Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just because

Just because I'm from religious school doesn't mean I'm narrow minded .just because I don't speak english doesn't mean I'm stupid .just because .just because I'm loud doesn't mean you can judge me .just because I'm not your type doesn't mean you can give me that annoying look .just because I don't behave like you doesn't mean you can simply talk trash about me .just because I don't go clubbing doesn't mean I'm lame .just because I'm wearing tudung doesn't mean I don't know how to socialize .just because I only wear black tudung doesn't mean I don't have style .just because I don't have boyfriend doesn't mean I'm a loser .just because I'm always happy doesn't mean I don't have feeling .just because I'm a yes man doesn't mean I can be bullied .just because I deleted your facebook doesn't mean I hate you .just because you already have girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't mean I'm jealous .just because I don't like you doesn't mean I don't love you .

Friday, May 28, 2010

A blast Wesak Day !

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever heard of Seoul Garden ?no ?!yes I know you'll never heard of it because you're just a journal and you can't do anything about it .aww sorrayh !HAHA

Look Look !!they were enjoying their meal !:)

This is what we had for lunch .It's yummylicious I tell you !!:D:D:D

A family group photo =)

On the way back to Muar and bapakkk was asleep along the way because he's afraid he'd get caught just because he skipped Friday prayer :P

I'm very satisfied with the food and everything but bapakkk was a lil bit disappointed sebab takda lamb dalam menu for today .aww sorry pak !we'll get you a very delicious grilled lamb @ chili's eyy .eh tapi ada ke ?=S

Happy Wesak Day people !!Have a blast weekend =))


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend is looove

Esuk balik ampang !err yayy yayy !?!!
Dapat makan nasi lemak kerang !weehoo !!!
Friday balik MUAR !WOOTZ !!!=DD

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Left alone

Last night while usha-ing Azizan's facebook ,saw this album where they had bbq at Mira's .okay fine la fine laa fine laaa !tak ajak pun kaaaan !!*merajuk* :(

Hahaha mengada sikit la ek sebab nampak macam best gila ,they had so much fun there plus hey Faiz Mustaza with his new hair macam what the eff !!LAWA oyt :))


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Supaman's hottiee.

bila INI kat laptop or handphone korg ,it means *cair* !got it ?=DD

Kilat sambung menyambung

Harini tak tidur atas katil sebab ada butterfly kaler blue .dah tiup tapi tanak terbang .memang ngohes habes kena ambek comforter and tidur bawah -.-"

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's just another beautiful day

Eh blog ,,

Yesterday went to visit WakFuad at Subang Jaya after went shopping at KLCC .I didn't buy anything .neither did Dina .eh but she bought maxis broadband and she was so excited about it .I think that's the second asset that she bought after the mp3 player :P .Jihan bought a pair of shoes ,eh more to sandals I guess .jealousyy jealousyy !:(

Then Nur and family were already there at WakFuad's house .we met MakWok ,WakFuad of course ,Farah ,Najat ,Hakam ,Tamik and the three lil rascals ,Bazil ,Seth and Rayyan :) .it was Nur's 42nd birthday and Najat bought her secret recipe's chocolate indulgence cake .oh so yummy !!*drools* but I only get to eat one slice sebab sangat kenyang .Rayyan was so tall !!!macam oh alrait the next time I jumpa dia mesti tinggi lagi macam Hakam dah -.-"

I had fun at WakFuad's .I laughed my ass off .haven't done that with the family for agesss mahn !:( then went to De' Templer Restaurant for lunch .we all had dim sum and again ,,it was super yummy !:D:D

Jihan sent me back to UIA around 6pm .ugh sedihnyaaa :'( but it's fine cause I had apam balik waiting for me at Ain's room .whippyyy !!!:DDD thanks Ain darling ,L U !:-*

slept over at Keng and Ain's sebab phobia dengan what had happened last Saturday !>.<

and as for today ,,I'm fasting and I cannot have lunch with Maryam and Fatimah :((


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As complicated as ABCD

A , B ,C and D are friends .A and C knows each other since first semester in matric but A used to be B's best-est friend since end of second semester in matric .the fact that B and C became close friends ever since they started their life in main campus made A become very upset but A didn't do anything .A told D everything about what she feels for being friends with B and C .then A and B caught in a HUGE fight and now they are no longer friends

C don't really like B as well .B has been isolated by others .after a few months A didn't talk with B and started to be close with C ,A found something different about C .it's like what B has told A is T-R-U-E !then A immediately told D the secret but D wouldn't want to believe in A .it makes A wanted to knock down D's head so badly

now A is so stressed out and trying so hard to avoid C but they're now in the same class .A just have to face it .everything that C did will always annoy A .if A wants to tell B about it ,A will guarantee you that B will say "I told you so" .it's complicated ....

A walk not to remember

Eh blog ,,

Today is such a tiring day .I slept for every 2mins in class .when ustaz read the text ,I started to put my head on the table ,the next minute I woke up ,they already moved on to the exercises .aiyoo this is bad man !-.-"

After class I straight away went to KLCC all by maself searching for cupcakes .yes ,I was craving for it since last week like gila !HAHA found the stall and bought 6 of it .YUMMY !
unfortunately ,damn you ,Maryam had an emergency and needed to go back home .sheesshh *hampa* .so ,all I need is to wait for her and Fatimah .we'll be having slumber party at my room tomorrow .UGH LAMBATNYA !:(

On the way back to UIA .guess what ?!I heard a voice that sounds the same like that man .oh yeah that man !macam creepy gila kan ?!at some point macam upset gila sebab well you know how much I missed that person kan and that person didn't bother to contact me since last year .it hurts so bad ,real bad .I heard that voice in the train .the guys(he and his friend) sat next to me .memang macam hareeem !tak boleh ke nak duduk tempat laen ha ?!

Then waited for the bus and suddenly the guys were right next to me waiting for the bus to UIA as well .TAHIK gila ogeyh .dalam bus pun macam duduk nak dekat .okay I don't mind kalau duduk dekat dengan diorang but then why must you guys talk to each other ?couldn't you just shut the fuck up ?!your voice just remind me of that little someone whom I'm trying so hard to forget about .and now my mind just couldn't stop thinking of that fcuking person

As I reached UIA ,I ran to my room and it was fcuking tiring because it was raining and hell yeah I forgot to bring my umbrella ,thanks Malaysia Brunei !HAHA campak the bag and stuff ,and when to bed .woke up after getting a phone call from CikNab .STRESS gila and I just need a deep rest man !went to Keng's just trying to make myself busy and never wanted to think about that person



Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm just a regular teenager

Last night I watched cerekarama entitle 'Sebelum Akhirat' with Bapakkk ,,Makkk and Dina .it was SCARY like hell .insaf I tengok weh .hee :P .lessons that I learned in that drama was like a thousand !

  1. I SERIOUSLY need to learn to forgive and forget
  2. I need to learn to be polite with parents
  3. I need to learn not to simply trust man
  4. I REALLY need to learn karate for my own benefit =)

And then after going through a not-so-tough week ,I thought about things that I never thought before ..

  1. I need to learn to be MORE friendly
  2. I need to learn to stop cursing
  3. I need to learn to be a good listener
  4. I DEFINITELY need to learn to stop talking trash about people especially the friends
  5. I need to learn not to easily get mad
  6. I need to learn to think POSITIVE
  7. I need to learn to be independent
  8. I need to learn not to be too sensitive with unnecessary things
  9. I yes ,I need learn to be pemurah =)

Oh that much ah I need to learn ?anything else ?how can I learn things that'd change me for sure ?it's impossible aite ?UGH .people just don't get enough with others .they always try to find others' mistakes don't they ?so how am I supposed to not to care about what people think eyy ?I think that's why shy people don't talk .they'd rather just listen ,so that everyone thinks they're are intelligent .do I have to be like that ?confuse confused confusing !!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

no title

I'm so gonna miss you guys so much !!!
Lalalavh ya guys :')

Eh blog ,,

sangatlah macam menyesal bila mencarut dalam entry-2 lepas .sangat malu bila Amsyar tegur sebab die macam lagi muda dari I .HAHA

Tadi I went to Malacca with Aqilah ,,Rafiqah and Izzati .I had fun as always .I mean whenever I have the chance to hang out with the friends ,I'll go gaga and I'll get too excited about it .Haha sangat over but it's a fact :)

We talked ,we laughed ,we had lunch and dinner together .it's just a perfect Saturday for me .I'm loving it .thanks A LOT to Aqilah for fetching me and sending me home .hearts :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Fans go crazy over Miley

Boleh tak macam nak rinduuu diorang ni ?:'(

Eh blog ,,
Everybody's so stressed out with arabic level 3 question paper .I told you it's fucking hard .so it's not my fault if I didn't do well in that subject =P


Oh araaaab

Exam tadi susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gila babi !
Okay ,tu jek nak cakap


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love exams

Eh blog ,,

Lately I don't call people with their nicknames .I called them with their full name instead .starting last few days I called Fathy as Fathiyah and Zetyyy as Izzaty .What happen eyy when you no longer call your bestfriends with their nama manja ?Fazreena ,Nadirah and Hafizah .That's what they have been called every single day .it's sorta weird okayy sebab their name's tooooo long weh .unlike mine .err that's my point actually .HAHAHA :P:P

I'll be having my Arabic mid-term exam tomorrow night and you people MUST pray for my success (=


Yee Mee

Okay gambar ni selingan jek sebab baru terfikir mana pegy shawl ni ek ?:-S

Eh blog ,,

I need to reveal something but i'm running outta proper words to write about that 'thing'
Damn i have no idea

Monday, May 10, 2010

roomy roomy boom boom

Eh blog ,,

Have you ever seen my new room ?Have you ever noticed that I'm now in level 3 ?That's unbelievable raiiteee ?!!I know !HAHA

So E 3.4b is where my room is for now ,I mean for one year .my room is in ground floor ever since I started my life in Gombak .First year I tercampak kat D 1.1 and for the second semester ,they put me in D 1.5 (my favourite room ever !) .So now UIA have new rules where the students can choose their own room and E 3.4b is what I got .macam SHIT gila !semua rushing nak ground floor and pilih roomate bagai but me ,,I just don't choose roomies cause I have bad experience in choosing my own roomies .ahax :P .Learn through mistakes .Therefore ,I let them choose for me who my roomates are and for now I'm quite satisfied with the roomies as long as they don't disturb me .mind your own business .HAHA

This shows how TINGGI my bilik is
Oh sangat malasnya nak naek tangga !>.<

SEMPIT gila kaaan ?
Yeah yeah ,,people will like "weh knape bilik kau sempit gile ni nurin ?"
"aku rase kau kena ckp ngan org mahallah lah mintak kau tukar bilik lama"
"gile kecik bilik kau weh .jauh beza gile ngan bilik aku"
"tape bilik kecik-2 ,,senang kemas" ---- PHEW !Fatimah is always positive .that's why I lavh her !;DDD

I DON'T CARE if my bilik is kecik ke sempit ke whatevs BUT the point here is the view from my window !it's awesome weeh !sumpah macam fresh air gila !So I'd rather sleep with the window open .macam fuuhhh ,kalah muar !err okay ,,itu over sikit .HAHA

and the friends is jealous with the view from my window .serve you right !who asked you to kutuk my room bagai nak gila and please lah compare the view with yours kan ?memang KALAH !hahaha tibe-2 nak emo :P


Sunday, May 9, 2010

See this eyes ,,it means FOCUS !

Surprisingly ,I can't wait to go back to Gombak this Sunday .I'm just loving every part of Gombak now .HAHA .maybe it's because of the class and friends I guess .and midterm starts this bloody week which is on Thurs .macam gampaaaang -.-"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my oh my



lovely Fridayyy

Eh blog ,,

Today I went out with aIn and naBs .I had fun really (: we went to Melaka for bowling and karaoke .done with bowling ,then continue walking to the games zone .then naBs wanted to release her tension dengan nyanyi about 10songs till she lost her voice .silly you lily !HAHA

ehem ehem riteee ?I know !HAHA
I proudly say that I WON with 79points .wewoot !;D

Karok time !:P

Dataran Merdeka didn't entertain us that much .so we got off around 5 and straight away went to naBs' auntie's house .unfortunately ,after freaking 2hours then barulah we found the house .sengal punya naBs !HAHA rest for awhile and had dinner at Bentayan ,Muar .Mee Bandung is always be my favourite .so that's what I had for dinner .the taste's AWESOME as usual baby !((;

aIn sent me home at 9 and I bought burger for the parents and the sister on the way home .my Friday was super duperly fantastic mahn !=D
Hows yours ? I bet the guys WON'T spend their fridays with fun stuff as they have to go for friday prayer kaan ?HAHA =P


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


People said Google Chrome is the best
However ,when using it ,macam hareeem -.-"

UIA has blocked Twitter and Myspace
I am very angry because I haven't logged into both websites for agesss
and now when I need to get updated with some of my friends in Twitter and Myspace ,I just couldn't get through the website
macam gampang kaaan ?

Keep an eye on your son

Telinga berdarah .apa masalah ?:-S

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm so oh not alone

Something in me seems to be missing .I'm not good in arabic anymore ,but I know for a fact that arabic is my passion and is what I can actually understand ever since I was in secondary school .someone always has that thing that inspires you .and you lost your inspiration ever since that person went away .and the funny thing is ,you never really got your inspiration back .that's why you're so dead.
You feel me ?

Well anywaysss ,met my babes today - Fazreena & Nad but didn't have the time to visit Fiza as she has fall asleep when I went visit to her room :( .had a quick ladies time which equals to drinks and a lots and lots of hot gossips .what I got from hanging with my ladies was that ,I finally found out that I'm not alone in this mess .I feel such relieve that I could share the things I feel with the people who actually understands what I'm going through .and I might add ,that GIRLFRIENDS ARE THE CURE TO ALL YOUR BOY PROBLEMS (well other than shoes and shopping) .it's not that they only listen but gives great feedbacks .I lavh

Fancy them

Who won this CLEO 50 most eligible Bachelors 2010 eyy ?

skin head

Eh blog ,,

I did tell you that I wanted to bake cake batik in this entry aite
So I just did and the taste's pretty much errmm awesome i guess ?
Hahah SO NOT !:P

The father as usual lah pegy let everybody knows about it
And the sisters were like "seriously ?" "what does it taste like ?" "for real ?"
Okayy now I know they don't trust me at all in baking cakes and stuff
siud gilaaa kan -.-"

and and here's what the cake looks like .bapakkk said it tastes good but I put too much biscuits in it .that makes him eat only 2 or 3 pieces .geez .i suxx at this baking thang man !:(


Sunday, May 2, 2010

bhai bhai