Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sorry No Cure.

What I've been saying for the past few days.
Whenever people apologize, I'd go like "sorry no cure la!"

I've been thinking.
For things I've done.
2008. The best year of my life.
Tahun tahun lain pun best.
Jangan salah faham.
Tapi yang ni.
Haihhhh. Mix feelings.

We laughed.
We shared.
We blushed.
We cared.
We talked.
We discussed.
We never fight.
I can't believe we never fight!
I guess that makes me still keep thinking of that year.

2008. Still.
We faught.
For the first time in forever!
I can't believe we bertekak!
I made you cry.
It was me.
But I stayed strong and macho.
I didn't cry.

Now that you're  happy.
I'm happy.
I'm happy to see you're happy.
I've been jinxed.
I made you cry once.
Now it's my turn to cry.
More than once.
Guess that's the balasan from Allah.

I'm so sorry.
But please.
Stop seeing me in my dreams.
I need to move on.
Just like you.
It's just so...

It's so frustrating.
To get to see you in mimpi.
Not in real life.
That hurts.
It really hurts.

I believe that's how you feel.
When I made you cry.
When I hurt you.
When you never wanted to listen to my explanation.
When you never want to see me again.

I stalked you once.
Then I feel like a loser.
Till you private your page.

I just hope,
You will never ever ever ever ever appear in my dream anymore.
Pretty please.
Cause I feel you now.
I'm just...

I'm sorry.


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