Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well halo again blog hehe ,,

I met ustaz on the way back to mahallah just now and he asked about the paper .heh

Me: ugh ustaz !it's very tough !!
Him: what's so tough .everything I've taught you in class
Me: yeah but the essay about Ramadhan you didn't teach us right
Him: it's about your daily routine during Ramadhan .how'd you not know about that
Me: but it's hard to translate in arabic .our essay might sound funny to you ,haha
Him: nevermind ,essay only 10marx .how's the rest ?
Me: the paragraph isn't that hard but the question is too many
Him: what is it all about ?
Me: hmm .al-ukhuwah
Him: ukhuwah !easy !we've done in class
Me: yeah ..hmm okay ustaz
Him: okay .assalamualaikum
Me: wassalam

And now I'm at ampang park waiting for the sisters to come .lambat betuuul !!
Dear couples ,I'm not in a good mood .please behave .it's Ramadhan and you SHOULDN'T do that in front of the people especially ME !back off man !



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