days straight balik rumah after midnight. And 4 days straight jugak la kena panggilan hangat tahap nak meletop dari Mak. malu Sexcited I K dapat raya camtu LAMA! 😃😃

Ke rumah siapa takyah mention la. Memang tak ingat. Let the photos do the talking ey ;)