Sunday, July 26, 2009


"rambut kau macam zaiton sameon la"
Grr !:@:@:@

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2nd day puasa !=DD

This is my sahur !
That biscuit is tasteless !)=

Was it my fault or people just wanted to make fun of me ?!
I dnt know how to treat people well and kindly ,frankly speaking
All bad words will come out frm my mouth
I cant be somebody else
It's just me !

I dnt knw why i easily get irritated by ppl around me
I'm easy to hate ppl
Why am i like this ?shit !
Now they're avoiding me cause they thot that i hate them
I DID NOT !me myself dnt even knw why i did such thangs to u
Eventho u didnt do any wrongs

I'm sorry if i hurt you
I'm sorry if i avoiding u all these while
I'm sorry i COULDN'T be such a great friend to u
I'm sorry i gave you lotsa troubles

Minta maaf kepada yang berkaitan ((=

Hypocrites ,backstabbers ,i KNOW who and where you are !
Don't think i dnt realize what u did to me ah !
I'm always aware and alert with ur behavior
I knw u make fun of me selama ini but one day i hope u will realize how important friends are to u and pls do appreciate your friends OKAY ?!

Malam .

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Dear nazarene and fizie ,if u guys are asking me to accompany u to go anywhere ,JANGAN HARAP i nak pegy !
Hmph !!revenge is still revenge !
Heh heh

And oh btw ,i'm annoyed with those couples who went to klcc this morning !
Bodoh !i didn't seduce not even pandang ur boyfie okay !
PERASAN !he smiled at me and i smiled back
It wasn't my fault .i was trying to be nice .
Kau jaga ah boyfie kau baek-2 .aku pun TAK HINGIN OKAY ?!Blergh

And and i lunch di food court klcc alone .gla babi punya ramai org
I was wanting to eat laksa so i searched for a seat and went to that kedai laksa shack
That guy asked 'ye kak ,nak laksa ape ?'
Wth ??!? KAK ?? Amaigadd ,turn off gle !
'erm spore ada ?'
'oh kterang x jual spore .laksa spore ada lah'
Ha ha yea .funny !
Malas nk smbung cte jantan bodoh panggel akak .mmg tak lah aku nk bg phone number !gah ..hahahahaha

Esuk nk ganti puasa .oh so malas !)=

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here you go !

Its ain and keng ,people B-)

I had a rough day .i'm tired .my leg hurts so bad .i'm totally broke .can somebody bank in aku sikit duet ?i need to buy toiletries .huhu =P

Well ,as usual ,i'm all alone in this sunyi room
Gahh ,buring gle !

Get updated abt me ppl !
Here ,i'm taking 4 major subjects ,1 irk subject and leadership n management
Its "comparative politics ,public administration ,research methodology and political thought 1"
Plus critical thinking

When you talk to me pls selit a few things about politics because i have zero knowledge abt politics as you can see =S

Ever since fye's not here ,i feel so lonely
But thank god i still have wani ,cik nab ,keng ,ain n nana =DDD
They visit me evryday but today nobody wants to come n visit me .shesh )=

Laughing was the last thg i felt like doing now as i reread the words i'd already memorized
So i'd better off to bed

Malam !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Argh !!!!

Hello political science !
Goodbye oh communication !

Dear blog ,i'm majoring in political science now

They gave me a chance ,i should've taken the chance seriously but i blew it myself ,not them
Well ,thts all i could archieve i guess

An apology to mak ,bapak and nur !
I couldn't do better

It hurts REAL bad when you can't fulfill what your family is hoping for and what you're aiming for ever since you enter cfs
Sokay la brah !
I redha with apa yang ditakdirkan eventho i'm disappointed with it

If people asking about ur daughter ,sister or cousin ,tell them i'm no more comm stdnt seperti yg diwishkan

Sorry for disappointing you guys
Darn !kecewa !

Monday, July 13, 2009


It's the beginning of new semester !i feel fresh and eager to meet my friends especially for the new intake whom i didnt get the chance to meet for about a year =DDD

There are lotsa or should i say millions of thangs hv changed and i dnt even knw about it )=
For example ,keng and ain dh convert to edu .they are taking tesl .where me, maseh belum declare my major course .shesh

Met myra at first but didnt manage to talk much with her
Manage to hug and talk and walk with MYA-KU-RINDU =DDD

Then my family and i were hving lunch at kelha food .thnx bpk .went to jusco to find my tamus air but couldnt find it .hish X-(

I asked bpk to send me to uia as early as possible .i wanted to meet ILYAS and i managed to hold him but believe it or not ,he CRIED when i dokong him .hmph ilyas ilyas .
Tasnim sebilik with k.linda .should i give her a big applause ?!hahaha

Just to make myself busy and not homesick ,teman anis&&timah hving dinner at cafe

At night i started to feel nervous and homesick )=
I couldnt check my add-drop thingy bcoz they want me to declare my major first .how sad could that be ?the biggest fear is not able to major in mass comm .I FEEL LIKE CRYING ='(

I am sleepy .i'm off to bed people .night .hugs