Monday, September 30, 2013

It is just. A Little Crush.

There was a man in the school that I've been usha-ing for months. 
He is one of the students' big brother.
Whenever he fetch his brother from school, I'll be the only one who gets so excited.
I always been waiting for him to come every Monday since I'm on duty for sending and receiving on that day.
But he'll never appeared.

Thursday comes.
And the brother come and fetch him.
So the colleagues will let me know.
And here I am usha-ing at him from far, behind the glass door.

One day, colleague who was on duty was so excited to see him.
I've been forced to usha-ing him. Jyeahh!
Unfortunately my courage went away.
So it was me and my malu malu kucing left there.
There goes my golden opportunity.  

So I decided to send one of the students to her car.
Just to at least see his bloody macho face.
Nak dijadikan cerita, this student started to run off.
And once again, terlepas chance to usha him.

That was my sad story.