Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ilyasss ,cutie pie !:-D

Shiat !Darn !i think i have zero knowledge pasal football and politics .

I just finished playing football trivia and i couldn't pass ke european cup and i have to play like thousand times to get through the 1st cup .shialan .sakit otak aku jek .

Politics .i'd like to major in poli instead of mass comm .Mak was like 'politic kene byk bace taw win' .yeah i know my general knwledge is naadaa ,zero jua !i'm so not into reading subjects .hoho .better stdyhard and go get what i want kan .adoii .bile maw berjaye lah ?:-S

I sayang my laptop !
I cinta ia !
Now ia rusak
Can't play any sound .
I sedih and not in the mood n fye said i marah-2 this morning .:-(:-(
Madno !rescue me !eh ,my faizaltahir demam dah

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wehuwehuwehu ~

These guys scared me .They look like ah-long .Zoom kat the black shirt .Mahn ,he's bloody skinny !How can he be one of the ah-long ,i can't imagine that .Haha .Oh and i saw them when i was on my way to Dina's hse di damansara ?Nyehh ,ampang sudah !:-P:-P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hush !

These were the women who made noise while we were watching CSI .Cis .Dah lah that was the 1st time I watch CSI .30mins aftr i felt sleepy .haha

Fye went online and i got nothin to do except for watching tv .since my faizaltahir dah dihantar utk diformat .ah rindu dah die !)=

And now I am all alone with my phone and mp3 .Geez .Am so scared .I better sleep now .I bet fye will be back tomorrow morning .haha !

Gdnite to those talkative ,non-stop-talking girls .Gaahh ,,=P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How eyy

Here's a photo of us spent time together and messed around during the last day of 2nd semestah .Aww i miss this moment =(

Oh btw ,how can i update my blog through phone tanpa meletakkan gamba ?It's tiring to think what gamba should i start with =S

I'm gonna miss my last weekend .We went to Malacca ,Muar and Klcc(aquaria) .It was super great .We had a blast !and Dina called it as 'destinasi budget' .(=

Today Timah and Maryam ajak me to go to carefour(i dnt knw the spelling) after class .I wanna go but should i tell Fye or not because am not sure i can ajak org or not .Adoi sgt mengstresskan :-S

It has been 2weeks i'm taking shortsem and i feel all alone .i miss my friends .it's hard to find new friends .but thank God i still hv fye .the problem of hvg her is that we feel bored with each otha because we're ROOMATES&&CLASSMATES .Nyehhh .

I'm hantaring my laptop to this bro tonight .aww i'm sooo gonna miss my faizaltahir .sob-sob

Gdnite ppl ,,

Monday, May 11, 2009


I took mak's old phone yestrdy .nobody notices it until dina unpack my stuff in her bag .shiat damn it !pecah tembelang ..huhu
Planned not to tell anyone coz i knw evrybody will freak out but dina spoilt evrythng .so my family will think that imma thief .hell no !i do it once n i got scold by my dad and i'm not doin it nymore :-S

To my family ,,i took the phone bcoz i want to service my sony ericsson .so i'm using mak's phone just to replace with SE sementara tgh service .harap maklum and thankyouuu .

I dnt speak much when i'm with my family .so if you need any explanation ,read my blog .i'll explain .sorry yea(;

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yahhaaaayy :D:D

i feel like smiling all night ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((=
ngehehehehhehehehheh :D:D:D:D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad hair day !

My hair sucks !
It's weird
Too thick to handle !
Feel like cutting it
But it's just a waste of money !
It'll never look better
Sometimes I love it but
Most of the time it annoys me
Rimas !

Wish I could have hair like Nunu ,Yanaa ,Faezah ,Mim ,Noh Hujan (LMAO) and Timah
Wish my original hair looks like rambut-yang-dah-ke-saloon
Wish I can ikat ia tanpe perlu clip sane and sini
Wish it's easy to jaga

Hahah berangan !;p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I feel not to ......

Have they ever felt of missing their sisters when they are not gathered for a long time ?
Don't they like missing me staying at home since I dah tak balik for lebih kurang 2months ?
I just don't understand .when I don't want something why do they want it and I know they're not forcing yet all I have to do is ikot kate diorang and as macha said "ikot jek kate parents nun .manalah taw ade himahnye ."
Yeaahh yeahh ,how i WISH and hope himah die i'll get 4flat kan ?heh =S

If this how it goes ,i don't think i'll be homesick .argh !
I don't have friends !All my friends dnt take shortsem
Who's gonna spend the time burak with me ?
Now you do the thinking !Benci aku !X-(