Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haloo Again.

Eh blog,,

I couldn't sleep. Aiyaa just now when I was on the way back from Melaka with the relatives macam ngantuk gila dah. Now tutup mata pun macam tak laku dah :-/

You see, when you're no longer ada hati to bukak twitter, you tend to have no other things to do except for bukak facebook or Skype or even YM pulak kan.

So, my decision was to spam my facebook timeline. Sumpah aku boring doh. Esok hari sure orang menyumpah je bila bukak facebook kan -__-"

My timeline looks like this few mins ago. How's yours? :P

Okay buruk gila and annoying. Kalau twitter not as bad as and as annoying as this :-/ well, I guess I just miss twitter so much :B


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Old Ones are the Best!

Eh blog,,

Have you ever heard of what people saying that the old ones are the best? I did. And I definitely agree with it :)

You see, I started to like kek batik when sYira, my former and the best roommate I ever had (ehems. If she reads this sure tersengeh. Haha), made it for me. I think it was in PJ, on the year of foundation and it was in 2007 or maybe 2008. She made it for me and my friends. Isn't that sweet? ;)

I think I just miss the old times where people were still in their original attitude and there's no drama at all at that time cause we were so innocent. Sigh. I miss UIA PJ so freaking much.

When we were back in Nilai, it was pretty awesome too cause I started to mix around with other people. Unfortunately I started to miss my former roommates macam Arina, tyrA, sYiraro, saRah, deeLa, etc. We were separated. Lain block and such so bonding tu dah takdok. SOBS! :(

Anyhoo, I'd like to say that I actually miss haNi's officemate's kek batik. It is THE BEST KEK BATIK I'VE EVER HAD! Nyums! :D

So I wanted to find it at Uia. Unfortunately nadaa jual pun :(
However I found it in one of the bakeries in Azman Hashim Complex. it is farking expensive! One small slice for RM2. WHAT THE FARK weh!! -____-"

Haa ni la yang mahal tu tapi tak sedap laa. Not as good as the bottom one :P

This one macam SERIOUS SEDAP nak mampos! Boleh get addicted weh! I'm dying for this kek batik! :')

So this is one of the proves that the quote is sorta true. My first rasa of kek batik is better than the second. Heh.

Gotta stop here pasal application for this blog sangat siol. Annoying. Irritating. Sumpah.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

It is So Easy to Define Stupid

Eh blog,,

How do you actually define STUPID eyy? Well, everybody has their own definition of stupid right. As for me, I define stupid as Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand. Get it? Get it? Brilliant innit! Hahaha :P

Hello people! I watched Remy Ishak just now on tv3. Nur Kasih drama to be exact :))))))) But in this picture he looks more like Ashraf Muslim right? Heh!

Let see what do I have in my iPod. Imma upload it here. It's non of your business whether to like it or not. If you don't like it and you think it is just a crap, get the hell out of my blog. SHUUHH SHUHH! :P

Look at my shoes! Can you see it? Can you?

Lemme zoom in the picture okay.


THIS is what happened when I was running on a treadmill. Sedih kan!!! :( Now I cannot continue my mission anymore. Hihiks ;))))

That's all folks. I gotta Tell you other story about me myself and my college later on kay :))


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Second Update

Eh blog,,

Me and bapakkk went to visit MakTon this evening. She couldn't even walk cause ada slip sikit kat her kaki which I don't really understand about it. They said that MakTon played badminton with Syamie and that is when it happened. Pity her cause she's the one who cook for the family.

Therefore, we decided to visit them as I dreamt about them last night. It's pretty sad eyy when you're no longer get closer with them. I think I just missed the old days. Tsk tsk T__T

Oh and by the way, I went to stalk my relatives' facebook just now. I stalk from the older to the youngest in the family. Look how amazing they are in facebook? JYEAH RIGHT!

After observing, I just realized that I'm old already as the youngster started to type like a rempit. Ya'know the rempit type, no? For an example, "aQ encii giLeWw at ka0." or "aQ b0WinK giLewW pTg NieWw .." WHAT THE FUCK man! Seriously, I AM SICK OF IT! Macam annoy me to the max! -_____-" You people don't even know how to type properly ke? Nak kata tak sekolah, kau memang tengah sekolah. C'mon la! Grow up!

Anyhoo, I just wanna say that
I actually MISS IraKamil SO FREAKING MUCH!

I know she will never read my blog. But yeah, that's how I feel right now. I miss gossiping on the phone with her. She just doesn't realize that cause I know she has billions of friends out there and I'm not that important to her. Sounds pathetic kan! SOBS! :P


I Wish I am a Celebrity for Just One Day

Eh blog,,

Have I told you that I love my iPod so much? I didn't did I? So yeah. Here's what Imma confess to you people. I, NunsNajib officially love my iPod so damn much. I couldn't even berjauhan with it for just a sec. Okay poyo much huh. HAHAHA

Here is what I did yesterday when I got nothing to do. I transferred pictures from bapak's camera into my iPod. Then I edited a lil bit. And wallaaahh!

Macam orang genius kan kan kan ;)

This is the FUNNIEST! I was hell of a happy woman at that time cause it was my first attempt and it sorta menjadi :DDD

And this I was trying soooo hard to act like I'm so ayu. Nice kan ^____^

TADAAAAA!! Here's my favourite! I rock in this photo. JYEEAAHH!! :}

I love this application but the fact that it has that 'Camera Fun Trial Version' sticker at the bottom of the picture, really looks sucks man -____-"

I don't wanna upload all cause some of them I want to make as my profile picture in facebook and twitter. So it's gonna be a surprise for all of ya! Hihiks :">

Anyway, I'm no longer active in twitter cause I just don't know what to tweet anymore. I guess I've just lost all the ideas during holiday. Gotta start tweeting once I am back in college. Pasal duduk rumah je mana nak datang idea. Ye dakk? :P

Still trying to sleep early and wake up early tomorrow. Sigh. It is just too hard to fix my sleeping pattern during holidays :((


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want More

Eh blog,,

I have about 2weeks left before I start my short semester on the 10th of May. Nangis weh! :'(

Now I'm trying to sleep as early as possible pasal esok bapakkk promised me to have lunch at AZ restaurant. Whippyy! I miss their paru goreng yang macam berhantu gila. Eat once, you'll ask for more ;)

Oh btw, yesterday I did mention about bapakkk's gonna bring me somewhere kan? We DID. We went to kedai buah. He bought fruits. He was so happy to spend each penny that ge got just the way he wanted to :P

He put an effort to cut the fruits into slices and buat kuah kicap with cili padi all by himself. Pretty awesome eyy ;)

Let's give it out a try. Nyumss! :D

So that's all about it. We didn't go to the bandar pun. Tak bandar pun jammed. What more kat bandar kan? Haha


Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes the blues.

Eh blog,,

I was about to hit the sack. I'm bored like bloody bored. I could bite all my nails for 2secs. Can you imagine how boring my weekend is? Haha.

So this morning I woke up at 11am. Bapakkk said he woke up around 10. Whoahh that's pretty amazing cause he never ever done that before. I am always the last person to wake up :P

I thought makkk wanna cook for lunch. Unfortunately she was so tired doing nothing. I don't really know why she said she's tired and didn't have the mood to cook for us -____-" therefore, me and bapakkk went to MP to buy food. I drove from home to MP. Bapakkk said it's weird cause I didn't want to eat nasi. I bought Maggie and fried chicken and poppiah :)

Actually, I taktau jalan to Sungai Abong :B

At night we went to Ed Persona for dinner :)))))) I had nasi goreng ikan masin and som tam and udang goreng tepung with teh o ais. And now I'm bloated! Haha :P

I took this picture using LemeLeme application. Cool innit :D

But I'm not sure it'll look good in my blog. But it definitely looks good in my iPod :))

It was raining heavily in Muar. AWH! I miss that moment. I went out and main hujan while bapakkk was busy arranging his pemenan. I just love hujan. The smell and everything about it :))

Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Don't know where bapakkk's going to take me. Surprise! Wiihuu wiihuu! :D


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Muar is No Longer a Kampung

eh blog,,

It's my 3rd day of holiday. I was craving for durian since last Sunday. There were so many stalls that sell durian in KL. But bapakkk suggested to buy durian yang dah bukak pasal we girls don't really know how to kopek the durian.

Thank God we have a lunch date at Jusco Setiawangsa with Syamir's family. Therefore, I took the advantage to go buy what I've been craving for. We bought a packet of durian which consists of hmm about 6 ulas in it for RM31+. It's quite expensive tho. But, well, mak is the best, she still buy it for me. Maybe pasal nak suruh I diam kot :P

At diNa's house. Durian tu me and hanI yang makan and siap berebut lagi. Hoomaaiii -____-" As a sister, I bagi je la kat hanI since susah for her to go out and buy durian kan and me, I'll be at home till early May. So, I can just ask bapakkk to go looking for durian. Hihiks

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any of the stalls that jual durian. That's pretty sad when you're already beriya-iya to buy durian kat kampung and suddenly nadaa any of the stalls pun yang jual durian. Compared to kat KL, hoomaaii! KL macam tengah durian runtuh kot. What happened to Muar eyy? :'(

So, me and bapakkk went to Melaka this morning to buy durian. Wiihuu Wiihuu! :D:D:D:D
Bukan cari kat tepi jalan but we just went straight to Jusco. Cute kan? Pasal tak reti nak bukak durian tu nanti. Hewhewhew
And aku dengan slumber pegi took 2 packets which cost us RM35 sebab 1 packet is RM18.98. Nasiblah kan, nak ambik yang Durian Pahang memang tak la kot. Bapakkk confirm bising :P

Oh and by the way, I drove all the way to Melaka and balik pun sama. Ehems. Dah besar kan kita? Hihik :">

I love this application on iPod but I forgot which one is the one that I used to capture this picture. SOBS!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube is Fun

eh blog,,

As I was searching for Altimet's video on youtube, I found this girl who looks exactly like Katy Perry. I love her voice. Superbbbb! And her songs aren't that bad pun. Look at this video, haha cute song eyy ;)

Nice kan kan kan? I'm lovin' it! :DD

So, here's my second search. I foun THIS! Weh sumpah la lawak sial Bruno Mars ni! After watching this video, I feel like hugging him tight and never let him go. Serious lawak and sumilllll nam termampus. WATCH!

He's super duper cute isn't he? Tetiba rasa rugi tak pegi concert dia that day. But I don't think he performs this lagu kan? But seriously, you GOTTA love him after watching this video. Kikikikiki :P

Now, I gotta search for other videos that makes me laugh eyes out.


spending such a wonderful years with them

Eh blog,,

Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt homesick? Have you ever felt of hugging your parents and siblings and never let them go? Have you ever felt of staying with your family till the end of the day? Have you?

When one of your siblings is getting married, you might feel sad or something right. Especially when she/he is the first one to get married in the family. So do I. But this does not mean that I don't want them to get married or what. It is just that, well, I've sorta lost one of my friends, best friends actually.

When you're alone at home, you might want to go through your family album and smile or even laugh at the photos. Good old times. RINDU AH! So, here's mine. Let the photos do the talking eyy :)

Me and bapak, now we don't really hug with each other. Prolly cause I've all grown up and we both kinda malu to hug each other :-/

This is the time when us siblings have the same t-shirts. Ala-ala twins gittewww. Pretty cool eyy :P

Ini time, sorang pakai and pose, semua nak jugak.

I miss this a lot! The time when we didn't have to wear make ups or touch up anything. Bapak just snap the photo and tadaaaa,, diNa paling HAHA kot :P:P


After 22 years living with the family, one of the siblings has to go and stay with their partner aite. AWH! That's pretty sad eyy. Look look the difference between past years and now. It really shows that we girls really HAVE GROWN UP :)

Bukti: I'm taller than bapak and that's obvious baby! ;)

We started to smile

Haha. Dulu gaduh bagai nak rak. Now macam gedik gedik je nak gini kan. Haha. Now dah less fighting, more to discussing ^___^

That's all about the family. I don't know why I post this entry. Padahal ada je ni kat rumah tengah cuti. Gedik je pasal nak tunggu movie habis download :P

I actually miss them so much! Cause lama dah tak gather and do the gossips and all. With the sisters yang dah kerja, masing masing busy and jarang balik Muar kan. Well, memories seriously gonna make me burst into tears. But with a happy face of course! :')

With Oh,Carol song by Neil Sedaka as the background lagi sedih weh. Sumpah. Ce try! HAHA


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Halooo dear holidays!

eh blog,,


And that's a BIIIGGG YEAYYY for me! Can't wait to go home! I miss home so fucking much. I got homesick like all the time till I got really sick. Now, dah about one week I demam. Guess, that's the sign of bringing me back home. Hewhewhew

Yesterday, me and the girlfriends went to picnic at Sg. Kemensah. Never been there before, it was nice! Felt like I was in Kedah or somewhere but not KL or Selangor. Haha. Ada BBQ and all. Seriously, I miss my girlfriends so much! We haven't spent time together for agesss dah :'( Yesterday was just awesome! But it was just me, yOng, myA, naD and zeTyyy. Fza and iDa could not join us. sedih la please.

The girlfriends. naD's missing :P

I just realized that I've been neglecting my blog for such a long time kan! Haiyaa, got no time to update meh :-/ Been busy with the finals, catching up with the friends and such. See! Where got time loh? :P:P

Hmm.. I forgot that my laptop does not have Yahoo! Messenger anymore. That's sad! I couldn't chat with Shafferina anymore :"( so, I decided to ask her if she got a skype account. If not, the element of force is needed here. Hahaha. Lately, I got addicted with skype. Actually, I got addicted with video calls. I don't know. I just loooooooooveeeeeeee video calls. So, whoever is online, I'd ask him/her to call instead of typing cause I'm so lazy to type. I'd prefer talking than typing. So yeah, LET'S use the webcam and talk.

But yesterday, Uia's internet connection was being a bitch. I was about to start gossiping with Konah. All of the sudden, I went offline just like that. Sama la terjadik kat Kesten. Budus betuls! -____-"

Imma go home and start video calling with the loveliessss. Wiihuu Wiihuu! :):):)

Gotta sleep early. Bapakkk and Emakkk are going to fetch me around 9am. And I have not finished packing yet. Omaagassss! :O

P/S: I miss them so fucking much :'(