Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pissed off

I'm just so pissed off with my bm lecturer .She gave me C+ for finals and it's stressing me out .Gile ah kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn .Now I miss Harun Hashim :(

And oh ,,working people memang tido awal kah ?Like my mom ,Dina and my new friend Zhaf ?Everytime I text him like around 11pm cmtu ,he must be asleep during that time and he'll reply the next morning .And Dina ,she'll like "akak nak tido .bye" .When it comes to mak ,if i'm watching tv with her ,for the next 20mins mesti dah tido .that's funny .It scares me to be the grownups .HAHA ;pp

And blog ,my results suck !I think I need to take my short semester but still figuring it out =S
Should I take shortsem or should I not ?haihhh ,,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gdbye Friend

Mya has gone to UK .Dammit !I thought shes off to UK tomorrow bah .Just now she sent me text message saying that shes off to UK and i received it around 11pm but then i read it at 1.30am .SHIT !i think she didnt manage to read my text msg .aww sob-sob :(

I'm missing my friends lah .Well ,Fye sent me text message saying that she missed me .Cool aint it ?We havent talked like before for about 1month cmtu and i thought shes not gonna miss me .hihi *blushing*

And I miss Fye ,Nad ,Macha ,Mya and Fizah already :(
I miss those moments when we played ghostbuster and we conteng-2 our muka
Lepak di court juga ku rindu !!
I miss it when I pleased them to ambek aku di bilik for lunch/dinner .heheh ;)
And now i have to wait for 3mnths for those moments and we're not gonna have any classes yang same for next sem kan ?Sedihnyaaaaa !:'(

Well well ,I started to miss my roomies ever since they went back to their hometown
The first to go back was syira .then sofia .Next day was ira
Few days after was ME ,Tasnim and Atika
I'm not sure about kak linda .I didnt even say goodbye kat die .hehe .sorry ;p

April 18th was the last nite we spent together .Next sem we're not gonna be in the same room anymore .Jyeahhh !haha ;pp
on the 17th ,we ordered domino's pizza and Yasmin spoilt everythang !i've told her no need to have dinner at mahallah cafe .we're gonna order pizza lah wehh !
See !tak dengar kate .rase nak pukul jek !heh !
Me and Atikah waited for them for about AN HOUR wehh !Gila lapar !
Anyhow ,i dont mind pun (: just enjoy the food lah kan :D:D

When i reached home ,man sgtlah lonely kan !
Cume ade mak ,bapak and me jek .I sleep at 5am and wake up around 2/3pm the next day tu .Haha .Itssa habit lah when i'm at home .sorry bapak for not teman-ing you gardening ;p

My hair suck !Everyday is a bad hair day for me !Benci btol !!!!!!!!!!X-(

Goodnite ,,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shes turned 20 !

Happy 20th Birthday Wan Nur Fatin Farahin !
Sumpah lah kau tua gila !bwahahha ;pp
Gudluck in what ever you do
Take Care Always
I miss you sugar (:

Love youuu !:-*

**Tiada present kerna i'm broke and thank God we're having sem break !phew ;p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adios Amigos !

This is what happen when we are going back same time dengan people who have exams

No hugs and kisses
Just a fine goodbye

And i wonder why my parents still not here yet ?
Hisyk ,last night kate nak ambek around nine mcm tu
Hmph janji malayu !;pp

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lame me

I cant really keep a promise

This is what happen when you think too much ,eat too much and talk too much
It's just too hard to handle

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday Daniel !

May all your wishes will come true

All the best in whatever you do

It's nice if we can celebrate your birthday but the fact that we're living in different daerah and your so far away from us

Miahahaha sorry bahh ;pp

Anyhow ,finals coming up ! everybody study like yeahhhh i think i need to be like them too .hahaha HOPE SO

all i'm doing rite here is updating my blog .Apetah Nurin ni kan .Hisykk ,,no pressure please !(:

I thought of going back to Ampang but I hate the fact that I need to take bus and lrt and then i have to walk lagi .Adoi sumpah letih .Plus ,i'm not gonna study while in Ampang .I might go online or something else .hehe

On the 4th I have 2papers dalam satu hari .Bm and History .Both are the boring-est subject and all I need to do is study but i dont have the mood to study .My head stucks with some other thangs .

Hehey ,ya'know what ?Tasnim said Ilyas is coming back to Kelantan .eh ke dah balik dah ?hehehe .how i wish i could fly over to Kelantan just to meet Ilyas kan ?Hadoihh kamu cumil amat weyh !(;

And yeah Mya said marissa and Amily are coming back around October .Amily ,i'll be in Tmn Tun just to meet you in October .Siap lah korg !heh heh ((=

Okay okay .I'm done with blogging .I think I need to study to score for this semester to cover all the mistakes that i've done last semester .hehe .Goodbye People .See you again on the 14th which is my last paper .wish me luck and all the best ,you guys !:D:D