Monday, July 6, 2015

People. They are Weird.

People kept asking,
"Kau masih keje tadika tu lagi?"
"Bila kau nak tukar keje weh?"
"Kau tak boring ke hari hari mengadap budak?"
"So hari hari la kena cebuk budak ek?"
"Banyak ke gaji diorang bayar?"
"Cukup ke gaji kau dengan cost of living here?"
"Tak rasa rugi ke belajar tinggi tinggi, keje tadika je?"

Aren't you sick of those questions?
You don't? But I am.
I am freaking sick of those questions.
I've been working with kids since 2012.
Still. I still get the same questions from people around me.

Cikgu tadika. Haram ke kerja tu?
Is it even illegal?
No. Definitely no.

Don't you know when you're so stress,  you can always hug the kids, and talk to them.
They will give you unexpected answers.
And somehow will make you smile and laugh.
Been there. Done that.
Stress relieved.

Don't you know when you ask for the kids' help, they will straight away help you out.
Try ask them to help you cleaning up things.
They'd be happy to help. Unlike adults.
Adults berkira.
But don't forget to praise them and thank them. They'd be very very happy and proud of it.
Been there. Done that.
Our little helpers :')


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