Friday, January 29, 2010

Relief :D

I have completed my assignment !
That's obviously a BIG YAYYY :DDD
after a few days tidur lambat . Finally ready to go !
err but it is not all ready
Only front page, table of content, page number, and a few isi in the assignment is not included
At least I put some effort dlm my work yang lame dah delayed .Hehe

Humaira YM with me just a now, she said that she has not even select the title for the assignment
but she's clever , am sure she can be ready in only 2 days kan? (:

Okay, enough with the assignment punya cerita
lets move on to another topic :D
I need to buy new shoes and clothes lah .DESPERATELY.
I know Mak and bapak will be angry when I nakkan shoes and clothes shopping
it it because it is hard for me to wear clothes and shoes that i've bought
it's like what I buy ,i'll wear in 10years nanti
funnnyyyy riiiiite ?yeah
wasted gile !:P

I'll update this blog later lah
I'm off to bed
Sleepy ya ampun !!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


aih lately internet macam laju but then pc bapak macam slow
I have no problem with bapak's pc at all *innocent*
But when I get so excited to watch AJL, it gets on my last nerve !
Which music die lagi laju dari mulut
Hish mana boleh jadik .Faizal Tahir won't look awesome kalau macam tu !
Hihik :">

Oh that day Asna asked me to design tickets for Nusantara Theatrical Week
And it was on Friday macam tu kot and and he wanted me to email him the design Monday tu .WHAT ?!ARE YOU CRAZY OR SOMETHING ?!:O
I don't have time to design that ticks because I was in KL the whole weekend
So ended up ,I told him I have things to do with my family
Yeah ,I'd email you on the 26th or 27th lah ye(:

After figuring it out who's gonna design it for me
Well ,I need others help because I know nothing about designing .Ish macam &^*#%#$^@ ah !
Then I asked Syak to help me and she was like 'Syak maik hentam jek tu' (I mean the designs yang I pernah tgk kat myspace and frienster dulu lah kan)
Syak pun put some effort to kenalkan aku with Azizan
I called Azizan and he was like 'okay ,you text me the details la'

Hani cakap I need to have back up plan .Eh bukan ,back up utk tickets tu lah
Ish .On second thought ,nak try bwat
And here's the hasil
Ish macam HARAM gile rupe
LAME oh bak kate Azizan[=

These two are Azizan's designs .Well ,I'm not sure about the theatrical spelling (with E or without E between T and R tu) =S

And Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeessseeeee are my designs .Serabut gila kan !
I prefer Azizan's cause mcm simple gile

Akhirnya I sent all four to asna .Tataw whether he likes it or not kan
Sorry asna I couldn't make the tickets nampak DIVA since kitekan DIVA .lmfao

Amma finish up my ITL assignment .Well ,AGAIN !
Think am not able to settle everything tonight cause amma download some movies
EHEM !I found new website to download movies since bapak's pc don't have that particular software untuk tu
Hihik :">


Monday, January 25, 2010

Damn assignments

God .It's holiday !Finally !!!:DDD
After a few weeks spending time with friends di UIA ,I think I need to go back home EVERY WEEKEND
So that I can relax and tak fikir pasal friends punya 'hal'
Well yeah ,you know that 'hal' which I'm not gonna talk abt it kan *wink*

So ,here I'm am ,feeling sooooo daaymn goooooooooooooooooood di rumah
Eventho I have tons of work that need to be done before college starts
err what the hell ,relax tetap harus !:DD

Lets start with Hahahahahhahhahahahahaha :))
Things that made me laugh teguling-guling
and I just couldn't stop laughing till now
hihik :">

Okay ,here's the thing
I was abt to start my Introduction to Law and Government assignment which I need to submit it on the 6th of February
Umm ,actually us ,Sir Marzuki's students ,don't really know when is the due date
But according to Fazreena and aku punya kiraan ,ianya kena hantar on the 22nd
Well ,tau jek lah Fazreena ,aku and Fizah kan .Kiterang suka assume assgnments hantar lambat sebab last minute punye kerja memang the bomb !(:

Before I bukak Microsoft Word ,HarakahDaily ,Raja Petra's website and stuff ,I logged in to Facebook first as usual :)
Then I replied everything that need to be replied
And tibe-2 tepikir "mcm best jugak if selongkar gambar lame-2 kan :)"

I was chatting with Kesten si RINDU tu
wanted to ask her about any current issues berkaitan dengan religious freedom in Malaysia
So she was like 'dah tak berminat' and sebuk dengan 'kentang-kat-dapur-bersama-jiran' which complicate me like yeah whatevs

So yeah ,I ambek the album and tgk all the gambar
There's not so many gambar yang blh diupload
Kilat punya gambar lame lagi banyak kot
But the funniest thing is pasal a-boy-yang-aku-tak-ingat-where-the-hell-did-he-come-from ?:P:P

Here's the letter yang aku jumpa in my album tu .Ya Allah !sumpah aku tak ingat langsung sape sent this letter to me and whether I replied to him back or not ?Seriously ,macam nak mati gelak sbb the other side of the paper ade tulis macam pantun .Sounds FUNNY gile weh

Jeng jeng jeng ........HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA .This is the guy who sent me the letter !I don't even remember his name .God !!!!!!:O

Kalau tanye Kesten and separuh student convent pasal budak 4org ni mesti dorg kenal .ngahahaha .I lost Haliza's phone number and terus lost contact with four of them .haihh ):

Ni paling best kot but I wonder where was Kesten time ni ?!*maraah*

Hahahaha itu jek for today
I supposedly habiskan my assignment and turned out to be THIS !
Oh memories (':
hah ,memang esuk mak hentam aku habes-habesan lah kan
and it's already 5am .lagi lah kena marah
hihik :">

Goodbye .

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today is the day where aku and NOR.FAIZ supposed to berjumpa di UIA !!!!!!!!
Hes in gumbaakkk dari friday lagi and he didnt even tell me about that
SETUPID gilerrrrr !grrrr

and yeah ,he was supposed to meet me before he went back to nilai at 6pm
I woke up at 11am and went to ampang park to meet dina
we're supposed to watch muvie and jalan-2
but then I told her I need to jumpa my friend from nilai
meaning that I only have few hours to spend with her

we had brunch di old town and cuma sempat beli tudung ):
Then around 1.30 ,I went back to gumbakkk
I texted him that i was already in UIA
and he texted me back asking me to go rehat first because hes still in his friend's room
So I was like ,"haha okay ,text me whenever your ready"
and he said okay

then I mandi and charged my phone ,played games and stuff
and after FOUR-HOURS barulah he texted me saying that hes sorry because tak sempat nak jumpa
YA ALLAH !!!!kau bwat ape lah dgn member kau tu kan ??!!!!hesh
DAMN NOR.FAIZ !I'm so pissed off with you man !X(

Patutnya aku dah boleh spend byk time dengan dina dah !
Ish .MARAH !!!

So yeah ,and now i'm not in a good mood because of Nor.Faiz !
Cilake btl
He ruins my day like blergh !
I'd kill him if I have the chance to do that((:


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kegemukan please shuuuhh

"Kenape win maken gemuk ?" - Munah
"nurin maken cumil lah" - Tikah and ASNA(hesh)
"maken cumil lah nurin ni" - Ain as well as Madi

----------------------------LIKE WHOA !!!-----------------------------------

aaahhh !!i need to get back on my diet plan
Well ,I dont have any diet plan pun .Thats why i'm getting fatter i guess =S
Darn !I puasa for a week man last week
Then i got involved dalam family day tu which I had to run and get my ass off the chair and bed :P

Lepas tu balik sini org kate aku gemuk
This is weird !you heard me ?!It's W-E-I-R-D !!!!!gosh =S
OKAY OKAY from now on i'm not gonna eat mee goreng ke kueh teaw goreng ke any goreng-2 food when theres a gap between Aqidah Class and History Class
Am just gonna take that "my-current-favourite" papaya and holicks ice .YUM-YUM((:

Lets just drop this topic okay or imma get soooooo fuckiinggggpissed-offfffuuccckk
So yeah

I have TONS of work to do man !
I just listed things that need to be done before March ,people
and after saye total up everything ,there are about 6 assignments ,1 presentation ,1 theatre(history project) ,1 quiz ,and 2 mid-term
apeeeeeeeeeeeeee niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
tak dapat relax
tak dapat balik muar
tak dapat jalan
tak dapat online
tak dapat maen game
tak dapat tgk tv
tak dapat siapkan notes
Semua tak dapat


Monday, January 4, 2010

In need of jadik pandai(:

Hani cakap "care win blaja tu salah org rase"

Okay ,then tu WHAT IS the best way to study ?!Why don't you give me the tips of your kejayaan ?!Sounds desperado gileee ye
*marah ni sebab tak score sampai skang*

Oh errmm Ohhhhh dammit !
Esuk ada quiz IR :O
I forgot to study and I haven't revised anythg not even touched the notes yet
*so dead* T_T

Gotta struggle this sem man or my parents will get upset and disappointed with me AGAIN !


Saturday, January 2, 2010

lame 2010

It's the second day of 2010 and its the lamest lame lame lame lame new year celebration ever !
Tv pun tak best and thank God tak follow ida ke cyberjaya kaan
Ida said that place was gile lame and boring
And if I ikot ,die mesti malu dengan aku sebab tempat tu tak best gile

I was ready with my chips and mineral for the countdown but then the celebration was like gile hampeeehh !X(
faizal tahir nyanyi cuma 2lagu and it was like blurgh tak bestnye !

2010 ,I dare you to be wayyyyy BETTER than 2009 please(: