Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't judge the book by its cover or you'll be surprised by what you may discover

Eh blog ,,

I have Arabic quiz tomorrow .as usual ,I haven't started anything yet .oh so dead !X-(
as you know I dah tinggal banyak benda for this semester .so all I need is go through semua notes dari this two ladies here .hehe ;)

Meet fazReena .she's no longer been called as machA .so ,meet yOng !:)

Here's Hafizah .known as fZa izhaM :]

awh .feel so wrong when the lecturer was marking the students' book ,we were busy cam-whoring !hihiks :P basically ,this is what we are doing during the Arabic class .it's not that the class is boring but well yeah ,I haven't done this routine for such a long time jugak lah .so ,I'm gonna start it again .HELL to the YEAH !high 5ive !=DD

I've created one folder in yOng's new phone and I named it as "Hari-hari bersama Nurin" folder .cute kaaaan ?HAHA okay ,yOng's respond was like "eeee tak payah lah nak poyo sangat !*siap dengan muke jijik dia*" HAHAHA !sukati laaa .as long as I'm happy ,you kena lah accept it :P so from now on ,I'll snap a picture of me hari demi hari .best best best beessstttt !!HAHAHA

oh blog ,I better get going .eh I mean go study lah !hehe .cause I nak pegi pasar Ramadhan at 6 nanti .it's my first time for this sem .okay I'm excited !char kueh teow !yum yum yummy !I can smell it from here !:)



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