Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Now that I'm closely 21year old ,I try to think maturely and positively .so when there's a big or small fight with friends ,MATURED people would think that it's perkara remeh .but for me ,it's NOT .it doesn't even indicate that the person is childish or what people call as jealous .it's actually because you're annoyed with someone and you don't know how to ambush that little someone .that's why they're fighting ,the little someone cannot be criticized .err there's no element of perli here .just want to express the feelings of anger !HAHA

eh blog ,,

it's like this ,ever since I studied in UIA ,people started to judge me as childish .no no no ,I'm not talking about YOU !neither do YOU !this is the general statement cause when people asking about Nurin .they'll go like "oh ,she's so childish" .some sort of that answer lah .

Actually ,I myself haven't asked for being so childish .it's just me being mengada-ngada with the girlfriends .can you like differentiate childish and mengada-ngada ?both terms totally have different meaning kan ?so I just need you to THINK lah !

You have boyfriend ,which I don't and I don't even care about it .you may want to tell every bad things about me to your boyfriend .for me ,I only have family and friends .they are the love of my life .so I'd rather tell them about what happen to myself than telling a pedestrian or any strangers whom obviously know NOT A THING about me .raiiitee ?so ,which part that makes you think that I'm childish ey ?this is what we call sharing stories with friends .that's what friends are for man !!!!!

So friends ,don't terasa with me .I used to curse people all the time .I used to talk trash about people .I used to be so sombong with people .I used to be so bad with people .I used to have harsh words with people .I used to tell lies to people .yeah .I know that !I'm so sorry .I'll try to improve myself as I'm getting older day by day .my apology dear people !EVERYTHING BAD COMES FROM ME AND THAT IS GOOD COMES FROM ALLAH okay bro ?:]




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