Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lover Boy

eh blog ,,

when everything seems to be so perfect ...ya'know when you bersungguh-sungguh memorize the notes for exam and when you sit at your place ,you'd be so anxious to know what's the question would be kan ?so did I !I had that feeling when I wanted to sit for Political Thought II exam ..I confidently entered the hall ,searching for my table .ahaa !found my table !darrrrnnn !it's betul-betul in the middle of the hall and betul-betul right in front of the lecturers' table .Ya Allah !was I in the right table or not ?siudsss -.-" !oh nevermind ,nobody would disturb me by asking "excuse me ,depankan sikit kerusi boleh" .got the point there :)

okay ,now it's the time to sit back and relax and still thinking/memorizing the points that I've memorized .and then ,,PUFF !here comes the man of my dream sit right next to me .WADDEFAAK !why on earth did you have to sit next to me ni ?alahaaai kimMy ,habislah ape yang aku hafal tadi kan .yeah ,seriously ,it's gone JUST LIKE THAT ,once the kimMy boy came :'(

and so ,without looking at him or even facing him ,I answer the question quickly without knowing whether the answer is right or wrong X_X
and I told yOng who sat behind me ,"eh kau tgk tak kimMy duduk seblah aku .bengaaaaang gila aku !terus nervous nak jawab exam >.<" .then she calmly replied ,"nape nak nervous .bukan die buat ape pun kat nun" .aelaaa I was expecting that she would respond to me macam ni "tu laa kaan nun ,gila seram nak jawab bila duduk seblah die" yeah something like that ke ..rupenye si yOng tak heran pun !HAHA

oh kimMy baby ,I just can observe you from far .seeing you everyday ,makes me want to smile all day long !and whenever you're happy and smiling ,I know that the world's gonna be just fine .AWH I'm so happy we're not friends ,we're just classmates .if not ,there's always the tendency for me to be shy talking to you or maybe I tend not to like you after we're being friends ?hihiks :">


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bieber Fever

eh blog ,,

it's not exactly Bieber fever moment .it iiissss EXAM FEVER week !eh ,month actually :)I bet everybody's busy with their books here and there right .it's like when they eat ,books will be next to them .when they change clothes ,books will be in front of them .books are everywhere with them .but not in the toilet please :P

here's what happen to me IF I didn't finish doing my revision -.-"

hopefully not ,I must finish doing my revision at least tonight and tomorrow morning I need to just go through what I've read .please Ya Allah :)

I just finished revising Rousseau ,dialectical materialism ,Marx's theory of alienation and post-modern political thought .I have another 4topics to go .haven't yet study about Foucault ,the Islamic scholars and Tannenbaum Schultz .shoot !I'm so dead man !X-(
I don't really know what Tannenbaum Schultz exactly is .is it the Marx's theory or the author's/writer's name or WHAAAAT ?:-O

Haha okay ,done with all the craps ,lets continue with what I've studied eyy cause I have tons of notes to read pasal Comparative Politics of the Muslim World .mati lagi lah I !!X-(

I leave you people with this picture .hopefully you won't look like this when you're in the examination hall okay .gdluck buddies !!!!xoxo



Friday, October 29, 2010

Because your kiss is on my list

Eh blog ,,

Done with Tilawah exam last Wednesday .it wasn't that satisfying cause the ustaz wasn't that friendly ,when I smiled and said thankyou ,he just stared and replied 'hmm' .was that a bad sign ,no ?:-S

It's a relief though .another 5 killing papers to go .scary ha !especially Political Thought and PPA cause ,both lecturers are pretty much STRICT in marking .Comparative Politics is a killing subject as well but I believe Sir is not as strict as those two lecturers :-/

I'm now in Ampang ,I'll be back to UIA on Saturday .it's hard to leave my dear sister alone as the other sister off to Jakarta a week ago .I'll come back on Tuesday okay ?:)

and so haNi said bapakk and makk didn't know when's my exam .I think I forgot to list down my schedule .so I guess I'll email it to bapakk or I just leave it here ?I mean I'll jot it down here in my blog .hopefully they do visit my blogie ey ;)

Oct 31 - Political Thought (3pm)
Nov 1 - Comparative Politics (9am)
Nov 2 - Arab (3pm)
Nov 6 - Public Personnel Administration (3pm)
Nov 9 - Introduction to Fiqh (9am)

so yeah ,don't forget to fetch me on Nov 9 or I guess I need to go back to Ampang first all by maself -.-"

I need to do some revision but not in the mood just yet .off to bed then =P


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes It Is Hard to Tell

Eh blog ,,

I suddenly miss this mosque .guess where is this mosque ?NILAI !!hooyeahh !haha

I have Tilawah exam tomorrow (cepat wish me LUCK !!=P) morning at 10 but I'll go to CAC at 8.30am with fiZa cause her exam is at 9 .I don't wanna go alone cause I might lost and couldn't find the venue cause I don't have friends in that class .loser gila kaaan !SOBS !

well blog ,in case you didn't notice that I actually hate exams .I'd rather go to class and listen to the lecture everyday than have to struggle for finals .eh I bukan saja tak suka finals but mid-term as well .everything that needs my brain to be working or needs me to write and to think will definately piss me off

it's the syndrome that only me can have it .sebab it's ABNORMAL yo people !haha


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KLCC ,I miss you :)

Eh blog ,,

Who doesn't like to go to KLCC .you tell me !I'll knock him down like a mouse .hehe

I know I cannot go shopping here .it's like whenever I tell them I wanna go to KLCC to buy pen or comics or magazines or whatever ,some people may say that "wow beli pen kat klcc !aku beli pen kat kedai kokak jek" .ITU KAU PUNYA PASAL LAH !haha

it's not like I spend all my money here .I just go here whenever I fell like watching movies .the fact that it's near to IIUM is like woohooo !!I'm the top of the world baby !!HAHA

what else eh about it that makes me oh-so-in-love with KLCC ?everything ,EVERY SINGLE THING I suka pasal KLCC .so ,don't you dare talk trash about it .haha

but I think I just like the 'Suria' KLCC .not exactly the twin tower ni pun cause itu basically office jek banyak .heh

KLCC's park fountain at night is always nice !I always loveeee it !:)

but never get the chance to watch it cause entaaah ,nadaa partner to stare at this fountain and macam "aww isn't that niceee ...!" HAHA :P

alaaa now I miss KLCC already !:( I miss going there and watch movie all by maself .I miss mingling around without any purposes .I miss going to Kinokuniya .I miss going to the food court .hell yeah it's not as great as and as perfect as OU ke the Curve ke ikea ke Jusco ke kan .it just the plain silver KLCC .aww such an awesome place for people like me to mingle around without nothing else to do :):):)

evertime there's no class in the evening ,I'll take a bus or taxi and straight away pegi KLCC .bestnyaaa hidup macam tu .but now cannot anymore meh .cause I have exams .if my mom found out that I was in KLCC ,she'll right away ask me to go back to UIA .eeeeee sedih !huhu

JOOOMM terbang pegi KLCC !!ahh no way !I'd rather ask this superman to fly me to my hometown .whatever it is ,IMISSMUARMOREEEEEEEEE :')


Don't forget to remember

Hey .meet Adam Danish ,beLl's anak menakan*drools* =P

Eh blog ,,

I just don't understand why do guys have to wear ring .us family called it as 'cincin sakti' .it's weird and i don't think it's necessary pun kan .even a married guy dah tak pakai that type of ring anymore .if you really want to wear rings ,go find the normal one cause cincin sakti just annoys and scares the hell outta me !!seriously ..please la ..HAHA

Blog dearie ,as I have 3 important things to do tomorrow ,I really need to figure out which one should I get prepared first .therefore ,I came into conclusion that I must memorize my Arabic oral first ,then my tasmi' for tilawah and follow with Political Thought presentation .padahal presentation yang paling nervous skali !aiyoo la :-S

Lets just go with the flow kan .fikir banyak pun doesn't change anything .wish me luck !seriously ,I'm so looking forward for Wednesday evening :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

it ain't fair at all

Eh blog ,,

I haven't yet present for Political Thought .there wasn't enough time to present cause there were so many groups left .eeee tension habis !and I asked Sir Danial if we can go to his room tomorrow or bila-2 within this week cause my forst paper starts this Sunday .so ,I don't wanna kacau my finals .geram lah bila you've prepared everything but suddenly you can't present sebab tak cukup time .deeemmm !>.<

and tomorrow I have oral for Arabic and tasmi' for Tilawah .eh ni pun lagiiiiii tension !11.30am Sir Danial asked us to present for Political Thought .at 12pm I got tasmi' thingy .the at 2pm I have oral .shoot !how am I supposed to survive with everything that needs memorization .dah lah I have problems with memorizing facts .adoyaiii -.-"

I want to go back to Ampang on Wednesday but I just heard that my final for Tilawah is on Wednesday as well .therefore ,I should postpone everything .I want to check for the final schedule but this UIA website is so annoying .I couldn't get through the website sebab ada error whateverrrr !ISH X-(

and hell yeah I haven't start my revision yet .sebuk main Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing pulak .hehe

I gotta start study now lah cause I have paper straight from 31st till 2nd of November. ceyt
wish me luck eyy :)

Goodluck for finals people !!!:D:D:D


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why am I still alive ?

Eh blog ,,

I wasn't in the mood to update this blog due to the lack of words and loads of work .I was supposed to be dead weeks ago as I still have presentation ,classes and oral padahal finals just around the corner .yeah my 1st paper is on Oct 31st .be nervous .be VERY nervous :-/

Lately I thought of doing bad things like your ma and pa really prohibit you to do such things .isn't that great ?I mean AT LEAST you have experiences doing those things before you get married or something .I thought of ...

1. Shisha-ing
2. Clubbing
3. Going to any metal concerts
4. Smoking
5. Overnight somewhere
6. Holding hands with boys
7. Skip all classes
8. Go holiday without parents' permission

Etc etc ..what's the expression of the parents would be kan ?mesti macam tak mengaku anak dah kot .ish seram !NO NO !NEVER THOUGHT OF DOING ALL THESE PUN .just went through people's blog and wondered what would bapak and mak do when they know their dotter's like that .Ya Allah .nauzubillahminzalik ...
Ni bukan at least dapat experiece but confirm-2 dapat dosa !huhu

Hmm that was the selingan after being so stressed out with finals akan datang ni :-S


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's not to like

Eh blog ,,

Political Thought presentation
Submit Public Personnel Administration assignment

Comparative Politics presentation
Arabic Oral Test

Arabic seminar

Friday cepatlah datang !;)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I got fever cause I'm homesick

Eh blog ,,

I've been sick for the last 6 freaking days .the first day was the worst !I was so moody and cranky .in fact ,I got into a fight with several friends due to the silent-ness .oh I'm soree friends ,it wasn't my intention not talking to you guys ,it was my flu and cough that ruined my past 6 days :-S

it wasn't that easy to get sick at this time .I mean it's so stressed out for having this bad fever when you gotta walk to class dalam panas-2 semua and listen to the lecture and tahan dengan air-conditioner dalam class then walk out from the class and panas balik .your body'd feel so bloody weak man !plus ,you're damn homesick .memang you need time to be alone lah kan

I guess I have this flu plus cough which equals to fever ni due to the homesick-ness lah kan .I dah tak balik for about 3weeks .shoot !nak masuk sebulan lebih kurang .seriously ?bravo bravo !HAHA

even I know that I have loads of assignments that need to be submitted next week ,I just couldn't care less .I need to go back home jugak .kalau tak ,memang parah !HAHA
and so I went home on Friday morning ,effort gila finished up Comparative Politics' assignment malam tu jugak and gave the pen drive to fazReena :)

and now I'm home and need to go back to UIA tomorrow evening :'( haven't finished PPA's assignment yet .haven't even touched the book yet .memang best lah .gotta stay up lah tomorrow's night kan ?-.-"

I want to sleep .it's a waste of time je stay up malam ni cause I won't start doing the assignment ,lazy bum !:P


Friday, October 15, 2010

The first steps are always the hardest

Eh blog ,,

It has been 3months since I left you-know-I-can't-mention-it :( .I miss oppssyy already !I miss the time when I don't having to think of anything .I miss the time when I got nothing to do except for doing ibadah .I miss the time when I don't sweat eventhough it is HOT .I miss the time when nobody's taking me for granted .I miss the time when I got to eat ice cream and samosa all evening .above all ,I just miss the time spending quality time with the family without any quarrels .I miss it I miss it I miss it !AWH WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME !!:')

but hey ,why am I being soo emotional lately eyy .I guess cause I'm sick and nobody wants to take a good care of me .I miss makkk&&bapakkk so bad !:'(


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Eh blog ,,

I SHOULD have done my CP assignment man !but my friend came to me once she knew I was sick .baik kan ?we can't say NO to guest right ?cause theoretically guests bring rezeki to us .am I right ?:S

my dear blog ,I currently am having a bad fever .a really bad one sampai I can't even bukak my eyes .HAHA okay exaggerate lebih =P .demam biasa tapi letih gila .I went to all classes reluctantly ,my body's weak .I couldn't even talk but nobody understands me .they thought I was mad at them .c'mon la ,I don't get upset with people that easy ,there must be another reason behind all these .all you need to do is think think think !haha

I barely got sick .so once I got sick ,my body'd be very weak and I'll mengigau at night .that's what happened to me last night T_T

And I just kept silent for 2 freaking days .no mood to talk .no mood to joke around .no mood to walk .no mood to everything but got mood to EAT !hehe

feel like dying now cause there's so much things to do but my body didn't allow me to do so .she just need a DEEP REST :)

Ugh .bila la semua ni nak berakhir :-/


Ready and Go !

Eh blog ,,

I've registered for Semester 2 ,10/11 .thank God I've got what I want .unfortunately ,fazReena didn't manage to register International Organization subject cause section's closed T__T
UGH !TENSION WA !she can't simply pressure me to change my subject to Sir Mohar's class cause my session's closed already .so Imma wait for this Saturday ,Imma ask her to change to IO's class .heh heh heh ;)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yayy-hayy !

Eh blog ,,
AH-HAA !guess what did I won ?oh I don't know what's the prezzie but I just know that I've just won the contest that I joined last month .pretty cool eyy ?now I'm addicted to contest !HAHA
here's the proof blog !:):)

Tadaaaaa ;D;D;D

3rd place babyyy !I thought Misz Sue didn't even care to look at my pictures but hell yeah she did care and she did pick me to be the 3rd winner .AWW that's the sweetest Misz Sue !thanks very much lavh !:-)

and for those people who didn't even know about the contest ,,here's something I wanna let you know .....




Eh blog ,,

Here's fazReena .known her since I was in Matric PJ .got close with her since I was in Nilai .got closer with her since the first semester in Gumbakkk .nice friend .A REALLY NICE ONE :)

Yesterday I was not in the mood and so was the madam .I was okay at first but after seeing this one guy who previously asked what my name is and now suddenly looking at me without any expression ,apatah lagi nak greet me kan .DOUBLEyouTEEeeff gila !!!>.<

I just realized that it's difficult for guys to say halo to girls .apa pikir engkau macho sangat ka !and they have this tendency to forget rupa seseorang tu .yeah whatever seriously -.-"


Monday, October 11, 2010

I wanna I wanna I wanna ..

Eh blog ,,

I'm tired .
I wanna sleep .
I wanna go back home .
I wanna spend time with the family .
I wanna go shopping .
I wanna watch movies .
I wanna hang out with the friends .
I wanna laugh out loud like there's nothing to think about .
I wanna play games the whole day .
I wanna do things that have nothing to do with education .
I think I just wanna cry all night long just because I can't do all these stuffs as I have LOADS of works to do .


I'm Sick ..

Eh blog ,,

I REALLY need to go back to Muar this weekend .I just realized I haven't go back to Muar for 3 freaking weeks !no wonder I feel like having a bad fever right now T_T

with diNa's attitude lately ,ugh !really freaking me off .what's wrong with her eh actually .hmm I just don't have the right to ask cause I'm not as important as hAni whom she tells secrets to/with .

I know my position already .I'm the one who can't be trusted .you people just can't count on me .it's the same with how nanA treated me all these while ..

Malas nak peduli .nanti sendiri depressi >.<


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dream On !

Eh blog,,

I was thinking of tukar-ing my phone .it's
not that my phone has rosak already but I just need a new phone that I can go online without paying anything .I mean without deducting my credits .I loooooveeeee my current phone but the fact that it always terpadam without giving me any signals ,really piss me off man !-.-"

the other night ,my Sony Ericsson Z610i fall off from my bed .you know how tinggi my bed is kat UIA ni kan .okay terkejut !but when I jumped off the bed ,the phone was still okay .in fact ,it won't terpadam all by itself lagi dah .weird isn't it ?it's like the phone already knew that I wanna get a new phone .aww
pity you baby !haha

so here's my wish list .awh !why can't I just get ALL of these man !baru lah puas hati and won't regret buying this phone and not that phone .you know what I mean right bloggie oh ?:):)

Sony Ericsson ViVaz Pro
I've been usha-ing this phone agessss ago .kesian kan ?haha before I kumpul the money pun dah duk bukak website SE everyday .kira macam hopefully dapatlah phone ni kalau dah sampai tahap tengok website SE everyday kan .haha

and then I came up with a status that "iPhone4 is sold out .APE LA !" .so there were several friends who did comment about it .SD and KE said iPhone sucks !so I just wondered phone apa yang tak sucks bagi diorang ek ?HAHA

and SD asked me to look at the operation system whether the phone uses Android or Symbian or whatever it is .I thought of not taking her advice ,just go and buy the phone but thank God I did take some times to do some researches .eventhough I still can't figure it out what exactly the differences of Android and Symbian ,and whether they effect the connection when I go online and EVERY SINGLE THING la .I just don't understand .Ya Allah loser gila aku dalam IT -.-"

iPhone 3GS
ish !iPhone 3GS ni tak boleh nak lawa lagi ke haaa ?!alaaa jealousnya sebab colour merah !tsk tsk !T_T .after knowing about the android thingy ,I beralih arah to this phone .nice isn't it ?*wink*

nice also meh .tempting gilaa tengok iphone .dah macam food plak bunyiknya :P:P

BUT after going to the maxis centre .okay ,tarik balik ,tanak iPhone dah !HAHA why oh why ?cause it's so frigging complicated to buy this phone .apa ni ada ivalue plan lah iData plan lah semua .lu fikir wa tau lah semua ni haa derr !complicated kan complicated kan !
I need to change my number to bill one .prepaid ke post paid ke whatever the people call it lah .geram gilaaa .terus macam ,nevermind ,just forget about it .I know the parents won't let me use the phone that needs me to pay monthly and I pun tanak bayar monthly ,nanti I tak dapat enjoy my allowance with other things .hehehe

Let see what's next on my wish list ;)
samsung Galaxy S
this looks like iPhone but I got more excited when the operation system is android but the worst part is ,it costs Rm1800 - rm2000 .haaaa cantek !mana nak datang duet ,you tell me !-____-

iPod touch
oh sooooo yummylicious !!:D:D:D Imma get this gadget if I could find any phones that fulfilled the requirements and it costs me only rm800 and below cause Imma need rm900 to buy this lil thingy .awh baby ,just wait for me kayy .muahhxx !!:):)

Imma stop dreaming and start doing my assignment .pfft !


Yummy Mummy Muvieee

Eh blog ,,

last Friday I went to watch this cute movie all by myself .I was supposed to straight away go back to diNa's house but all of the sudden ,I thought of watching movie to release my tension .so I went to KLCC .thought of watching The Switch but it started around 7pm .too late to go back to Ampang nanti .so ended up watching this Sammy's Adventure movie .soooo cute eyy :D:D:D .plus ,it's 3D .how cool is that huh !;) the children laughed happily eventhough it's quite boring .hahaha

my next 3D-must-watch-movie is THIS one .cartoon memang sangat cute kann evethough they look ugly !haha anyway ,I'm so looking froward to watch this cartoon .trailer die cam best-best adn CANTIK je :)

Haha okay .I think I better stop talking about movies that I wanna watch cause I haven't finished any of the assignments yet .Ya Allah ,teruknya aku T_T .eh who cares man !I still need movies to entertain me .movies bring laughter in me .so yeah !haha :D:D

psst ,,Devil pun best .so who's gonna watch this movie with me ,raise your hand please !hehe ;))


Friday, October 8, 2010

We Run This Shit Tonight

Eh blog ,,

I don't have class today but I have talk to be attended .it supposedly starts at 10.30am but the speaker came 15mins late .nyeeeh !I was so tired and sleepy as usual but for the sake of 5marks ,I reluctantly walked to HS building .heh -.-"

last night I watched Knight and Day ,and Lagenda Budak Setan .I watch Lagenda Budak Setan with faTimah and continued watching Knight and Day all by myself and that makes me went to bed around 2am and woke up at 9.30 !UGH lambat bangun !X-(

I don't really like this movie .I just like the scenery .hehe plus ,I think I watched the movie because of Lisa Surihani je kot .Farid Kamil was sooooooo laaammeee .he was so stiffed !but not as stiff as the second version of Ayu .haha the one that replaced Lisa wasn't that attractive .I mean her acting wasn't that good .but overall ,I don't like this movie .tak boleh pegi jauh oh !HAHA

I don't like this movie as well .at first I thought it should be the best movie for 2010 but turned out to be the lamest movie for 2010 .haha I watched this movie because of Cameron Diaz of course !:) but the fact that the hero's Tom Cruise ,alaaa bencinyaa !dah lah I don't like his daughter ,ini pulak pak dia yang berlakon .memang dah awal till akhir lah aku menyampahkan .haha overall ,this movie is quite boring and cliché but at least it's waayyy better than Lagenda Budak Setan :P

these shits just ruined my Friday !I was late to go to the talk ,Satay Hj Samuri was closed ,I had to eat McD ,there's no more Cheese McShaker .everything pun ruined my mood .benci tau !T__T


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whose Birthday is Today ey ?

Eh blog ,,

My friend got fight with my other friend .I don't whether I terlibat or not but I don't want to get involve in any fights .I had enough .so it happen that the fight began when I was having dinner with them .it's like this ...

A said it's okay if B wants to borrow A's car cause B is the only one who can drive .that was before .but now suddenly A using her/his mom's name for reasons yang kukuh .therefore ,B C D and also me (takda kaitan) can't take a ride with that car .NOW that A's mom larang semuanya .it's weird when it became like this .I thought they're sehidup semati punya member .haha

Me ?I don't know .I don't want to think of the problem .I already had my own problemsss !

Okay .I need coffee or nescafe to stay awake .quizzes ,exams ,presentations ,assignments ,discussions .ugh !so tired already .hmm


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

two convocations in a month !:)

Eh blog ,,

Usim's convocation and UIA's covocation .can you spot any differences ?not really ha .they both wear robe and topi grad kan kan ?haha

Well ,I just want to share with you blog that I went to my sister's convocation as well as my cousin's .it was a hell of fuuuuunn I tell ya !:D:D:D I love this kind of 'occasion/event' !love love love :)

I cannot wait to have mine sebab nampak macam best gilaaa plus happening je .hehe
the sister ambek degree in Usim and the cousin ambek PhD in UIA .let the photos do the talking aite :))

the parking place for Political Science's Head of Department .NICE !they got their own parking place .no need to go to school early ha ?*wink*

It's me and the graduated student .I bet you're so proud of yourself eyy cause me and the family are very proud of you !jyeaaah :]
This is how we role
It's UIA baby !it's UIA !!!haha
fair and square aite ;)

Oh wait ,I think I just saw bomBet the other day .ah malasnyaaaaaaaaa nak tegur lahaaaiii .so I pretended like I didn't see him .he was like "nuRin najIb !" and I was like "eh hai" SAHAJA !haha sangat tak friendly okaaay !soree bro !I just don't appreciate friends who don't appreciate me :) kalau yOng ke ,asnA ke ,that's different cause the appreciate me .ERR I HOPE SO !haha

but I think my Maahad friends mostly didn't and still don't appreciate me .Convent and UIA are better .above all ,Convent friends are the best !lovelovelove .hehe

went home and felt like crying cause I haven't touched anything yet for Political Thought's assignment .cry cry cry !HAHA


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

El-Tayeb is the Name

Eh blog ,,

This is my Arabic level 4 lecturer .he is kind .I like like him !:) the only problem is that he doesn't want to speak English when he teaches .students always complain pasal tak paham what he's talking about .he is punctual .he never gets mad at students .even if I don't really understand apa dia ajar but overall ,he is such a good lecturer .he remembers all his students' name and that's what I like the most :) .you may want to choose him as your Arabic lecturer but I guess I'm not going to choose him as the lecturer of Arabic level 5 .

It's not that I hate him .saja nak tukar angin belajar dengan lecturer lain .but sir ,you know that I love you .xoxo ;)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Facebooking in class

Dina has just bought a new car !weehoo !the only asset that is very useful to us after her broadband of course ;-)

Haha whatever .I'm in Fiqh class and very sleepy dan hungry !-.-"