Monday, December 13, 2010

Uia's internet is gay.

Eh blog,,

College has just started. Baru sehari kat uia I dah homesick gilaa. I cried all night long. Just after the parents and sisters left me, I cried till I went to bed. Teruk weh tahap homesick I.

Just now was our first day at school. Haha mengada. I was able to add all the subjects so I went to all the classes with yOng.

The lecturers are okay so far. Hopefully their marking system is okay too. If not, Imma dead meat.

I was wondering why my close friends didn't wish for my birthday. Why oh why?! Time birthday diorang I was so eksited to stay up till 12am just wanted to be the first person to wish. Sounds so mengada but I'm someone who really alerts with people's birthday. The remembrance that matters kan :)

For those who wished me through phone, I love ya'll till death. For the family, memang sayang habis, with the present (2 bars of chocs) and all :')
And facebookers are ohsem!
Twitters, it was just my lovely asNashrafF and syIra, elmi the elmo and ana. I love diorang.
For those who didn't wish, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Bahaha!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I never repeat gossip ,so please listen carefully the first time

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever been to muar ?I'm staying here but I've never been to Wetex parade .liar !haha it has been a long time since I entered UIA :(

Everything has changed .Wetex lebih maju dari biasa .awh so sad !I miss the old times .hehe

And so I went out with the girlfriends just now but pQa couldn't join us :(
I miss them .I miss every silly things that we usually do in school .practically I missed school .whaaaaat ?!:O bahahaha !

This time we didn't have the chance to have cam-whoring session cause dbA was rushing to send her friend back home .plus I didn't bring any camera except for my iPod and phone .ehh :(

Muar ?baskin robbins ?seriously ?!:O
Bahahaha !

I met syidA and ePul just now .ePul is not a good friend I guess cause he didn't halo to us .he covered his face instead ,when he saw us .WTF !!Kau fikir kau artis ?!euw !!


Today was a shitrack !

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever tried German Deli at Ampang ?the food is so farking delicious and huuuuuugeeeee !bahahaha !

You won't regret for ordering any of the food there sebab sangat worth it I tell ya ;D

Here's mine called XL mushroom wiggy .I guess so la .couldn't recall the menu cause nama nama food dia panjang panjang .haha

Mak was so surprised with the portion of the food .hihiks

Even diNa's enjoying mak's food .tak malu !haha

I tak rasa its coney dog cause we were so full .therefore ,we tapau the coney dog .looks so yummylicious but sayang ,tak dapat rasa :((

Anyway ,,bapak is looking for other places to eat .any suggestion ?makan besar ,I likeeee !;))


Monday, December 6, 2010

Uia really knows how to get on my nerves .end of story !

Eh blog ,,

I've checked my results .it's not that awesome but I'm satisfied with it .thank you Allah !;)

Cute kan Aqasha !!I was so surprised when mak changed the channel to tv3 and I saw him wearing jubah .awh cair la doh !:')

Blog dearie ,mak and bapak have just bought a new cabinet for bapak's computer and wardrobe for them .for me I think it's just perfecto ;)

I love it cause it's WHITE !look so suci man :P

I was so tired helping bapak to sort out the clothes and everything inside the old wardrobe .too many things in the wardrobe rupanya -.-

Gotta watch Aqasha my love !hihiks :">


Saturday, December 4, 2010

He's All Grown Up

Eh blog ,,

Okay gedik gila title padahal imma talk about bapakkk ,memang dah grown up lame dah pun .kihkihkih

Bapak was so nervous for his MCOBA concert tonight .he's taking part for the concert .awh rindu okay nak tengok die acting !

he was getting ready for tonight !

okay !bring it on !he's ready to rock !:)

Somehow i think he looks cute when he suits up !;)) goodluck bapak !loves

Oh yeah ,while bapak was so nervous with the concert ,mak ,diNa and hAni were enjoying their spa tonight .cchheeeuuhh .over tau !

I'm now all alone in the room watching tv .heh tak pegi spa cause do not have enough money and nobody wants to belanja me .SOBS !:'((

Okay gotta enjoy cerekarama all by maself .cettt


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pen Merah ,Pen Biru ,Boleh Tolong Garu ?

Eh blog ,,

I didn't do anything interesting today as for the whether wasn't that good .thought of going out with bapakk but he just got back from kl and mesti dia penat Kan :((

I'll be heading off to kl tomorrow .again ?Yess again !-.-
Bapakk ada concert MCOBA ,so yeah whatever it is ,kena teman ke kl ;)

I'm nervous for the results that will be out this Monday .ugh nervous gila babs okayy !:-S

And oh btw ,I'm addicted to twitter .shit laa .gotta buy blackberry ni !ehehs :P


Mummy and Her New Recipe

Eh blog ,,

Mak's trying out her new recipe but I didn't know what that is .I think it's mango pudding or something ?:-/

Tasteless gilaa sebab she said that mangga hasn't yet masak .haa nayalah esuk dia bad mood sebab pudding tak jadi .heh


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is Finally December :)

Eh blog ,,

Yeah .it's FINALLY December !phew .I can't wait for MY BIRHTDAY !!:DDD

Bila it's my birthday ,I feel soooo young .hihiks :"> I don't really care about the presents neither do I care about the celebration .all I cared about is the wishessss from the loved ones .I love that moment but I don't quite prefer wishes from facebook cause facebook yang remind them about my birthday .not really their effort eyy .HAHA

Anyway ,,I passed my JPJ test !weehooo :DD tapi syiRa mesti dah tak heran dah since die dah nak setahun dengan 'P' die .hmph !hahaha :PP

I love today !I love it cause it's December baby !I love it cause I passed my driving test .I love it cause I met new people .I looooveeee it cause I got the chance to meet the friends from twitter !and I love it cause I'm FINALLY at home !woot woot :DD

it's muar baby !;))

I met zull and shah just now .LOVELY !:)))
sayangnya I didn't have the chance to spend my lunch time with them cause I datang lambat ke KLCC :(( blame cikgu naiM !Hmpft !haha

It's very difficult to find and recognize them cause I tak kenal any of them .luckily ada this handsome boy was staring at me and muka macam nak cakap "eh die ni ke nuRin" .haha but I tak sempat nak ingat name die .hehe

Zull did introduce me one by one tapi just in a few secs ,I forgot all except for zull of course and shah (the one who keep calling me dik) !sempat cakap with zull only :(( but they're are friendly except for this one girl yang I rase I tak kenal pun kot ?hehe

Next time ,,Imma make sure ada free time to lepak with them and other few lagi .whippie !:DD

I met one guy at skem who's also Uia student but he's Indonesian .err I don't even know his name .teruk gila !-.-

Mak's getting annoyed with me playing with this iPod .she kept saying "Leka win dengan iPod ek" .hehe sorry mak .I just couldn't take my hands off of this gadget :)))))