Saturday, September 26, 2009

full of shit.

"I benci budak sekolah agama. They are so narrow minded. "
Here's my comment to you brader :
"If thats so ,why the hell did you enter UIA in the first place ?!I can see your stupidity there .Mana tak aku mengamuk .Kutuk budak sekolah agama ,LAGI GATAL NAK MASUK UIA .Don't you realize what UIA stands for ?!Bangang ."
Please .Dont judge a book like its cover .
Thanks mom (:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Facebook membangang.

As you've already known that facebook sekarang tengah membangang gile

Damn .Dah 3rd day of raya
Friends still not here
Apa punya kawan entah

Reunion during hari raya ?
Waiting for the confirmation dari asri
Hopefully die willingly fetch aku kat rumah since he already tahu jalan to my house (;

Assignments and Presenstation
Tidak disentuh anything yet
Malas teramat
Gahhh ,,mati gua X-(

Gambar RAYA ((=

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Akibat rambut besar and tebal sangat
Headphone aku PATAH !
Brengset .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pissed Off.

When I was on the phone with Fazreena ,she kept on asking me about pictures of Nazarene's with his girlfriend
Girl ,it's not that I don't want to show you
It is because I'm jealous .hell yea .
Well well ,that doesn't mean that I like him okay
It's just that ....Wey c'mon lah !He's my friend .I mean ,he WAS my friend .Sape tak marah bilaaaa .......
Untuk just a blink of the eyes ,he's no longer my friend ,macam tu ?
Is it just because he already got a new gfriend hm ?!
Not fair lah like that !Are you throwing your other girlfriends away just because nak jaga hati the girl of your life ?!
Tak make sense okayyyy

Anyway ,I do blame him cause other than family ,friends are your priority even when you DO HAVE a boyfie/girlfriend kan ?!
I know there are limitations of everything
Some might say that you can love your friends but make sure it's from the same gender
Not making your lover think that you're cheating or whatever
BUT is your partner really that dumb to think that we're scandal or anything ?!:0

Sharing problems and stuffs with you was a nice time that I had
But what I've also found is that you have to move on from those people at certain times ,because that's the way it happens
A lot of people thought maybe I wouldn't make it .They thought I was finished ,didn't they ?
Nothing I can do about the past
But I'm hoping to prove them wrong now
It will be hard to be with someone who doesn't get what you do .Geez

Sorry if I might hurt you ,
I just want to make my friendship term with you not as painful as others who is now M.I.A
You were nice to me ,listen to my problems ,being a good listener to me with a lil bit of advices and stuff .That's the sweetest thang baybay .Thankyouuuu ;DDD
But what happened after we met up ?!Everything has changed !
You talked about like what ?a dozen of girls macam tu ?!and frankly speaking ,I was really pissed off that time
My girls know very well how pissed was I that time X-(

As a friend ,I would really need you practically everytime
The fact that you dont have my back ,makes it hard
Why is it that when it comes to me ,semua nak benci ?
Yeah .I know I'm such a boring person to talk to .Am I right ?!

Boy oh boy ,,please try to love me rather than hating me like you do now
I didnt answer your phone calls because I was in the class
I need to concerntrate .I need to be as genius as you ,remember ?!
So please do not try to balas dendam
Because I didnt do it on purpose .

Bye-Bye now
Selamat Hari Raya !=D

Berbuka Beramai-Ramai

Aira ,Sara ,Murni ,Faiz ,Myraa ,I forgot her name :P ,Fathin

Fahmi ,Ayman kot ? ,Lya ,Aiman

Persiaran Taman Melati is where I berbuka puasa yesterday
Those are my friends yang finally I got the chance to meet them in person (;
But I couldn't meet Ridh cause dia tak balik )=
Orang penting plak tu weyh !:P:P

Anyway ,,ini dia orang-2nya ..Syak ,Mira ,Aleen ,Fathin ,Lya ,Myraa ,Hanis ,Izzul ,Helmi ,Gee ,Ben ,Ben's sister ,Fathin's sister ,Murni ,this girl which I dont know her name ,Sara ,Aira ,Azizan ,Fikri ,Norfaiz ,Faiz ,Myraa's boyfie ,Ayman ,Angah ,Arshad ,and Arshad's gfriend

Eventho its a lil bit crowded and I sweat like a pig .lol
But I had fun .Seriously .They were super duper friendly and FUNNY too
The best thing is they joke around like every single sec okaaaayyyy (((=
I just couldn't stop laughing =DDDD

Thanks for everything you guys
Especially to Syakirah's mother yang masak nasik lemak yang sedap .hakhak
Hope to see you again [[;

Gotta bounce out .Nite .