Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Hanging Ending of A's Not-So-Love Story.

A will never get the answers. Forever. Never ever. 
A's love story will stop here.
At least for A's peacefulness and happiness.
Because A's love is just from one side.
C will never like A just the way A does.
It's just a dream that will never come true, for A.

All A's gotta need is to pray to Allah that C will come back to A's life.
For at least once, to answer all those unanswerable questions.
A understands. But it really hurts right now for A.
A tells the whole world to pray that A's jodoh is C.

Or maybe it's just a perasan moment for A?
Guess, don't hate people too much cause you'll end up loving him that hurts you soooo much!

The End.

Days. Weeks. Months. Later.

A started to be an aunt in an institution. A's life surrounded with kids. And A's not getting any younger even when A's working with kids. A's enjoying A's working life.

A started to think of C. 
That's bloody weird.

Since Y is so far away from A. A started to make new friends at work. A is now close with F. But not that A's gotta tell F everything like A's special friendship with Y. 

One day, A accidentally told F about C's story. EVERYTHING about C. Maybe A started to feel that A should express A's feeling? Or maybe A started to realize that A is actually have a little hati at C? That's what A could never figure it out till now.

B had a little something to tell about C. B always has something to tell about that baldy. Dang. Now A got a little too excited. All these while A doesn't even want to hear about C's name. But now it's different. It's all different now. A even was hoping to hear something about C. Anything. Everyday. A little something can make A smiles. 😊

So B said, "A. The other day C was asking about you!" MY GODDDDDD!!! A's heart beats fast. Really really fast! ☺ But A pretended that A didn't really care. "Really? What did C ask about?" "C asked where are you working now? And C said she really wanna stay being an aunt there? That's good. That's good for her at least." "Oh. What's C doing now?" "C's teaching in one of the international schools here." "Oh that's great." The conversation stopped just like that. Why?

Because A was embarrassed that A's just an aunt in an institution! That's something that people will look down at. Plus, is that all that C's asking about A?

In A's mind, 
"If B is serious to match-make me with C, why the hell didn't B give my number to C????!!!"
"If B is serious to match-make me with C, why the hell didn't B tell good things about me to C!!"
"And why C still didn't give any hints that C likes me or at least tell me that C doesn't even have the feelings towards me?"

Don't make A wait for those answers, C.
Just don't.
Torturing A's heart & feelings. 😲🔫

To be continued....

Feelings. They Fade Away.

Since then, A didn't have any feeling to hear about C. A would rather not to meet B cause A knew B didn't have anything else to tell except about C. So A did A's thing until A graduated. A didn't even ask about C. A didn't even think about C. A enjoyed the last moments with A's friends especially Y on their last day of college.

And they graduated.

After their convocation day, everybody had their own journey. They never lost contact. It's just that they rarely contacted each other cause they were too busy seeking for jobs. So was A.

A went back to kampung and met B. B told A that C's mom passed away few days ago. A was sad but A hid the feelings. A's being egoistic. A just told B that A's sorry to here that and blaa blaa about C's late mom.

That's the last news A got from B about C.

One year later.......

Another meet up session with B at kampung. B told A that C's father was getting married. So C's gonna have a step mom! A was so mad knowing that news. And A became angry. A anti C's father since he's getting married just after C's mom died.

At home, A was thinking, "why am I being so emotional after I heard that news? I wasn't supposed to be that mad cause C means nothing to me."

And then B kept telling A about C's father's reception. A wasn't that interested to know anymore. A was bored about that news. According to A, C's life is just like B's cause they have that all the 'step' things. It was a little sucky fate based on what A thought. For A, their life is about the same. So, they are actually meant to be together. And that's really DISAPPOINTING.

To be continued......

High Hope.

Few months later, so many things happened, A was so busy with college. A never met C since then. A never run away from C. A never hide from C anymore. A never wave at C no more. A just focused on A's studies.

B all of the sudden invited A to B's event. "A, are you busy tonight? Come to my party at PQ Square. We gonna have a makan-makan party." "Nope. I'm never busy. Ok sure. InsyaAllah." "Don't forget to bring your twin!" "Who? Oh! Y! Sure thing. But who's gonna be there? I'm a shy shy cat one!" "You'll be excited to hear this! C will be there too!! But S gonna join us. Bergaduh la you two to have C."

            A was like........"WHY IN THE WORLD DO I HAFTA BERGADUH TO HAVE C? I don't give a damn if S wants C or what! Ughh annoying shit."

"So who's S? I never seen S before." "You'll know later. S is a good friend of mine, and C's too."

                Again A was like...... "ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME JEALOUS OR WHAT! Cause if it is a yes, I won't get jealous. NEVER!"

A went back to the hostel and straight away told Y about it. Y was so eager! "Let's go A! We'll never know what's gonna happen if we don't attend the party. I wanna see what S looks like!" "But I'm afraid if S is prettier than me." "No way! You gotta be prettier than S. Waaayy prettier I bet!" "Ah! You just wanna make me feel better." And bla bla...

A still didn't understand why is A feeling that way. A was supposed to feel neutral towards C. Cause to A, C is nothing but a friend. A still wondering, A had a lot of crushes! A had millions crush on every guys in the college but why this one whom A never had a crush on, stuck in A's mind and....... heart? WHY???!! A's heart started to explode, really.

That night, A was ready to go to the party. A kept changing clothes cause when A put on a clothe, A'd feel something's wrong with it. B kept calling and Y have waited for sooo long. Y, "A! Why are you late? Are you nervous to meet C?" "NO! I'm not. I was in the toilet. My tummy is not feeling well." "Yeah riiigghhtt!"

A and Y reached PQ Square. They didn't go straight to the party, they hide and waited at the canteen first. Phone's ringing, it was B, "A!! Where are you? Are you coming to my party?" "Yes! I'm on my way!" "Hurry up! Don't worry, C is not here. C has something urgent." "Oh really, ok." A hung up and felt sad.

The party went well. Y ate sooo much! A and Y got to meet S in person! B introduced, "A, this is S! A good friend of mine. How awful that C couldn't make it! If not, you two can berebut C." S, "ishh. That's ridiculous! I'll never want C anyway." A," yeahh! Me too! Ain't gonna happen anyway."

What was A feel after that?
A was very disappointed when C never showed up.
All A wanted to see was C.
A wanted to meet C.
A miss C so much that A would stay up all night thinking of C.

That night, A was so quiet even when Y talked so much about S. A didn't wanna hear anything cause A knew A will never meet C again. A just want that moment with C. Moment when B is there to tease them, and don't bother about S.

To be continued......

What's That Feeling?

Started from that day, A decided to run away whenever A sees C. Or, A would hide first in case A sees C. A is so bad! A is really good at those bad ideas. 😈😎

Y sometimes likes to walk alone in the morning, cause Y likes to listen to the mp3 on the way to class. So A will walk alone to class.

Most of the time when A was walking alone, A'd see C from far. So they just waved at each other. That didn't really matter to A. For A, A just doesn't want to meet C face to face. Remember those eye-contact-issue? That's one of the reasons for A not wanting to meet C.

However, A didn't mind if A meets B. A would always tell B the incidents of meeting C on the way to class. Then B, as always, a STRICT listener, will never laugh, tell A bla bla bla about C without responding to A's story. B is like that. B never responds to others' story especially A's. B will always tell facts. That's about B.

Few days later....

A, B and A's sister went out for dinner together. B was very happy telling A's sister about C. A just kept quiet and listened. Until something attracted A's attention that made A stopped keeping quiet. That something was when B said, "A, did you know that C told me that C doesn't want to get married just like me? C said C wants to continue studies." "Oh really? Wah that's great! How rajin C is to continue studies! If I were in C's shoes, I'd never be so rajin to continue studies." "Ahh! That's typical you!" And they all laughed.

          "This feels so damn awkward." 
Well, that was what in A's mind. A felt something different when A heard that statement of C's, doesn't want to get married just like B? REALLY? LIKE SERIOUSLY? Why does it have to be LIKE B?! 😫

At home, A felt weird about A's feeling for being a little disappointed of 'that' statement. All these while A was avoiding C and why was that feeling came. Came to A without any reason.

Do A started to fall in love with C?
Did A miss seeing C at the college?
That. Weird. Feeling. Only. A. Could. Feel. It.

           "There must be something wrong with me."

To be continued.........

The Runaway A.

Started from that 'match-making' mission of B's, A started to be aware of A's surrounding/environment. Whenever A's going to class or wandering around the college, A'll make sure A won't bump into C. Because A, B and C are in the same department. Eh, nope. Only B and C are in the same department. A is different but A's department is near to their department. In the same building maaa. A little confuse over there :P

A has a best friend named Y. They were always together. Going to class together, having lunch together, going back to the hostel together, pokoknya, they spent most of the time together and they always do things together. Oh and don't forget they love GOSSIPING! Basically, Y knows everything about A and vice versa cause they shared everything together too. That's how close they were! Until one day B declared A and Y as twins ;)

One day, A and Y were walking to class, they were taking stairs cause Y loves exercise soooo much! Unlike A. A didn't want to take stairs cause A's afraid if A's gonna meet C. B and C's department is near to the stairs. A was talking to Y like this world is theirs. They talked without bothering what others would think. A reached second floor and suddenly stopped. Standing straight. Y was wondering why cause Y nearly fell down.

A was shaking cause C was standing in front of A. C was on the phone but when A stepped on the last steps, C hung up. C hola at A, "hye. Where are you going to?" "Eh hye. I'm going to class. What are you doing here?" "Oh. I was on the phone." "Ohhhh.. Escape from doing your work haaa?" "Eh no laa... I was just..." Without finishing C's last sentence, A interrupted, "ok. We are in a hurry. See ya!" "Oh ok ok. Bye."


A ran away without noticing that Y was left behind. Y was so excited! Cause that was Y's first time to meet C face to face! All these while A only talks about C to Y. A didn't even know to whom A should express A's feeling. So Y was the victim!

To be continued............

Unexpected Intention of B's.

A didn't take serious about C. For A, C is just like the other guy A meet at the college. To A, C is just 'hye hye bye bye' kinda person. A didn't even remember C's face. A could only remember that C is bald.

There was a small family gathering in A and B's kampung. B is a little older than A. Oh, scratch that. Actually, B is waaaaayyy older than A. Ok, kidding! :P So B told the whole family that B wanted to match-make A with C. B talked good things about C to the entire family. Wait, B actually bragged about C. Yeah, that's the correct word, BRAG.

The family started teasing A with C. A was a little pissed off cause A didn't expect that B actually wanted to 'match-makekan' them both. A was confused. But A didn't take it seriously, like A did to C. So A just smiled and started to tell B and the family about the conversation C made. B was excited and suddenly became serious to 'match-makekan' A and C. A as usual, didn't bother and continued.......... eating!

A and family were heading home, and B asked (loudly in front of the family), "A, do you really want C?" A was damn shocked and speech........less. 

                  A was thinking, "am I the one who desperately want C? Do I look so desperate? Do I look like I want C so badly? I barely know C, how am I supposed to answer THAT question?" 

B's sister answered (on behalf of A), " B, don't ask so many questions. Obviously A doesn't want C. A's still in college you see. Make sure A scores first!" And they both argued and laughed. A and family left kampung.....

To be continued......

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Little Something About A.

A, B, and C are in the same college. B knows C better than A cause A was a junior when A enrolled there. A knew C when C was taking C's masters. A and B knew each other since forever.

One day, A went to B's office to return something. A never have the courage to look into guys' eyes. Whenever A sees a guy, A will look down or trying to avoid eye contact with them cause A believes that pious people can see others sins. So, A thought that A made more sins than good things, A decided to not to look at guys' eyes. That's A principe. 

At the office, C was talking to B and suddenly A knocked the door. They continued talking until A came in. A apologized for disturbing and talked to B about that something. C was just looking.... at A. Then B introduced A to C. A was a bit heh... don't really bother about that introduction. So A just smiled and saying goodbye.

On the way out, C stopped conversation with B. A continued walking without noticing that C went the same way with A. And suddenly C was walking beside A and asked, "what's your name?" "Oh. I'm A. What's yours?" "I'm C." "I see. Are you taking literature too?" " Nahh. I was B's former student." "That's cool. I gotta go now. Bye." "Ok. See ya!" A smiled and walked away. 

On the way back, A noticed that B already introduced A's name to C at the office. And why the hell was C still asking what's A's name? 
                Was that the way to start a conversation? Or was it just the reason C wanted to be friendly since A is close to B?

To be continued.........