Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Eh blog ,,

Sesejak dapat level 3 block E ni naik tangga macam tak rase penat pulak .HAHA tapi bilik ni nak kata haunted gila harap tak la PLEASE .tapi everytime bukak tingkap cari fresh air ,mesti terdengar suara-suara nad ,yong n fza seolah-olah panggil I .or is that what we call RINDU ey ?(;

Sakit perot sakit perot sakit perot .oh rupanya period pain .no wonder tadi rase macam nak gigit jek gusi lecturer bila die tanak tuka venue .HAHA .but SERIOUSLY ustaz ,you've gotta do something man .your students are sweating like a pig after 30mins blaja dalam kelas PANAS tade aircond tu .grr :@
If I don't score (oh mintak dijauhkan) for this semester ,i'm soo gonna put the blame on the ustaz or UIA ,not the weather !*marah sangat*


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorry I don't have the answer

Eh blog ,,

Just now I ikut Fathy and Ika hantar Zety to Terminal Putra lrt station .I was supposed to teman Ida bayar saman dia but then I couldn't stand the heat and straight away answered YES to the offer ;D .suddenly I felt like jumping through out the window once Fathy asked me "you ade boyfriend Nurin ?" .HAHAHA so I didn't answer because it's obvious that I DON'T HAVE ANY raaaiiiteee ?!

And this thing came across my mind .I was thinking what if it happens to me that I have a boyfriend .GOD ,FOR REAL ?! .mesti lah tak kan .agagagagaga :P .I don't know .it's just that I never had a boyfie since errmm oh ever since I was born .macam LOSER gila kan .dah orang tak pandang weh ,nak buat macam mana .HAHA .alaa family I pun bukanlah jenis yang cerita pasal boyfriend semua kan .so tak payah lah nak gelabah lebih kan :P:P

Lepas tu balik bilik terus online nak tengok blog kawan-kawan ada update tak .found one blog ni tell us about her favvy whatevs .usha baik punya then there are pictures macam


eh eh sweetnya
boleh tak nak dapat macam ni sweet ?

maka niat di hati terus nak ada boyfriend .haha
okay sangat stupid :P

Then I texted yong "yong ,ape dose kalau pegang lelaki ?" Ya Allah ,weird .why on earth did I text her asking those thangs kan ?=S and she replied "Ohh...!! Pegang sapa tuu..??? Emm..Dose sbb pegang bkn muhrim n hukumnye haram. Kmi pnh bace satu ayat ni Allah kata lebih baek kamu tusuk kulit kamu dengan besi panas dari kamu pegang orang yang bukan muhrim" after reading this terus macam tarik balik the intention to have a boyfriend .Oh pengajaran untuk myself mungkin :P .I'm outta here


Ignore what them losers say

Eh blog ,,

I dah start short sem .i cried all night long when i unpacked my stuff .then i go online and tell kesten how i miss home so much .she got angry because she herself tak balik dah about 2months .haha sorry darling ,i terkejut kena balik uia balik after a quite long holiday .hehe

And i've started my arabic class .it's fantastic .you know how i MISS bahasa arab raite ?HAHA !but i guess i dah lupa banyak .therefore ,i need to put some effort to memorize everythg all over again -.-"

So blog ,i MISS you and i MISS my family too


Friday, April 23, 2010

It's time for me to go

HAHA title nak lebat .padahal nak balik gumbakkk jek :P:P

After these 3weeks spending time at home ,I've been soo busy catching up on my sleep :D yesss I was on my sem break and of course ,feeling much better after going through a very miserable week .BUT I'm not glad it's all over !I mean my sem break :( semester 2 was a bitch and I pray that semester 3 will treat me nicer !

anyhowwwww ,I didn't do anything interesting these few weeks .just the same routine everyday but trust me ,I've never been happier !so happy to be back home :) yadda yadda

So here I am minding my own business to pack all my stuff and will be sending back to UIA on Sunday .gahh .it sucks to start a new sem but I pray for the best .next sem will be my short sem which takes me only 2months to struggle for arabic subject .it's weird ha when you take just one subject for one semester .it's like you have to focus on that bloody subject and it's kinda boring i tell you

I miss the laughter
I miss those times ,I miss those nights
I even miss our silly fights
I miss my friends

So dear friends ,here I come !
We'll start our new semester together but studying in different classes


No drunk

This is what my dad's current favourite drink
He even asked for my permission to drink one of it
The next 10 minutes he asked for another bottle
Aww bapak ,,You're such a cutie !<3<3

Ohh Vitagen ,,We LOVE YOU !


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh oh Dina

Last weekend Dina drove us to Melaka
It was my first time seeing her drive to Melaka
At first it was fun
But lama-lama getting bored sebab everybody was so quiet especially my mum
My dad talked a lot ,i guess to make everybody comfortable dalam kereta

And here's the picture where only Hani and I who smiled so happily
Dina looked so stressful in here
But this picture does not surprised me at all
Because you'll see the next picture of hers yang look THE SAME

Okay now this is the picture that look EXACTLY the same as above
Err I'm referring to Dina :P
We took lotsa pictures but after going through all the pictures
The only person that looks the same in the pictures is DINA
It's like she was not moving that much
She just sat straight and yeah no smile .not smiling at all
HAHA weh

This picture shows the father is so excited when he has been given a freedom not to drive for the whole day :P:P
And look at the mother ,she looks so stress out until she cannot even smile to the camera HEHE
Hani stays the same .heh

I had a great weekend
Thanks dear family<3<3


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My heart beats like thunder as I call out your name

Dup Dup
Dup Dup
Dup Dup

Everyone is scared
I'm scared as well
In fact I'm the first person who got panicked bagai

It scares the hell outta me

It ruins my mood
It makes me want to scream at someone's face
It makes me want to jump from the building
It makes me ugh it's just something that I'm fear of

What is it eyy ?
What the hell is that thing yaw
Ohh It's the RESULT
It's where people will text their friends and ask about that that that thing so called RESULT babyyy



Not experience with the oven

Tomorrow I'll be trying to bake cake
Cake Batik is one of my favorites
Yum Yum
Hopefully it turns out to be amazing !
And the parents will give me some applause :D:D:D


Monday, April 19, 2010


Dear blog ,,

Currently tengah trying so hard to win this contest
I know I know memang takkan menang
But I found it interesting (kot)

When it comes to game thingy ,,I'd rather be online for 24/7 playing this game than pergi browse youtube with no purpose at all :P

Kinda boring but as I said before ,,I'm trying sooooo hard to grab the prizes !
Heh heh heh (;


Sunday, April 18, 2010

eh eh nothing else I can say

Kalau ni semua jadik wallpaper kat desktop tak ke rasa nak gigit-2 jek screen laptop tu ?

Asif Ilyas Omar

Levi Mcconaughey

Adam Mikhael

Apsal lah korang cumil macam nak picit-2 jek pipi tu kaaann
I went totally gaga over the kids ((=

Eh eh tapi kalau ni set as wallpaper pun boleh macam vavavavumviyayyyy ! ;DD

Wah sempat lagi ..ntah ape-2 :P
Oh jyeah .My man !(haha mesti the family macam menyampah dengan ayat ni :P)


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Macam mood nak masuk contest
Tapi macam tak dapat nak figure out contest apa best
Errr tak tahu pun apa contest yang ADA

So I pun survey lah the websites yang ada any contests menarik
Highlight on the PRIZE please *Ehem Ehem*

Found this from milo's website
Nampak perkataan "Bola" tu
Terus macam turn off
Heh heh

Grand prize pun macam nyeehhh ,not that interesting
If I win pun macam who's gonna wear that football boot ?
Naahh obviously not me
Neither do my sisters
nor my mum
Emm my dad ?(he's too old for this :P)

This prize is AWESOME
valuable "thing"
But naahh I don't think my mum bagi I simpan this ball just for fun

This is so HAHA

***If you people found any contests that do not need any forms(yang kena dapatkan kat kedai) or receipts as a bukti pembelian or whatevs ,,lemme know quickly weh !:D:D:D:D


Friday, April 16, 2010


Mati-mati I ingat Withheld tu Nazarene Abdullah
Rupanya Kesten Emira

The story of this prank calls thing goes like this ;;
I was in the car with my dad
We were gossiping or more likely talking TRASH about our relatives
Hell jyeah I'm officially DO NOT REALLY LIKE my relatives
for treating us like rubbish ,I guess ?HUH

Then here came Michael Jackson's ringtone
I was like "Jap pak jap"
Konon cm sambung gossip kite jap lagik ek pak HAHA

But this wasn't the exact ayat yang die and I cakap sebab I almost forgot what's the exact sentence came out from our mouth :P:P
Sengal :Hello ni Nurin Najib ke ?
Me :A'a Ye ni Nurin .Kenape ek ?
Sengal :Saye dari UIA ni nak mengatakan yang awak tak duduk peperiksaan haritulah .Ada satu subject macam tu
*Bloody Hell !I cuak memang Tuhan jek lah yang taw kan*
Me :HUH ?!subject ape tu ?
Sengal :Ni subject sejarah ni
*I was like ,weehhh uni mane yang ade subject SEJARAH .Lu pikir ni secondary school ke ?*
Me :Sejarah ?Huh *Blurrr gila babs*
Sengal :Ye subject sejarah ni laa .Awak blh dtg next week tak untuk ambek balik test ni ?
Me :Next week ?serious ke SIUD ?Modern History of Europe ke ?
Sengal :haaaa subject tu laaaa
Me :Tipu laah
*Dalam hati ,suara macam kenal .tapi takkan lah die*
Sengal :Betul .Lecturer awak cakap

That was the story
And then we laughed like noone's around
Padahal bapakkk macam dah nak tampar jek orang sebelah die ni cakap kuat sangat
sorry bapakkk :P

I was likeeee "Kongaajaaa gile okay kau !"
She just laughed and yeahh she realized that I cakap siud just now
HAHA weehh
sape tak panic bila uni sendiri call and cakap pasal exams and stuff kan
Dah lah my dad was just next to me
lagi lah nak gugur jantung I

So yeah that Withheld caller is KESTEN EMIRA
I was so excited to pick up the phone
Hoping that it's Nazarene Abdullah
But turned up to be KESTEN EMIRA
lagi sakat aku bagai
Marah terossss

*****Withheld will be appeared on the phone screen if the caller hides his/her number .So called "private number"

Picture of us trying too hard to lompaaat !:DDD


Monday, April 12, 2010

Masak Time

Ayam ni hangus ,tapi it tastes good .Like real GOOD :D
But the father decided not to eat this chicken
As he said ,"Ish .Takotlah bapak nak makan ayam ni" -.-'

And oh ,ni third time I masak but it seems that everybody's not satisfied with it


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Rashid

Though I don't even know you that well
In fact I have no idea who the hell is this guy
But I'd like to wish you happy birthday as I'LL BE THE ONE who get excited when it is someone's birthday !
I am so excited ,I am running on adrenaline !hehehe

Last night I wanted to text you but then I searched for your number
Here There and Everywhere
Rupanya takde !
Guess I've deleted your number
Sorry man !=S

Then you called this morning
I didn't pick up the phone
Cause I'm still snoring in front of the TV
Sorry again man !:P


Monday, April 5, 2010


No you cannot just MISSEDCALL me
Why don't you call me terus ?

I won't be able to call you back as I don't have your number (I mean I've deleted your number .hehehe)
Plus ,,number you tu "private"
Macam haram
Call lah weh !

And oh ,annoying jugak !


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Masih tersenyum

Malas nak cakap banyak
Kau memang menyampahkan


Friday, April 2, 2010


I was looking for ayam in this vegie soup
I wondered why there's no ayam in vegie soup eyy ?=S