Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is All About Durian

Eh blog,,

Yesterday I went to Ikano with aiN, nAna and ijAt. They wanted to have lunch but the food truck or should I just call it as stall near to tesco mutiara damansara doesn't provide tables and stools to eat. Therefore, only ijAt bought nasi with lauk. Then we had lunch at KFC since there's no food court in tesco -__-"

After that we went to Ikano! This is THE BEST part cause I got to buy DURIAN pancake! oh man! I so loovee durian! I went all excited when we were right in front of the stall. I bought a packet of cempedak pancake and a packet of durian pancake.

This is the cempedak flavour. It tastes not as nice as durian's but still okay laa ;)

Look how nice it is!

Yes! It is SUPER BLOODY YUMMY! I need to get this pancake lagi next time. I'm so craving for it right now. *drools*

And if anybody stop by at this stall, do buy some for me and send it to my hostel. You'd be the only person I love in my life after my family of course! :P


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here Comes the Beginning of Short Semester

eh blog,,

Have I told you that today is my third day in Uia? Yelp. Short semester is FINALLY here baby! Not that I like short semester. It's just that I feel free. My class is at 9.00 to 11.50am every Monday and Thursday. Best kan? ;DDD

Unfortunately, boring sikit short sem ni cause there's only a few people yang ambek plus, most of my friends tak ambek. Sumpah la boring kan! Bapak and Mak pulak didn't allow me, diNa and haNi borrow their car. Ehekss :P

Oh, I just HATE the beginning of the semester! I mean tak kesah la long ke short semester. I just hate the first day of the semester. Sumpah la penat weh. I need to unpack things, mop the floor, sweep the floor, throw all things that are not necessary, put the bags in a proper place, etc etc. BANYAK gila right! -__-"

So, here's my things that I needed to unpack. Some dari rumah and most of the bags from the store. And needed I to tell you that I carried all these from the store to my room ALL BY MYSELF????? Pinggang memang nak patah dah. Lutut dah ketaqq. Malam tu belum Isyak dah boom tido! Hewhewhew :P

Have you unpacked all you stuff? I hope you've done every single thing cause once the lecture has started, you'll definitely be a busy bee. And you'll regret of not unpacking your stuff earlier. Trust me! Been there, done that ;)

Need to take a short nap la. Mengantuks pulaks! :P


Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreams just Last for A Night

Eh blog,,

Last night I dreamt about one of the twins from my religious school. Do you still remember Zulhelmi and Zulhakim? The only twins that were so kenis last time. Benci gila! I just hate Zulhelmi as much as I hate Zulhakim. Playboy gila. Serious!

I was sitting in between Hazwan Hamdan (which also known as Wandan) and that Zulhelmi. Next to Wandan's Arif Hafiz (but in that dream I introduced Arif to Zulhelmi as Arif Hasnan (which is Ayip, my twitter friend)). Ngoks gila kann!! We were in 4 Daie class.

The tables weren't there for us so we hafta angkat all the meja(s) from outside. And suddenly I looked to my right, it was him. Menyampah gila! And oh, in real life, I met him at Starbucks Mahkota Parade, Melaka. He asked where was Nur from and everything whatever. And poof! He came to my dream -___-"

Then, in that dream, we talked pasal time jumpa kat Starbucks tu. I asked him why didn't he ask me instead of Nur. Haha. Sumpah MEREPEK! Then we talked like we were close friends pulak before. Tension je. Dah la we weren't wearing schools attire. I was wearing pajamas but it wasn't a proper pajamas. I wore shorts and t-shirt buruk. WTF! Pegi sekolah macam tu rupa kan :-/

So that's all la kot about the dream. I just wonder why I dreamt about those kiddos yang aku benci gila. I hope the dream lasts just for one night.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi Handsome, Would You be My Boyfriend?

Eh blog,,

Cute right right right? No? Left? Haha :P
This is Redza Minhat. He's one of the heroes in Pisau Cukur drama. You guys surely have watched that movie kan? I like Fazura cause I think she's cute and not that gedik. That's why I watched that movie ;D

Anyhoo,, this guy is super cute ya'know! He wears shorts all the time in that movie. With that braces. AWH! I'M MELTING MAN! :")

Later on I found out that he's one of the Malay College Old Boys. Cool innit! Unfortunately bapak said he's a bit arrogant. He doesn't respect the old boys during the concert. Sedih kan! I thought he's one of the friendly type :(
Well maybe cause he's famous now, err according to bapak la. Hehe :P

Okay laa, gotta watch cerekarama sampai habis. Esok nak balik Uia. NOOOOO!!!! :'((


Friday, May 6, 2011

Foursquare Addict.

Hai, my name is Foursquare. People get addicted with me. Look how attractive I am. Aren'tcha going to get attracted with me and get addicted like others do? *wink*


HAHA Stupid me! I was kidding but it was not that funny. Well, at least I TRIED kan? :P:P

Well, do you know what foursquare really is? I bet you've already got in mind, I mean at least you can picture/imagine it kan, the website or even the badges. Ehems! :)

So did I! I started to have foursquare account around this year, 1st of January I guess. The day when I got my third phone which is also my first smartphone. Yayy! I got addicted with twitter when I owned an ipod. Then I wanted any gadgets that can connect me to twitter and therefore, Blackberry was my third target :D

Later on, I created foursquare account for fun. I started to add my twitter friends up on foursquare. Few months later, I got a hell of a great news where I can unlock 4sq badges by cheating. AWESOME innit! :D:D:D

I started to have a conversation with @OhSizuka which is also someone's girlfriend which I actually forgot whose girlfriend is she. Amaigaddd, THIS IS SO A SIGN OF OLD AGE. Dayyum! -___-"

@KhaiLow taught me about it as well. @yuck2kiss told me about websites that will give us venues that can unlock those badges. Best kan kan kan! Pasal sometimes I'll be in Chicago and the next minute, I'll be in New York and many more. Wiihuu! :D

Now I got addicted with this lil thingy. DAMN YOU FOURSQUARE! Hahaha :P:P
I spent most of the time trying to think how to unlock the previous badges cause we cannot simply unlock it guna Malaysia time. Okay malas nak explain. Once you know how to cheat, you'll understand what did I blab about. Hehe

Ni Skype. Dulu crazy about Yahoo! Messenger. Now I've moved on to Skype cause YM is no longer in my laptop. I forgot to download and install it. Pastu, malas dah since Skype caught my attention few months ago. AWH! :")

Tapi tak se-interesting YM pasal kat YM I have lotsa friends. Kat Skype takda. Awal awal kenal Skype, beriya la video cam dengan Naddy and Feesa. It was FUN! Selalu pun chat with Rafiqah, kesTen, SD, Markonah and sometimes dengan Omar and Grace. Well, tu je la kawan I kat Skype.

For those who have Skype. Let's skype-ing! Do add me and my ID is nunsnajib *promote* Hehehe:P
Haa tu la kalau chat ngan Konah, tak lain tak bukan mesti bergossip. Oh boy, I just love gossips! Seriously, siapa yang tak kan? :P

As I've said/mentioned before, pasal lack of ideas, I stop twitting for a while. I'll back on track once I balik Uia. So, just beware okay. I'll be back and bite you. Ecehh! :P:P

Eh eh! Apa ni? What is this thing? Amaigadd,,, looks delicious kan kan kan?
Okay, SO NOT actually. I'm pretty sad actually :(
My brownies turned out to be something else. BUROK BENOR GHUPENYE tu!
Rupa rupa nya kenapa? Cer tekaaa!

Scroll laa lagi :)

Rupa rupanya TAK MASAK! Bengongs please.
I didn't know how to use the oven. Therefore, brownies ni tak masak.
Look laa...


THIS is how it looks when I took it out from the oven. Eh silap, this is after I cut it into pieces. Check dalam, tak masak. Tambhi gila! -___-'

Few minutes later, I've decided to put it back dalam oven. After 20mins baru took it out. Truned out to be hangus pulak.

Lepas diNa and mak balik, bapak started to ajak everybody to at least take a bite of my brownies. Saje je kan?
Before going out for dinner, bapakk cakap dia menceret (ceret-beret). So I was like, "sebab makan brownies orang lettewwww." Bapak malas nak layan terus buat cite lain. HAH! SAH BETUL! Demmmmm ~_^


Relief. Relieve. Relieving. Reliever.

Eh blog,,

It's pretty annoying la update blog via ipod. Sometimes it got stuck and before I save what I've typed, it disappears just like that. Stress oi! Better I update it here kan. Even if it is kinda leceh pasal kena on laptop and everything -___-

Let see what am I gonna tell you tonight. Hmm..... OH! It is about my result. I've FINALLY checked my result. Phew. Thanks Allah for giving me a chance to pass all the subjects. Unfortunately, CGPA I sumpah menurun macam hareeeeeee-m. Weh. Sedih la. Tapi if I go through things that I've done during last semester, memang setepek kena kat muka tu! Memang padan muka CGPA turun. Banyak main sangat kan. That's what you'll get baby.

One down. Another two to go. Eh? Amenda agaknya kan? Haha. I was talking about my routine. This is my college life routine. Everytime when the semester has come to an end, I'd be so happy. Then cuti, macam sakan tido. Tup tup result is out. Time tu I start to get so nervous sampai bapak or anybody crack a joke pun boohh layan. Otak dah fikir results je.

And bila I've checked the results. I'd be so happy pasal I passed all the subjects. However, I of course would be the first one yang stress. Stress nak let the parents know about it. Haiyaaaa. Apa punya anak kan. My sisters did very well during their degrees. Me? Nahh, I guess aku paling worst among all :'(

AH! Malas nak fikir. Next semester must struggle lebih. Yeah yeah. Awal awal semester mesti cakap macam tu kan? Nanti end up macam mana? Macam TUUUUUUU jugak. Sigh.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nervous to Death

Eh blog,,

Nope! Do not step on the grass. Im afraid of this sign whenever I walk around this kawasan. However, if we walk on the other side of this kawasan, there's no other way out. By hook or by crook, you hafta step on the grass. If you don't get what i mean, do visit Uia and don't forget to visit ME as well ;)

Anyhoo,, what story suits that title? By now you should be able to guess what did I nervous for. Oh well, as what all the Uia students have noticed, result is out for God sake! :-S

I'm nervous as hell. You know me, when we talk about results, I'll be the first and the only one to be nervous to the max. Damn!! I'm afraid for every single thing :(

I don't know. I'm not ready for everything. I might be checking it on midnight I guess. Or maybe tomorrow? Nah, I don't think so. I just don't know whether I wanna take a look at it or not. I'm super cuakkkk la weh :3

And by the way, I miss this lil kiddo. Whenever I slept over at diNa's and haNi's, I'll be going to uai by train and by bus. Therefore, I'll be seeing this lil kiddo whose father is somebody in Uia. Lecturer maybe.

So yeah, everytime I bump into him, mesti he's holding satu kuntum bunga which can be eaten hujung bunga tu colour merah. Such a cutie pie I tell ya! He's talkative but I know nothing about his language :-/ and now I missed him already :(


May Yay or Nay?

Eh blog,,

It's May already. Look how fast time flies. Sedihnya lahai! :( Need to get ready to go back to Uia for my short semester. Unfortunately, only few of my friends that are taking short sem. Most of them still having a great time for their 5months of holiday. Waddehek! Heaven gilaa weh T___T

Well well, what am I missing when I left KL was the food. Seriously, what they have in KL, we don't have it here BUT what we are having here will definitely won't be in KL. That's how awesome Malaysia is. Okay tetibe :P

Nasi Ayam Penyet AP is what I miss the most! We have it here in Muar but it opens at 4pm and by that time, bapakkk dah malas nak keluar beli food dah. So yeah, I rarely have this for lunch when I'm in Muar nor in KL but I just miss this food. The SAMBAL especially. Nyums! :D

Krispy Kreme. Awh! How can any of you people don't like doughnut! That's pretty awful! Donuts are the best. It does taste sweet. In fact, sangat manis but then I just love it. We had Dunkin Donuts when we were small. Then Big Apple and followed by JCO. And now this Krispy Kreme starts getting famous in malaysia. That's awesome! :))))))

This one is the new food that is now on trending which is called as French Macaroons. Me and my family love it very much. It is too sweet for those who doesn't like sweet food but of course la we have this once in a blue moon. Duhh. It's not that easy to find it here. I could only find it in Harrods and G-tower. My friends did say that there are also in Empire Subang but I've never been there so I don't even know about it. You people go la check it out ;DD haNi did order from smooch, via facebook :)

Tako Tao. Ever heard of it before? I didn't too but now I know how does it taste. It doesn't taste that bad ya'know. I love the scallop one. Unagi tastes good but the filling sangat sikit. So I started to complain and don't like it :P you can find it at any Jusco outlets.

So why. Why did I tell you about food? Oh actually I couldn't sleep. And I found the pictures on my iPod. I just uploaded it and tell you a lil bit about the food that I used to have when I was in KL.

I'm going back to Uia this Sunday. Shit. I'm going to cry :'(
I hope May do treat me well until July. Then Imma have my raya in Muar. Wiihuu Wiihuu! Can't wait!!! :DD

Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to Benny and Faza's wedding around June. Nice! :)))


Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Call it Irritating.

Eh blog,,

What irritates you to the max? What annoys you like hell? I have lotsa things that make me get annoyed so badly but I guess I couldn't list it down here cause I'm sleepy like hell *yawn*


Boring betol la once you called but I couldn't have the chance to answer, you didn't leave a message to at least tell me who you are. Aiseyhman, we are not in high school anymore la brader. I'm no longer have that type of attitude yang boleh get excited bila dapat unknown calls.

As I'm getting older, i think anonymous calls are evil. But no dude. Prank calls are way evil than that. Well, both are the same. Dah tua tua ni malas nak get SEXCITED about it. Haha :P

I did receive a call from private number. Itu lagi annoying! Sumpah. Give me at least 3 reasons la why do you have to private your number. Baik takyah ada phone. Kan. Heh!

So that's all folks. If the owner of that number is reading this, do call me back. And please don't call me around 6am. I definitely still being wrapped in a blanket. Duhh! :P