Monday, June 30, 2008


Bye-bye. Aku mawu pulang ke university .Argh !Bencinyaaaa !! 3weeks rase sekejap gila weyyy :( Aku tanak berta'aruf !!Aku benci itu !! Momments i hate most is ,orientation week !fcukfcukfcuk !!
And registration day mesti mcm babi !Dengan org berebut-rebut plus ,katil yes katil penting !
Aku mahukan katil bawah .I'm afraid if i dont get katil yang best .That's what i'm afraid of .BENCI lahh masuk tempat baru kan.
And paling benci nk tingalkan tempat tu if ianya dh best .HAHA

Ohh ,i've packed my stuff .
Banyak gila weeyyy ,Tu pun rase cm still x cukup lahh kan
Like i wanna bring the whole house .Everythang is important to me !haha

Macam banyak kan ?and and its fcuking heavy .Surely si hani tamaw tolong angkat .haha
Let's see hani's stuff yg kunun-kunun sikit lahhh ?:P
Huh. Mmg sikit pun .Benci ah !haha
aku sudah habis basuh pinggan ,sidai baju and all .How good am i kan ?Yupyup ,,Nurin Bagus !
hahaha =P

This is the HASIL of washing the dishes :)
This is the HASIL of kemas-ing my meja :)
and and This is the HASIL of rapi-ing the bilik :))

Finally ,i've finished all this in few mins jekk .hebat aku ini bah ..ahha prasan !:P
Now ,i go online because i feel like crying kalau x bwat ape2 .I dowanna leave !!!
Adoiyaii ,,terpaksekan because nk blaja .
And aku kene struggle gila this time or else my parents will kick ma ass .haha kasian ja :(
okay,, semangat !semangat !hehe :P
byebye rumah !tidakku balik everyweek dah because jauh .heh .
ciaooooo <33

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Si A !Puas dah hatimu hmm ?!
what do you want frm us sebanarnya weeeyyy ???!!!!
your not satisfied with us ,come and tell us !but pls dont hurt my aunt ,you bloody idiot !!!
you know what ,,everybody is hating youhh rite now !and and it's forever !nobody will like you except you stupid selfish old husband !
bini paling buduh pernah ku jumpa !bloody hell ..
maken hari maken buduh !orang maken hari maken pandai !
okay i admit i'm not that pandai but but i'm not as morron as you babi !
your not a human okay !ur a BABI yang melahirkan anak berderet2 mcm pigletsssss
hehey but i love babi ,ianya cute ..
but when it comes to u ,,babi yg x cute langsung .patot ditikam cukup2 .HAHA !
you know what ,,my cousins and aunties from my DAD's side if MYEVERYTHANG !
you go to hell betta shutthefuckup !!!
we dont respect you AT ALL !
pegyyy mati sane ,,u slutttttt !!!!
kau aphal maw batu api sama keluarga bapakku ????
kau jealous apa kami gumbira sentiasa hmmm ?

Si A is a total SLUT !!!I hate her !i mean we hate her !!selfish !stupid !UGLAAAYYY !liar !etcsssss
noone will trust you sluttt !

once you talk to me ,i'd reply "BITCH ,I AIN'T CARE !"

hahaha okay ,
whatever ,I HATE YOU S Binti A !!

Because ..

You are STUPID
You are a TRAITOR
You dont always speak the TRUTH
You are a total BACKSTABBER
You always say something that make all of us -MOI FAMILY ,feel hurt
You think that YOU ARE ALL THAT !

but BABY ,please remember that you are NOTHING to us BUT a piece CRAP !

and yeah ,this is me Nurin ;D
satisfy ,huh ,BITCH ?!

**to my makton sayang ,,,i'm sosososSORRY for what had happened .she did knw what shes talking about .she didnt think b4 she talked because her brain is EMPTY like a total fool !

this is how i feel mann ,i just cant luah it to ppl because i'm afraid that my mum will kecik hati
and i bet makton juga kecik hati kan ?:(

*nasi sudah jadik bubur weeyyy*
si A tu mmg patot dpt balasan weyy with wht she's done to us !
with all the kutukan that we've been trhu dgn tabah weeyyy
ape mereka jealous sgt dgn kami ?:(

kami ain't kaya
kami ain't berharta
kami ain't disayangi maktok sgt
kami ain't disturb people
kami do what we think its right and don't care what ppl sayy
we do our own thangs !!
please ignore us if kami x ganggu korg !
please okayyy ,,please ..
dont be just jealous but be VERY jealous bcoz we ppl (bpk's side) x pernah kacau korg wokeyyhhh


Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Everyday Laughter Partner ,Lavya !!:))

girl you muh angel, you ma darling angel, closer than my peeps you are to me, baby! shawty youre muh angel, girl youre muh friend when im in need. (8)

not. ;p
Dayang NurFaizeleen Abang Mohamad me lav, I miss you so much! hows thinggs? havent seen you online for a while. I miss talking crap with you =( hahaha. oh, my everyday laughter partner! woooowee! im so obsess but yeah, im just so happy with youhh kawanku. ;p

lovin you fye bebeh. (L)!

aawwww. (: I miss her habis too. Like fo' shizzle habis. D= Youh muh pearl, HAHAH.

Friday, June 27, 2008

just shaaddaaap ,im serious .

Hahaha ini time tade keje di tanjung dan aku amazed gile dgn tanjung !its been a long time tak ke sane kan since ianya buruk .hahaha =P

Then take pictures like tak ingat dunia and bapak was pening looking at us yg jakun .hahah !
Best siud di sana .rase tamaw tinggalkannya.
haha poyo.
the matter of fact ,aku terpakse meninggalkannya dan menuju ke prt jawa .heee ;D
tak kurang hebatnya because ade warung yang ade roti bomb kegemaranku :))
Tanjung my baby ,,akanku merindui mu sayang ~hahahaha

Fridaaaaaaayyy! aaa bencinya aku sudah maw naik college .aiyoo ready tak lagi okay and nervous is like super nervous lah kan .eyy lame juga tidakku update .busyy mengcheck itu oofer letter .haiyohh gerun beb !=S
and alhamdulillah i got it !thank you allah ~~*nyanyi japp* =PP

i chat with fye like setiap malam lah kan sampai kite takde idea nk ckp ape .haha
aku buring.
aku buring.
aku buring.
itu jek kot !haha =P

aku maw carik survey nk bwat then bace survey fye then gelak mcm bangang .hahaha

and ohh pagi tadi hani kejut bangun untuk ke melaka bwat payment tuk uia .lps tu aku geram ,aku tunjuk f*ck kat die
hahaha slumberr gile aku .then ,die shocked then yelled at me .kahkahkah
sorry babe !x terniat pun .name pun mamai kan ?=P

x da mood nk blog !baibai !=)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

k e r a g u a n

hehey it's wednesday yeah .ohh hell yeah ;DD
when it comes to wednesday ,my dad is at home for the whole day ,he's not going to kumon like yeehaa !
let's go sumwhere that we can take photos ..more photos to go ..yippieee !!

but i guess my phone's camera wont last long as a high quality camera .
now its a low quality one and i envy my sister's .
maseh cantek dan terang .chhhheeeiiiittt :(

i want a digi cam lahh but for what purpose ?
i aint a photographer .i'm very weak in taking pictures.
hani hates me for that !
how do i know !i'm not creative enuff .eerrghh !x-(

okayy i went to tanjung yesterday.
mann ,sangat seronok okayyyhhh !;))
then we makan-makan itu kerepok lekur same burger and fries mcD.

serunuk dapat maen same itu buaiiiiii <333333
then we went to parit jawa so called P.J ??=P
and i bought ice cream and some more ice creams .hahaha
then we makan itu burger again with emak
then i read my current favourite comic;; archie's =)
then i fall asleep till it's 10.30 kot
i watched itu desperate housewives yg dirinduiii untuk ditonton hehe
after that i take a nap lagi 10mins .haha
11pm sharp ,,i watched intan pulak (itu cerita indon)
then i go online till now (pukul 9.21am)
bpk sgt terkejut and i wonder why he tak ajak us hantar emak ke office.
haihhh kate maw ke tanjung lagik lahh sob2 :(
anyhow ,,today nur's gonna take us to a muvieeee !!!
yeaayyyy thats what i'm waiting for !!!!!!!!=DD

okayyyyy i gtg .my stupid old phone needs batt =)
c ya !wouldn't wanna be ya ..hahaha =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Voila !

15th June 2008 = father's day :')
Bapakku ,,happy father's day !!!Sayang bapakku ini ..hehehe ;DD
You take care of yourself haa because you know you can't count on me kan ..
I'm such a cruel daughter but it just wasn't meant to be.
anyhow pun ,,i love you okayy more than u love me ?teehee ;DD

cukup smpai situ jek drama kite ..hehehe
life aku arini sgtlah memboring sehingga aku tdo 2 kali sehari .hahaha !!makku kakakku bapakku menjadi pelik dan mula menjadi marah .ape perlu bwat ?tdo itu satu kewajipan !!=PP
then aku di ajak ke rumah yaii untuk mengisi masa lapang dan di rumah sane aku bermain same itu aqeem yg sgt notty tp cumel ogeyhh ;)
main lah sehingga petang dan emak mula saket kepala because she just cannot stand with kids .lil kiddo are the cutest you know .i love kids .cehhhh since when ahhh ?gile btl aku !=P

that's the very weird of me because i laughed a lot today .mann ,,what will happen next ?something that hurts me and disappoint me ke ?awww please don't punish me ohh God .i regret with all the things i've done before and please don't make me feel this way sampai hujung nyawa ku ..

anyway ,,in life there are winners and there are losers kan ?i hope i'll be the winner because i've been the loser dr kecik .aku benci !:(

and you know what ..for all of the sudden ,,aku rindu same itu maryam dohhh !!hahahha =P alaa die pun membusy dgn hidup dia .shitsssss ;DD

and you cicak ku ,,i hate you for not being honest to me !!!!!!!!you liar !!!you talk shits .you said u wanna go online .so we can chat lahh bodo .tp kau tade sepjg aku mengonline dan aku layan babi ku sayang itu .sebaek die syg aku si babi itu laa ..i love u babi with all my heart !!haha :P

Sigh !why can't he hunger for me the way he does for food kan ?isykk kamooo ..aku rindu mentexting kamoo tawuuuuuuuuu .and because of u i hate klcc .there place where we 1st time met and IT WAS the end of our stupid r/ship ..goodbye friend ......sob2 :(

aku sedih laa ,,i need food !!ohh nooo !!!my trouble is that everything reminds me of food .what the hell fire wonder i'm getting fatter and fatter and my lovely kakak pun membenci aku .cheeiitttt ...yess yesss ,,food is what i'm craving for !!!come to mama !!;DD

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fcukin shiat

what the hell fire i just couldn't sleep last night and this stupid playstation couldn't be founctioning semlm .marahnye aku weyy !!nahh ,,its ogeyhhh i still have my lovely phone which i can play music and games .sadly i cannot listen to radio :(

now i am freaking bored with my fcukin life .i am a lazy bum u knw ..i hate doing things that i thnk its my job to do it ..haha !

i miss rapfreak like heavennnnn ;DD
i miss my cicak.
i miss si Gila-gila.
i miss my 1st sem.
i miss my ex-rum8s
i miss my timahhhhhhhh
i miss my friends.

*sigh* when will i get the chance to meet them and hang out with them again ?yup yup !i'm waiting fer that moment ;))
results is out on the 13th ni ??matilahh aku kann ..adoii mati ahhh mati ahhhh ..
andai kate aku tidak ke gumbakkkkkk ...AKU MMG MATI OKAYYY :(

anyhow ,aku jmp aqeem lunch td !!!!seronok tu agak lah kan tp die tu gile notty nk mati kan ..
we spent time dgn die agak laa lame kot kan smpai aku cm nk tarik2 pipi die ..wkakaka =P
he hates camera yeah .i hate the fact that he didnt want to take a picture of ours pun td !not even one pun weeyyyy !!geram btl aku ...haha =P

okayy aku rase dh cukop lmbt lah ni aku tdo ,,yana dh x online ,,aku x da kwn nk bercomment di myspace :>

bermula lah hidup baru !!!=]

wooowokkeyhh now i have my own fcuking blog ..yippyy !!;DD
and i'm still wondering wot's my password fer my previous blog ;(
i've been waiting for this like for soo longg mann and now i can get online like hooyehh hooyehh !!

aku hanya bermyspace sepanjang malam .aku sgt teraddicted with myspace .bloody hell .
ini kerja itu fye laa ni !!!grrr ...hahaha =P
babe ,i luv u and i miss u ogeyhh ;)

byk yek aku nk tulis tp sume about my past time and now aku dh lupe and aku bengang !haha
lepas tu aku sgt rindu same itu ohh my dear rapfreak ,,tidakkah die seperti merindui aku ke ape ke ?kekejaman itu manusia !aku taw laa sume salah aku kan ..cis cissssssss ;((

sudahlahhh !!hidup ini palsu fullstop .