Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pavlova is Love.

Lemme tell you about pavlova,  it's ze bezt pencuci mulut evaaahh. Hani knows how to make pavlova. She's a genius. First time I tasted pun was her idea. She made it and I thought it was ze bezt lova evahhh.

Then I went to Mak Leha's house. We bought the meringue from Tesco! Simple! And I fall in love with Mak Leha's lova and thought nyehh Hani's one jatuh number dua!  Kahh.

Then I went to Didie's Kitchen at Danau Kota. Falling in love with their lova. Gileeeeeersss sedapppppsss but kinda pricey but seriously yumsss. Dems. Let's go there some day!

So I think Didie's made the best pavlova. When you chew those kenyal meringue. You'd go lovalova!! Sorry Hani and MakLeha. Hehe.

It's interesting ey if Tesco Malaysia sells instant meringue. I'd go ratah that meringue everyday kayss.


Hi hoi hu.

Didn't know I've been neglecting you for yearssss. I mean for a year jahh.

Year-end concert is ovahh!!!  Weebeedoobeedoo 🎓🎉🎊