Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parappapappa I'm lovin' you !!:))

Eh blog ,,

How are you ?haven't updated you for agesss kan .Eh ye ke ?hehe

Anyway ,this is my third day in Ampang and my last class for driving lessons .wheee :DD

I'm now at McD masjid jamek having my breakfast alone cause salah budget time .my class supposed to be started at 1pm but I gerak from Ampang at 10am .tooooooo farking early !now I gotta spend this bloody 3hours doing nothing .thank God McD ada free wi fi :DD

breakfast anyone ??:))

Okay .my jpj test is tomorrow .wish me luck people !I'm sooo need the license .okay .cuak :-/


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Complete Saturday

Eh blog ,,

My Saturday was not complete actually .I wasn't doing anything except for gardening !ehems righttt !!haha

so yeah ,,that's what I did when mak forced me to at least get away from my iPod for awhile .dengki kan !haha

I don't quite like it cause it's HOT !not to be sombong but seriously ,mana ada api sejuk kan ?:P

My arms hurt ,my legs hurt ,my head hurts ,all parts if the body hurts so badly !I was so farking dizzy when I finished bakar all the sampah but bapak ?guess what he's doing when I complained about my back hurts and everything .....

this is what he's been doing bila I start buka mulut and complained .ccchhhheeuuuhh -.-

Sleepy and tired .gotta go to sleep before it's subuh !hehe


Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am Not Popular

Eh blog ,,

Morning !I just woke up .lambat kan ?yeah la ,I slept at 5am last night .what do you expect ?hahaha

Just now I halo at all the facebookers and twitterheads but then nobody's replying .I guess I'm just not that popular .sigh -.-"

Oh btw ,I miss them .I miss the old times .I miss short semester .I miss friends :(((


He Just Lazy as Shit

Eh blog ,,

I'm farking sleepy but this twitter thingy really makes me addicted to it .no no now I won't looking for friends in Facebook but twitter instead :)

I didn't know that twitter is THIS fun !I'm soooo need to catch up with those peeps .haha sounds soo obsess with twitter kan ?haha

Wattahell ,,Imma go teman mak jogging tomorrow .shit ,I'm so gonna fall asleep while running nanti .HAHA

Psst ,,do follow me @ twitter okay !loves .


Friday, November 26, 2010

Do Me A Favor Will Ya ?

Is there anyone who use twitter ?Try to write something to me can ah ?!cause I actually don't really know how it works :-/

It's @NurinNajib ;)

Haha budus gila I !!!X______X

Thanks .loves

Relax ,don't stress over it .Just have fun !

Eh blog ,,

It's almost 3am .I'm sleepy but I don't wanna sleep cause I wanna spend more time with games ,musics and everything before the holidays end :(

Well yeah ,I just learned how to put lyrics in my iPod .that's my current obsession .haha :))

Then I downloaded all the old songs that people might say "ehh lagu tuu ,lame tak dengar !!!!" when they dengar to that particular song .haha

And I just realized that Taylor Swift yang nyanyi lagu teardrops on my guitar !what the F-hole !I hate that women but she sang my all time favorite song !a lil upset in here .HAHA

Gotta continue what I'm doing :D:D


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hey Handsome ,Marry Me Please ;)

eh blog ,,

last night I watched this movie .at first I thought of downloading it but then this stupid orbit didn't function ah last night .siukk !-.-" nak tak nak kena juga tengok online

I didn't bother about the poster ,I just clicked and waited for the movie to be loading .it was pretty good eyy .I can't believe there are people who want to make such movie .jalan cerita die macam ah takda motive but then it did give me lessons okay .macam you don't have to lie for things that you think would embarrassed you but it is actually not and just let the people know the truth about you ,be yourself ,that's better !or MAYBE ,on the opposite side ,it gave me lesson about ,you don't have to be bothered about others ,if you need to lie to somebody that you think it is necessary ,just DO IT !HAHA :P:P

then after a few minutes watching ,tiba-tiba keluar lah PENN BADGLEY !!SERIOUSLY ???PENN BADGLEY IN EASY A ?!wattaheck maan !Thank God I chose to watch Easy A !haha

he's HOT like always .in fact ,he looks waaaayyyy hotter and sexier than usual !haha
oh people ,I suggest you to watch this movie rather than watching Rozmey's movie ,pfft !it is such a waste of time ,and your money as well ,dumbass !HAHA
if you choose to watch this movie ,you're brilliant !:D:D:D

oh by the way ,,the way this girl acts ,really reminds me of Miley Cyrus .seriously !you gotta watch and observe .the way she talks and her voice .damn !but obviously Miley is more stiff !no offense ,I do like Miley but ,seriously ,she can't act !HAHA :P:P



updating again

Eh blog ,,

Mak just called .told ya !she's gonna call just to remind me to sidai the baju -.-

Mak :haa win dah sidai baju ?
Me :Dah .nape ?
Mak :tanye je .haa okay bye
Me :okay .mak ,jangan lupe beli makanan :P
Mak :masak nasi ,nanti balik mak beli lauk .haa okay bye
Me :nasi ?okay .nanti goreng ayam tau
Mak :tengok dulu la .jangan lupe masak nasi win .haa okay bye
Me :okay bye

What's with that 'haa okay bye' entah .yeah man .mak's like that !never want to talk in the phone a lil bit longer .Chhheeeuuhh -.-


I Slept for 9hours !Life is Good !;)

Eh blog ,,

How are ya man ?I just woke up and still rasa ngantuk gilaaa .haha

Someone's calling my house phone .I refused to answer cause I was sleeping .and I know it's gonna be my mak calling me to remind me to jemur the baju in the washing machine .and so I just did this morning .rajen kaaaaaannn !!;))

here's how it looks :)

I used this "O" instead of "W" because it's easier for me to put it back at the exact place when I'm done jemur-ing and angkat the baju

look ,,from here you see that my fact is trueee kan !:D

Now Imma watch cartoons


and Who are You Again ?

I was watching mtv world stage and was thinking samada puff daddy and p.diddy are the same person ?haha

Anyway ....…

Eh blog ,,

It's just so weird when people started to get closer with you just because you're using iPhone .what's up with that man ?that's farking annoying !

What's the purpose of doing that actually ?doesn't mean that the person will give you his/her iPhone kan ?!so just forget about it la .things won't change anything even if you own 10 iPhones pun !duhhh

I have this friend ,my ex-schoolmate to be exact ,who started to buzz me @ ym and comment my pictures and started to crack jokes and everything .what the hell man !you didn't even notice me when we were schoolmates kan ?stop pretending like you're my best friend la .boo you !!

Anyhow ,,it's just an iPhone je pun .bukan something that guarantees you to be in syurga or something .iPhone is nothing I tell you but obviously who owns in nampak macam kaya gilaaa kan .haha kolot !!HAHA

Not to be rude ,but who're ya again ?:-/


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Table for Two Please :)

Eh blog ,,

Bapak was not around for a few days .so last night I had dinner with Mak je .sunyiiiii :(( Mak didn't talk much eyy .I don't know maybe she's not comfortable with me ?haha

We had kentang oregano and chicken popcorn .I don't quite like my first dish which is kentang oregano cause there's too many veggiessss in it .mhmm yeah I'm not a big fan of veggies and it's obvious !that's why I'm the fattest in the family .hahaha

I miss bapak already :( we texted each otha just now cause we both are at home alone but he's in ampang and I'm in muar .I don't like to be left alone ,in case you don't know .hehe


Scary like Hell

Eh blog ,,

The clock is ticking
The heart is beating
The mind is thinking
Damn !


A Dumb Dumb Dumb

eh blog ,,

I'm thinking of changing the layout for my blog but err I actually don't know how on earth am I supposed to do it .I suck at this IT thingy man !X____X


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's nothing ,really

Eh blog ,,

I just realized that my close friends are gone one by one .i'm not saying that they've dead (na'uzubillah) or something .i'm talking about they having a boyfriend

Sounds like i'm jealous kan ?actually i'm not .seriously .i just ermm i don't know ...i feel so left out and lonely when i know that they already have their partners to share everything .feels like they don't need me anymore :'(

kesTen just changed her status from single to in a relationship .COOL gileeee kaaaan :))Congrats man !and goodluck !;)
I can't crack jokes or fooling around with her anymore .SOBS !

It's true man when your close friends are in a relationship ,there's always the tendency of being isolated .haha !!

Mesti macam oh ,family comes first ,boyfriend comes second and hell of a yeah friends come last .chhhhheeeuuuhhh -.-"

Okay psycho gile bunyi .bunyi macam orang anti perempuan ada boyfriend pun ade jugak .HAHA
As long as the friends tak lupa his/her old friends ,then it's fine by me .hihiks :">


four days three nights

Bapakkk went to KL for four days and three nights .oh i'm so gonna miss him !i'm at home alone doing nothing ;(

I'm worried of him going to kl all by himself but then he refused to take my offer to accompany him to kl .he said that it's a waste of money cause i'll be going to kl this sunday for my driving license .aww !!hehe

Now i'm farking bored .tv pun boring .apetah lagi facebook and twitter .demmm what am i supposed to do eyy ?:(


Monday, November 22, 2010

hey ,i'm sorry ,i'm not being rude ;it’s just that you don’t matter

Eh blog ,,

How're ya man ?it's a story about a mother and her daughter :)

Mom :win ,win kan suke buat kueh kan win
Dotter :nape ?
Mom :win nak buat kueh tak .mak ada tepung lebih .mak nak bersihkan fridge
Dotter :aaahh boleh la

Few minutes later after the daughter finished playing games ,she walked to the kitchen and saw that her mother already started to make the cookies

And so the daughter was a lil bit pissed off cause she thought she wants to do it all by herself

Dotter :mak kate nak soh org buat
Mom :win gentel tepung tu letak dalam loyang
Dotter :oh okay :D

The daughter felt so tired .she thought only one or two loyang but ended up they used four loyangs .demm .haha

One and a half hour later the cookies were ready to eat .Yayyyy !!:D:D

That's the story folks .moral of the story is nothing cause it's just a plain story about a mother and her daughter spending a quality time at hone or to be specific ,and the kitchen .that's such a wonderful time they had .Awww hahaha :P


You're something that someone would only meet in a nightmare

Eh blog ,,

Lately I was being so childish and hyper .ever since I have this iPod ,I can go online anywhere and whenever I want to as long as there's Internet connection :wi fi .Niceeeeee man ;)

And I did drop comments to some people that I think never wanted to hello me .they just add me up and that's it .what's the purpose of doing that entah ,tambah list kawan kot ?pfft !

Then I just realized that lately I love the word 'man' .what's with that 'man' man ?!seriously !at the end of my sentence I'll put 'man' .that sucks man !opppssyy ...again !hahaha

here's my man !he didn't win anything at the shout awards I guess .demm shout awards .I hate that awards for not giving him a chance to win at least one award .HMPFT !!!

Whatever man .today's sultan johor's birthday .happy birthday man !!!love you for giving us public holiday for today .HAHA


Sunday, November 21, 2010

today could never be tomorrow

I do nothing for today .anyway ,happy Sunday people !:))

Woke up in the morning thought that emak wanted to make nasi lemak but sigh it was nothing on the table except for makton's stew X_______X

Went online from morning till now .demm I'm so farking bored !-.-" sent haNi to bus stand ,she needs to go back to KL .haha you !:P

Oh I got to drink air kelapa !!!!Niceeeeee !!!I LOVE it like always :))

Bapakkk was so upset when he couldn't change his spectacles as his current spects look so TERRIBLE and he blamed the workers for everything .haha chill la bapak :P

I can't go online through the laptop cause bapak's pc need to be formatted at it's still with Midi .pity you bapak :P

Okay whatever it is ,I had lunch at 6pm .does that count as lunch ??Chhheeeuuhh T____T

even if the food stock is half of the table ,we still get hungry every minutes and every secs :PP



Eh blog ,,

hAni just bought iPhone 4 at mahkota parade melaka yesterday .cool isn't it ?:))

I still remember diNa bought her blackberry few days ago .it took her about an hour and a half to decide .so here's the same goes with hAni .sigh

Now someone have this bbm thingy and the other one have this face time thingy .GREAT !!!:D

But for me ,I only have my iPod touch .still ,,looooveee it so much !!:)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

is this working

Eh blog ,,

I'm still searching for blogspot application for my iPod and I still couldn't find it -.-"

Is this working ?HAHA


It's raya again :):)

eh blog ,,

how are ya eh ?I've been busy with bapak's stuff lately .I had to teman him to go to KL for a couple of weeks ,eh nope ,it's only for two days actually . exaggerate much !:P:P

I hope it's not too late to wish you people Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha raiteee !:):)

my family and I weren't celebrate the raya that proper .I mean we didn't wear baju kurung ,we didn't cook and everything but relatives DID visit us during hari raya .cool isn't it !but the coolest thing here is that they brought fooooooood for us !yeah that's the best thing among all :P:P

emak ,haNi and dIna cuti for only one day .so we rather stick together and gossiping than go to the mall and shopping !haha but seriously ,I missed those days when we had breakfast ,lunch ,dinner and even supper together and talked about people all over again !aahhh love love love !:')

I'm miss them so much :')

Selamat Hari Raya Haji again .loves .hugs .


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want to know the answer

Eh blog ,,

I can't upload any photos
Stupid la



Eh blog ,,

I happily commented on this guy named Farzwa Emir's status .he said he's going to promote his mixtape with Altimet tomorrow at MHI .and so I replied that when's the repeat cause I might still sleeping and yeah whatever he commented and I replied it back ....

And suddenly ......

I just noticed that he's a celebrity .people were like "Demi DJ Fuzz mesti kena tgk"
I was like "who the hell is DJ fuzz ,he must be someone who spin the piring hitam tu raaitee"

It was him .cetttt .next time before commenting others' status ,I must find out who that person is rite :-/


Monday, November 15, 2010

I suck at everything that has to do with technology

eh blog ,,

Haven't updated for agessss haaa ..damn I have good news !!I bought something that really satisfies me ...guess what ...??
Hehe update you later .taa


Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Dad is a Hero ,a Superhero

Eh blog ,,

That's bapak taking a nap in a bus after yearsss of driving to KL .at last !he can sit back and relax :)

Knowing that he's getting old every year really scares me to the max .yeah la .he's not strong enough to walk .he's not strong enough to drive .he's not strong enough to work .he's not strong enough to do house chores .he's a hot-tempered .sometimes he can't hear clearly .sayu hati !T_T

Anyway ,,he's 57 .hopefully he has the strength and guts in everything that he does with support of his family .we love you !i'll try to get my driving license a.s.a.p aite .so that you won't have to drive me anymore :D.hugs and kisses


Friday, November 12, 2010

Conversation between a Father and His Daughter

eh blog ,,

this is what happened when you talk to the elderly people about phones ....

Bapak :sakit dah tangan bapak ni asyik main Bejeweled je

Nuns :nanti pak ,bile beli iPhone nanti boleh main Bejeweled sambil baring pun :)

Bapak :alah ,nak buat ape .buat habis battery je !

Nuns :tapi kat iPhone lagi canggih

Bapak :phone untuk phone lah .main game kat computer boleh

cheeuuhhh ..I thought he wanted to encourage me to buy iPhone so that I can play games whenever I want .or maybe ,I encouraged him to buy iPhone ,it's easier for him to play his favorite games .rupanya tak .darn !memang takda chance lah for me to get an iPhone kan ?SOBS !:P:P


I had a Bad Day

eh blog ,,

I'm soooo pissed off right now !!!

stupid laa !why is everyone didn't want to reply my message nor answer my calls .I feel so stupid and soo fucking left out !this is the problem when the holidays have started ,everyone will pretend not to hear the phone .they're too lazy to respond to me that they meet throughout the semester though .yeah ,that's good !that's the best way to avoid me kan .shialan !later when you text me or even call me ,I'll straight away push the button "NO !" means "get away from me you A-hole !"

whateverrr loser !


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jum keluar ?:)

eh blog ,,

final is FINALLY over !!!

yippieeee yeehooo yayyyhaayy weehoo !:D:D:D:D

ni muka macam lets rock and roll baby !!jyeaaahhh ;)

haa ni rupa when result's around the corner .cheeuuhhh seraaaam !:-S

Okay mengada gila nak letak gambar sendiri .tapi macam lebih menarik bila ada gambar sendiri kan ?HAHA

anyway ,,tomorrow I'm going to teman bapak to KL .so I terpaksa macam tipu dia kata I nak jumpa member apa semua .padahal I nak teman bapak cause I'm afraid if he does not know the way to diNa's and hAni's house .so yeaahh ,,sesiapa ada kat KL esuk .do roger me okay !:)

actually I wanted to ask syaK if she wants to lepak with me tapi err Imma lil bit shy .hihiks :"> yeahh laa ,I'm afraid jugak if she refuses to go out with me kan .well ,orang busy and famous kan !:P:P


Monday, November 8, 2010

C'mon Fiqh ,You Better be Nice to Me

eh blog ,,

tomorrow is going to be my happiest day ,hopefully !haha Introduction to Fiqh is my LAST paper and it starts at 9am and ends at 11am .best gila kaaan ?I get to go back right after the exam .woot woot !:D:D:D

I'm so gonna miss this semester cause there are lotsa thangs had happened and sometimes it just freaked me out and I felt like killing all the people here .haha !

I looooveeee holiday !!!I get the chance to sit back and relax .I get to watch tv .I get to cook .I get to sleep .I get to go online 24/7 .I get to shop .I get to watch movie .I get to scream my lungs out and have fun .I get to do anything that keeps everything unimportant outta my mind .weehoo !!I love it I love it I loooveee it !!!:)

Err the problem is ,who wants to go out with me during the hols ?:-/


Take Me Home Tonight

Hello .
I'm bored .
I don't wanna study .
I wanna go home .
I wanna take a deep rest .
I wanna sleep .
I wanna play games .
I wanna go shopping .

I don't wanna hurt my brain
My brain needs rest .
Hehe :P


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ronda Ronda Kuala Lumpur

Eh blog ,,

last weekend I went to Ampang Park and Pavilion with the family .I didn't manage to go to Sogo cause I got exam at 9am .the exam finished at 11 and I straight away went to Ampang Park to meet the family .we had a gooooooood time in Ampang Park but was not a good time for us spending time in Pavilion .

too many WEIRD people in Pavilion makes us wanted to puke !I mean not my family lah ,but it's me who wanted to puke because of the crowd !Pavilion was too crowded with people yang perasan dari Tokyo ke Jepun ke Korea ke mana-mana lah .please !padahal kat malaysia je okay !dengan lelaki yang pakai heels apa semua .that's so euwy okay !!-.-"

err it's the sign of old age isn't it ?DARN !haha
anyway ,let the photos do the talking aite :)

Mak and Bapak were so tired after having to change from LRT to monorail and all .hehe

have you ever went to Cozy Corner at Ampang Park ?the food is so delicious I tell you .so I'm suggesting you guys to have lunch at Cozy Corner okay !and the TomYam is so yummylicious but I didn't order TomYam that day cause I was craving for fried rice .hehe and yeaah ,the portion was like so banyak ,it's like for 2 person punya makanan .

psst ,,I didn't put picture of Mak and Bapak cause Mak didn't smile in the picture .so macam dull sikit nnt :P:P

I gotta study for my last paper .need to score for this semester or I'll be dead !HAHA see yaa !!xx


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blackberry baby

Eh blog ,,

diNa has just bought a brand new Blackberry Curve .nice eh !!jealous me eyy :P:P she never wants to take off her hands outta the phone .24/7 with the phone .geez ,that's funny eyy !am I gonna be just like her when I buy a new phone nanti eh ?HAHA

Here's how she looks when she's so addicted with her new BB .heh heh

hAni was supposed to buy iPhone4 when we went to Pavilion just now but unfortunately ,iPhone4's sold out already .pretty sad huh !but ended up diNa was the one who buy the phone .

we were pretty upset when we knew that iPhone4 has already sold out .orang KL ni somehow sangat weird kaaaan .banyak banyak maxis cetre ,semua pun soldout !CETT !!

that's all from me folks .Imma go study for the last paper on Tuesday .gdnite !:):)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Just Go to Thleep :)

hey blog baby ,,

it's 3.03 A.M and I'm still awake sebab I'm studying !impressive raaaaiittee ?ehems ;)I never thought of staying up this late to study but for the reason that there's soooo many things yet to revised ,feel like crying siudss !I'm soooo in a huge trouble !

I've just finished studying for 5topics .I have another 4topics to be revised but I think Imma skip 7topics cause I don't think it's important .plus ,I don't have enough time to cover all the topics cause if you total up ,it's gonna be about 16topics macam tu .UGH tak sempat !serious ...X___X

haha gilaaa lah .tak reti manage time langsung .boo me !:P


Hey Ho Jai Ho

miA amaNi 5month old .geraaam gila kan !!!RAWRR !!;)

Eh blog ,,

I've been reading miA's mommy's blog ever since she was in her mommy's tummy .and now she is prolly 9months cmtu kot .the second cutest baby I've ever seen .yum yum !:D:D:D

Ish I'm so stressed out when I didn't get any hints for PPA .takan nak baca all .it's impossible .Ya Allah ,harap-harap lah sempat go through all the topics :-/

Btw ,picture via miA's mommy's blog which I couldn't remember the url =P

Happy Deepavali all my Indian friends and happy hols dear people !!=D


Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's Hair

eh blog ,,

if I ever had Rapunzel's Hair ,I'd be the first one to shout my lungs out and saying "JYEAAAHH !!MY HAIR IS FINALLY GROW LONGER !!" .hell yeah I'd be the happiest creature in this world as the fact that my hair would never grow any longer cause if it did ,it'd be an afro !ugh .I always wanted my hair to grow normal .hehe

and oh ,what would you do if you had 70 feet of magical golden hair ?for me ,I'd surely make my hair as a cowboy rope !isn't that interesting ?you can simply grab anything that you want that you cannot reach from your place .and the MOST important and interesting thing is that ,I want my hair to be a cowboy rope cause it's easier for me to grab any guys that I found interesting .RAWRRR !!it's like whenever I mingle around in KLCC or somewhere else ,and I found any hot guys ,I'd use my 70 feet of magical golden hair to straight away grab him and say "hey lets go out with me and have some fuuuunn !" hehe .so that's it .yeah ,that's what I'd do when I had 70 feet of magical golden hair :)

this is how my hair looks like :]

anyway ,,I found this contest at Nuffnang's blog .pretty cool eyy .you know I like to read blogs right .suddenly I found this contest about Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.ahaaaa I'm so eager to join without putting any high expectation because I know there already millions of Nuffnangers had joined this contest aite .so I guess this is just for fun and IF I'm lucky to be the winner ,that's fantastic !:D:D:D


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

crapyyy crap

eh blog ,,

lelaki tade bulu kaki is weird kaaan ?I saw this hot guy wearing shorts .ya'know that guys with shorts always attract my attention raite :).I'll go gaga whenever I see one .HAHA

but here's the case where this hot guy wore shorts but with no bulu kaki ?that's so euwy !you're not a girl aren't ya ?so I was like "cheeuuhh sokay ,I'm not interested in this one :P" hmpft !turn off terus !haha

anyhow ,bulu kaki isn't something that's dirty .it's something natural .it's something that makes guys look soooo sexaaay and tantalizing ?HAHA crap !:P


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tell Me Everything about It

It's been a week I slept with the lights on .and now I can see the wrinkles everywhere especially my hand .shessshhh .I dowanna look old when I'm actually a lil kid .hihiks :P

anyway -- eh blog ,,

Arabic level four was extremely hard man !I'm so farking dead .now it's for real !I hate it when I targeted to score in this paper and suddenly the paper turned out to be a hell of difficult !shiaaat laa !I thought the essay would be any topic from the book .I mean like ,I've prepared for "hiwayati" and "hayatuka al-jami'ah" and suddenly ceuuhh ....essay "ukhuwah fil Islam" pulak .dayyyumm .I didn't even have the idea to write it in English or Malay .it's like I got nothing in my mind O____O

lagi tension when my friends already prepared for the essay and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT !!!how'd you feel eh ?feel like killing them or feel like killing/stabbing yourself ?nahh ,I felt like I've been back-stabbed pun ada .heh ,I dowanna talk about this .I also dowanna blame anyone .benda dah berlaku kan ,nak marah apa guna ,bukan boleh turn back time pun .X_____X

Imma go back to Ampang tomorrow .hell of the yeaaaaahhh !I love it when I'm with the family ,frankly speaking they sometimes do annoy me but I love them more than I love my friends cause sometimes I feel like I was not appreciated by them .when it comes to family ,there'll never be a concept of "family comes and go" .there's only the concept of "friends come and go" that exist raaaaaaiiitteee ?nyeehhh :)

whatever it is .I'm so depressed .I was sooooo disappointed with what has happened today !!but hmm serves me right la cause I didn't prepare well for the exam .nyehh ,whateverrrr !


Monday, November 1, 2010

At This Age ,My Hair should have Grown More

eh blog ,,

read the title and you'll know how terrify I am for not having a long hair for such a looooong time .rambut tak panjang ke bawah but instead it grows horizontally .sobs !T____T

anyway ,,I am now struggling for Arabic paper .I can't target or aim what will be out for tomorrow cause it's just TOO MANY to memorize .ugh !I suck at memorizing stuff .I'm so dead !X___X

above all ,I am soooo relief that 3papers' done and 3 more to go !whippie !!:D:D:D
wish me luck ladladladiiieeesssss !!!;)