Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was just a NightMare ,I swear !;)

Last night was horrible !
I wasn't in the mood to spend the night at Ampang .soree diNa haNi :( on the way back ,met jUe my ex-roommate .she talked about her ex-boyfriend which somehow I found it interesting because I heard her crying after the ex-boyfriend dumped her .it was pretty much dramatic eyy ,that's why for me it is interesting !HAHA she kept on telling me how sad she was at that time and I was like "err okay dah lah tu ,I'm tired of hearing those things laa" .ceh nuRin ,padahal awal-2 beriya-2 nak dengar pasal ex-boyfriend dia .haha .sikit-2 boleh laa ,lama-2 macam I'm sick oh it !could you please stop NOW ?HAAHAA .aaah lets just drop the topic and move on to the next topic :)

went online with kesTen and fAtin .aww friends ..I just love chatting with friends .hehe I told kesTen what had happened .but of course after seeing my sisters ,I got better tapi bila dah sampai UIA tu ,emo lah balik kan .heehee .then kesTen merajuk sebab I didn't want to tell her my weight .ugh !benci !
so ,move on to fAtin .frankly speaking ,I miss her so much !I mean ,I missed her bawak I round-2 KL and makan-2 .hihiks :') then fAtin pulak merajuk sebab I didn't halo her yesterday before entering the hall .she said I tak tengok langsung dia plus ,muka I macam nak carik gaduh jek sampai zetY pun pelik kenapa .HAHA well well ,I've stated the reason in previous entry .so ,I think I don't wanna talk about it anymore :( .this is just the fact that I need to add on ,hehe
if you know me very well ,you might find that I'm the person yang tak tegur orang if orang tak tegur I .such a bad person kan macam tu !I don't know wasn't my fault .my self-esteem is very low .I just don't have the courage to tegur people first as I might think/assume that orang tu takan respond balik kat I .that is why I jadi tanak tegur orang before orang tegur I .got me ?eh tapi bila I got hyper ,haaa ambek kau !semua orang I tegur including strangers .HAHA

okay next ,while waiting for anyone to chat with me since NOBODY wanted to chat with me :( .I put on my new baju raya and snap some pictures .oh so lame yet so fun !macam mana tu ?HAHA me and my sisters went for shopping yesterday .oh I LOOOOOVEEE it !awesomeness !:))))))
and I bought one cotton baju kurung and two selendang .NICE !:D .so I go melaram at night in my own room sebab the roommates weren't in the room .double awesomeness !lets see how does it look in me .hehehehe :">

it fits me ,no ?:P

woke up at 5.15am for sahur .went out of the room to get some water .hmmmmm wondering why the block was so sunyi ?masih belum imsak kan ?or am I too early to have my sahur ?nyeh ,I didn't care ,erm since I've bought my "stock makanan" ,I got confused which makanan should I eat for sahur and I think I was being tamak sahur tadi .ended up I had bread with nutella and milo nuggets for sahur :]
I thought of staying up till subuh but haih tertido pulak .sedar-2 bangun dah pukul 12pm X-(

I mimpi ahMad faIz ,my ex-schoolmate ,last night .he used to be a hot stuff in school long time ago .unfortunately ,I wasn't even notice him .damn !I should have noticed him sebab I baru tahu that now dia lebih handsome !*wink* okay crap !I couldn't remember about the dream ,cuma tahu he was in my dream .ahaaaa a green light ,no ?:):)

lets talk something about him .as you know blog ,I was an art stream student .therefore ,I started not to like the sciences students sebab atrs students selalu left out .then a friend of mine ni macam gila habis dekat aMad ni (people called him aMad) but I wasn't interested to find out who the hell is this boy .so macam biarlah ,lantak kau .haha and one day during the assembly ,my friend was like "nuRin nuRin ,tu tu aMad !macho gileee kaaann" .after looking at the boy-yang-konon-hot time tu ,barulah macam respond "oh laa die ke" tapi otak tak fikir pun hot ke tak

lately ni lah sebok-2 aMad nak add kat facebook .tapi nama nak letak Emmet-something-something .konon hot lah tu ?(eh ,kenapa I dengki sangat ni ?HAHA) .we never had the chance to talk and I don't think he recognized me ,neither do I pun .haha .and last few weeks ,it was his birthday and as normal people would do is to wish the person's birthday right ?so did I :] and we started comment to each other .ohh respond rupenye mamat ni .oh kira okay lah sciences students ni sebenarnya ?suka hati I jek nak jump into conclusion this fast .so Imma throw away my assumption towards the sciences students :)
eh tapi certain sciences students memang sombong pun .sheeessshhh



Blogger Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

ye meh?? sciences student sombong ka??? what about BENL & LAW??? some ppl say they're sombong... keh2.. ntah lah, kalu nak kwn, kwn je... who cares, kan, nuns??

August 22, 2010 at 11:04 PM 

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