Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Emak saye

"Slm grls. U all ok? Doc hs jst cnfrmd tht the lump in Mak's lft breast is to b rmoved 2moro mrnng 8.30 at Pntai Hsptal, Air Kroh. Dont panic ye, DOA kn spya all goes well. Bwt keje,prktcal n exam btul. Cheers kids. "

I received this msg this morning frm my dad
PANIC gla aku terus nangis lah kan walaupun baru bangun tidur

What am i supposed to do ey ?
Dina and hani is on their way home to visit my mum and teman her ke melaka esuk

But i have exam tomorrow
Dina said aku blh blk ,esuk blk sini blk
Tak sempat i guess
Tapi am gonna blk tmw after exam for sure
Do pray my mum will be fine and sihat =S

Call me cengeng ,but i LOVE my mum okay !


Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Stranger

Dear blog ,,

I have a lil something to tell you
This is about my friend
Well I'm not sure if he was my friend previously but he's not for today and for the future of course (=

I couldn't remember how I started to know him
I think through facebook
But am not sho if I added him or vice versa ?
OMG !Seriously macam tak ingat apa pun =S

Then when we first met ,I brought along my well-known friend
So yeah ,"we" went to KLCC and lepak-lepak
Both were shocked because they didn't expect me to bring a friend
I was like "We korang tak payah lah macam nak terkejut lah kan .Bukan aku bawak hantu ke pun"
Yeah whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

Long story short ,I think they were mad at me and STILL mad at me
UGH !why must mereka mad at me like gila-gila punya kan ?
It's not a big deal kan ?
Weh ,aku pun pernah kena dengan Kesten where die bawak her sister sekali time kiterang jumpa
And I think it's not a big deal pun for me
Cuma macam ada limitation ah bila borak kan ?:P:P
But ,still I must say ,I HAD FUN :DD

Its been a year kot mereka dah tak contact aku
And I don't bother pun nak contact them
Actually ,,I did put an effort to contact him ,but not my well-known friend .Kihkihkih :P

And suddenly sekarang a friend of this man contacted me and trying to prank on me
WHAT THE HECK wehhh !!!
Kau tak payah lah nak guna member kau nak kenakan aku kan
Contact lah aku sendiri man .Sendiri salah sendiri settle lah beb

I was like "what's your intention to kacau I ek ?"
The his friend was like "Naaahh ,,saje .Ni pun sebab you pnah kenakan member I"
W-T-O !!!!!!!!!

I DID NOT what-you-called "KENAKAN" your friend lahhhh !
It happened that my friend pun okay jek teman I time tu
The more the merrier kan ?
It's for my safety lagipun
What's with that "KENAKAN" thing tu ?=S

So till now I didn't reply the message sebab it's not necessary
I'm just frustrated sebab he's not brave enough to slow talk with me
C'mon lah weehh !

Gdbye X-(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A journey

Nooo !Don't mention it !>.<

People tend to say its boring ,sounds sleepy ,bla bla bla
Yeah i bet nobody likes history
I think its weird for someone to like history innit ?

Waheyy ,sebuk kutuk history padahal esuk paper Modern History of Europe

I've read all the topics that hv been given by sir
But yeah ,as usual ,i don't remember any
And that's scary !
What am i gonna answer tmw ?
Damn !

Guess i need to do some revision all over again

Oh people ,do pray for my success
I really need to score starting this semester


Friday, March 26, 2010

Panas panas panas

Yah .Bijak bijak
Baca habis dah semua kan
Datang soalan ..haahh !ambek kau sebijik !
Susah gileeee bai !:@

I managed to answer 2questions jek
The otha one's like bloody hell susahnya
I don't know .Maybe the question is not straight to the point ?IDK !

Everybody was like 'gle soalan cm haram la kan'
Mmg mati !

And now history
Awh !i'm so not into history
I'll definately not going to read the text book but haih ,all the question's based on that THICK book

Oh i so hate history -.-"


Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Paper

I can't sleep
I'm too scared for tomorrow

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exam !

Weehoo dah habis study !!!!:D:D:D:D

Wah memang gempak dan hebat lah kan nak cakap camtu
Padahal baca sekali lalu jek
Tomorrow will be my first paper and it's Islamic Aqidah
Gerun bukan ?=S

Well ,I've read all the notes and everything
But I'm not sure IF I can memorize everything
Hopefully bila dah duduk mengadap kertas soalan tu ,apa aku baca keluarlah macam darah yang mengalir laju kan
Kalau tak ,memang matilah dengan Madam Maziah Mustapha .Fuh -.-"

Oh lupa nak upload gambar bersama rakan-rakan yang celebrate birthday bersama-sama

Lepas melepak di HS Cafe

Ini time tengok Ramli Sarip .Jyeaahh ~

Habis parenting ,bergerak ke HS Cafe untuk breakfast (activity weekend kami)

Haaaaa BADMINTON !!!Rindu Gila lah bai !


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cwekk Cwekk

well well I still couldn't push myself to study and so I decided to blog

I'm so addicted to these websites
  1. Celebrities' Babies
  2. Triples plus One
  3. The Syafies
I'll make sure everytime I go online ,,I'll definitely take a few mins to read their blog
Guess why ?
It's because their blog is full of photos
And it is all about babies

Somehow I think babies are cute

But when the baby is in front of me ,I'll just stare and do nothing
It's like I don't know how to make them laugh
But I'll laugh instead

Funny part is ,everytime I go through their blog
Mak was like "sape tu win ?"
Aiseyyhh ,it's hard to explain because it's unexplainable :P:P

Aww babies and kiddies ,you just make me smile :')


Dear blog ,,

Its been a long time I didn't get connected with you kan
I miss you already !hihiks :D:D

I'm sitting for finals in 2days time
Amaigaddd ,time flies real fast and i don't realize it because it flies so laju like my heart is beating now

Anyhow ,I just wanted to tell you that I havent studied anything yet
I'm not in the mood to study lah
How ey ?

I was homesick like hell and I decided to go home which I just did last saturday
Then I went back here on Monday and I cried all the way to KL )=
Hahaha shame on me but oh well ,I actually always wanted to get retired at the age of 7
Family knows that ,aren't ya ?
So yeah ,whenever I have to be apart from my parents ,I'll cry like there's no tomorrow
I just can't face the reality
It's tough and risky .GAHHH

And here I am in this bloody gloomy room ,sitting alone and trying so hard to study
I just couldn't force myself
If I push myself to study ,my nose would get so itchy and I'll sneeze
I don't want that to happen as I'll wake up all my roomates
HAHAHA (tak berkaetan weh !:P)

I'm not sleepy either
So all I have to do is at least write short notes for Islamic Aqidah
Because I believe by writing notes ,I'd remember at least one or two points kan
Well ,hopefully by tomorrow mood to study will come all by itself
God ,please !=S


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Bee

Dear blog ,,

Finals start on the 26th of march till april 4
I can't wait to go home
I'm so tired with all the people here
They just make me sick day by day

I missed my rumah already
And of course i missed being with the family every minute and everyday(:

Currently my tummy hurts really bad
Dear nurin's tummy ,please be fine by wednesday =S

And oh dear people ,,your invited to come to our theatre on hitler's vengeance
17th march (wednesday)
Venue: experimental hall

As for my dearest friends ,,it is a MUST for you guys to come and support me and others =P
I so oh need an A for the subject baybay[=


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thank God today's classes are canceled
Otherwise, how am I supposed to face the fact that my group haven't ready for the presentation yet ?
Unbelievable kan ?
Till now nobody informs me about the next discussion that we are going to have .Nope ,not even Hafizah
I think they've discussed about the topic yesterday but I didn't manage to come
Well ,who cares kan as long as not me who's gonna do the presentation .Nyeh !

I skipped IR class just now
I thought of going to class eventhough Fazreena didn't want to go
But all of the sudden ,my tummy hurts real bad
Aiseyhhh )X

Tomorrow I'm gonna have presentation for Islamic Ethics
It's a lil' bit LECEH because madam is too hm what do we call that ey ?Demanding ?Sort of
So I need to prepare for the presentation
Think I'd better go get ready with the text
Or else ,I'm not going to remember my part as I have the short-term memory problem

Goodbye .

Monday, March 8, 2010


HELP .I'm thinking of not going to discussion at library this evening
As I have ITL midterm tonight
But I don't want to present for tomorrow
The thing is aku mesti dipaksa present for tomorrow if aku tak buat any kerja dalam group tu right ?

Ugh .Tensionnya -.-'

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Kesten Emira

Eii Blog ,,

Offline message from Kesten and stated there 3/1 and 3/1
OMG !It's today !!!:'(

Kesten dearie ,I'm soree
It's not that I don't want to meet you
It's just that I won't be able to go to MidValley
It's so far away from my college
And it takes me about 2hours to reach there (tak kira lagi KTM sesak kan)
Solution :You need to datang KLCC to meet up .It's a MUST babe
That's the only place that's nearer to my place
Or else ,I'm soreeeeee ..takda jodoh !hahahak :P:P
Or "mungkin ada orang yang willingly nak hantar aku ke MidValley dengan kereta ?"heh heh

Ish .Kalau tak dapat jumpa Kesten ,macam teramatlah sedih
But what to do ,I'm unable to go to MidValley as I have second quiz for Modern History of Europe tommorow :'(
But Kesten ,if your reading this ,PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL
sebab i'm rarely go online since wireless is fcuking damn slow .ugh

Kesten ,come over to my place okay gak
Lebih seronok(: