Friday, October 31, 2008

end of october

end of october ?
haihh ,,cepat sungguh mase berlalu
baru ku habes exam bm lanjutan just now
it started at 3 till 4.30pm
fuck !mmg not enuff time meh !:(
i didn't answer 3 ke 4 ques
mmg mcm shial kan ?

at first pikir mcm "wahh ,,aku pasti blh jawab ..cekgu dh bagi spot soalan tuk whole questions :D"
hambek kau nurin !sumpah susah gila babi kan
maw tenganga before jawab tu .heh

i saw dahlia and i wished her gdluck !
she nampak taller than me ?
that's weird !
ohh rupanya die pakai wedges .hehe ;p
mane aci kan kalau die tinggi lagi dr aku

then munah called
she thought of taking me out for lunch
ohh well ,aku punya exam pulak !
chait !

tomorrow bapakkk ,makkk ,dina and hani datang kl
bapak asked me to tido ampang saturday nite
ohh myyyy ,,bukan ku tamaw
tapi i'm so lazy to bawak my lappy here and there
penat ohhh =S
i balum decide yet
adoiii ..rase guilty maaa =S

whippie !!!me and ma friends are gonna order domino's pizza !!!:DDDDDDDDD
i'm frigging hungraaaayyy weyhhh !!!
can't wait for tonite !:))

2 papers to go ?*ehemmm*;)

"eh kite raye last arini kan ?"
"eh ye ke ?"
"kite raye 1st october kan ?"
"mcm kenal lah budak ni"
WTF !!!kau x kenal aku ?!
bodo punya pompuan

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

exam fever weyyy

hola blog
i've just finished one paper which is rasok
oh thank God !
but i did not do well because i was confused with the questions
there were 4 questions and we only have to answer 3
but gila menyampah because question one is compulsory
mmg siud ahh kan
and aku pun terconfused ques 1 and 3
but i answered number 1 ,2 and 4
and i dnt know why aku jawab ayatullah tu kan
padahal aku x phm langsung pun
miahahaha ,lantak ahh
janji abes sudah 1 paper !whippie !!:DD

4 papers to go
adoihhh gila lambat nak abes kan =S
can't wait to abes finals because me and fye are planning to go to genting and sunway lagoon
nana and mal jek yg nak ikot rase ku ah kan

oh haloo people ,mari join us maa :D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

open house babyyy

believe it or not world ,i went to AYIN's open house weyyy !!!:D
actually i was not invited pun
this friend of mine yang bangek sangat so called iefa lahh ajak aku
sial gile kannn ,,malu aku mek !=S

went to kelana jaya station around 12pm
from gumbakkk weyy ,can u imagine ?hujung ke hujung mmg letih ah kan
nak muntah aku

then reached there after zohor and naza(iefa's friend) fetched us and straight away ke rumah ayin
i tot he's staying near to wak fuad's house
thank god tak dekat .his house is at subang jaya .ss19 something like that ;p

first met was Faza and a boy ,i forgot his name .haha
then came Aizat and Afnan .ohhmyy ohhmyy Aizat tu sumpah cumel nak mamposs lah kan !!!
pakai braces lagi ,which i loike it so fucking darn much !haha
and this fucking gedik Faza kept on pegang-pegang-ing si Aizat tu
and ayin said :"ohh faza kalau dh ade aizat ,tak igt org lain"
and faza was like :"eh mestilah ,jumpa setahun sekali wey .rockstarrr laahh kate kan"
pfft !!!!menyampahh akuuu !!x abes2 ngan rockstarrr die tu kan
later i wanna carik aizat's myspace or friendster ahhh .whippie !!!:DDDDDD

then his uia mates came
nas , arip ,kamal ,nadz ,don and eizaas
sume pun aku x kenal except for eizaas and nadz
oh btw , i just loved the way nadz and aizat cakap !
frigging cute and gile relaxx <33333

and we girls balik around 5pm
gila babi punya lame kan
aku pun naek boring coz takde org nak borak
sume aku x knal
gamba pun ambek sikit because i was not in the mood .
heh ,RUGI BESAR lah kan !!!!X-(

and balik teman fye and nad ke hs cafe to makan
and aku tibe2 gy bli mee goreng mamak gak padehal x lapar
bongok gile .bazir jek

and malam lepak with nad ,fye and machaaa
picnic lagik tu :)))
i had fun and so did mereka :DDD

we talked to fiza about what we felt before kat die
slow talk ,brain wash wtv lahhh
but i dowana talk here

i gtg .mcD dah smpai !!!
wheeehooo !!!:DDDD

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i wonder what people gonna say if they found out the truth about me and my past kan ?

world ,i think my phone rosak sudah lah .why don't ya people try to miscal me or text me or maybe call aku teros ?wanna check whether it's functioning or not .hehe ;p

ohh and fatin ,why didnt you call me back last night ?
and are you avoiding me or something because i wonder why you didnt reply my msg mahupun phone calls .that makes me feel sad and curious :S
what happen mahn ?!tell me like a.s.a.p lah woi !X-(

i love youuu guys .hugs .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's all about FYE

Fatin ,teman aku lunch esuk maw kah ?
Boleh, ajak FYE skali ah

aku on jek kalau tanak balik uia
aku pun tp FYE tade x best lah

Hendra kate ajak ardi sbb esuk die keje
Aku rase die malu ngan kite lah sbb LIN tade

Jum lepak starbucks ?
Nape? FYE tade ke?

Bapak nak dtg sini ke ?
A'a tp yin kene balik uia awal coz FYE nnt tunggu kan?

aku nak gy sini jap ,nak teman x ?
ala tp FYE tade lahhh

ehhh hye FYE !
errrr hye nurin :S

FYE! lame tak nampak you kan
rindu lah kat you
mane pegi?

ehh nurin ,FYE tak dgn kau ke ?
hmm tade ,die balik ampang ,aphal ?
tade lah, igt nak ajak lepak skali

haaaaaaa kau nak ape?!
hey knape jerit2 ni, ni bukan nurin lah, ni FYE
ohh hey FYE, sorry sorry (gila naz ckp sorry plak kan?!O_o)

meh LIN i bawakkan bag you

OH MY GOD !*speechless*
SEMUA pun FYE hmmmm :S
NOW this is what fye means
she means A LOT to the world
okay fye ,ur not mine nmore *sedih*
huhu :(
and people are searching for FYE only
as if i'm fye ,are they gonna look for me like she DOES sekarang ?:((((((((

skang kawan-kawan aku pun carik fye
babi punya kawan lupa aku sbb fye !
hahahah ;p

p/s: kau famous gilaaaaa shial fye !
hotstuff ahh skang !
jangan lupe diri yo !
and paling important ,jangan lupe AKU !
or mission kite tu tercapai kat kau jek kot :S
i love you fye :-*

Saturday, October 18, 2008


oi org sebelah ,kau SENYAP boleh tak hm ?!X-(

Saturday, October 11, 2008


"bodoh lah die tu ,die tak pikir ke how would i feel bile die cakap macam tu ?"

oh God ,what about YOU ?!dntcha think that i'm so pissed off dengan you everytime i meet your new friends ?!
tak pikir how would I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel hm nigga ?!X-(

its not that i dnt respect you and ur friends or whatever
it's YOUR friends who dnt wanna be my friend and dnt treat me well !
i felt dumb when i'm with ur friends ,really :((

what about u ?
why not AT LEAST you pulak lepak with MY friends ?!
i'll appreciate that and i knw they will treat u right hm ?!:D

anyway ,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH no matter how ur friends are .KAMU roxx !((=

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


happy raya ppl !
i only have one week to enjoy my raya .awwwwww its unfair yo because we can't even feel it with just one week cuti :((
i need at least 2weeks like USIM students .

this raya i got rm305 and i think it is more than enough because i didnt expect these much aku dapat :DD

and friends(bam ,mirot ,pa'in ,deen ,faiq and unexpected asri!) came on saturday ,beraya .whippie !i am lovin it !:D:D:D:D

THANKS very much you guys !

and we(me ,dina and hani) went back to hostel with munah and nur on sunday at 7am then we went to klcc and the mall to buy shoes seronok jua !:)
then reached hostel around 5pm and kemas katil ,pasang bed sheet sume then played computer games :D
at night nangis terus aku ini kerna HOMESICK gila babi :"(

the next day went to classes as usually rasok at 8am till 9am and then went to itd go online yo almost 10am ,
fiza called and said there was no class for psyche which is YAYY la kan ?:D

me and fazreena straight away went to jusco for shopping !!!:))

sorry munah ,i had to tipu you because i'm not in the mood to go to kl
penat aku ani oh !:S
at night faizze texted me ,only God knows how much i miss him wey :")
unfortunately ,he disappointed me which i dont wanna write it here ,thank you ^_^

today nothing's happen makan nasik berayani yang ku idamkannnnnn .heeeeee .GUMBIRA yo :'D
and dapat result prophetic :(

i need to study for caommunication punya second mid-term oh myyyy this lazy girl of me is fucking malas to study weyyyyy hopefully ,shurfa sits in front of me as she did during the 1st mid-term heh heh ;P
and i'm gonna take a deep rest after this maybe because i'm very tired
this rum8 of mine annoys me so much aku benci so ,aku perlu tidur hehe :)

and ohhhh azlin syahida ,
i would like to wish you happy belated birthday !!!(1st oct)
i did text you but i still wanna stated it here :D:D:D
i miss you lady !
but i dnt think ur missing me like i do ?:S
all the best for what ur reaching for okay ?
i'll always support you .ecehhh ;P
take care darling !
iloveyouuuuu <33