Thursday, July 31, 2008

if you could see me now

i am SICK and bored silly. :( my tummy is hurting so bad and i am tired but my eyes won't shut. gjfisdu. i didn't go to the meeting for PGG last night because i pee every thirty minutes and aku malas wahh :PP. it was exhausting. gaaah. then i slept around 2 after reading this novel i borrowed it from fye .i haven't take my tablets. i don't like them. i throw the panadol away, it taste like sh*t. eeeeew. : real sick. i woke up the next day at 9am and no one was in the room so i get ready for class . haha. i ate my breakfast, roti coconut. and went to class with nad ,yong ,ida, fye ,zetyyy and fizah .thank god they were still waiting for me coz i think i'm the lambat-est one ..ahahha :PP
fun. now,it's 10.21pm ,,i'm waiting for fye untuk makan waahhh !!itu fye study di libray lama amat !!lapaaaarrrr wahh aku ini !hehe :P
i have quiz tomorrow but i havent studied yet ,i better get off now before fye mengamok .hahaha

ciao ~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

its hard to face this life

27th July
I'm shocked because my uncle has passed away :"(
my beloved ones .my everything .my partner laughter .
we havent meet him ever since lynn tunang
we didnt talk much .
we didnt spend time to laugh out loud .
mahhnn ,imissyou friggin much !!!:"(
for all of the sudden ,you left us without knowing your condition when you're in the hospital .
i supposed to text you to ask about you condition and make sure your in a good condition kan ?
but this hampeh me ni mmg HAMPEH lah kan
i'm sorry manji ,,for everysinglething that i've done wrong towards you .
you-know iloveyouverymuch .
i love you as much as i love my parents
my dad's side are my everything !
they give me strength and confident in life !
iloeyouguyssomuch and imissyouguys
lame x borak2 mcm dolu2 time raye
and now uncle-ku tinggal manpik and wak fuad jek
sob2 ..

28th July
hari kebumian manji di muar .
it was at 10am
and aku ,jihan ,munah ,hani and dina went back to our place at 6pm from muar
i reached hostel at 10pm .
thank god everything is okay .
i'm gonna miss you guys !!!

29th July
class started at 10am
aku bangun jek mate bengkak
haha ponge betull :PP
then i brought along my super heavy communication book
and suddenly this two sengal punya kawan so called si cicak ida and sister ngesot nad told me that theres no class for comm .
bengang aku dh half way baru ckp kann !!!urgghhh !!
then aku balik and makan
around 1pm ,aku and fye went to klcc to watch movieeee
we watched kuntilanak3
it was like ..urrrggghhh !!!
next time we planned to watched i'm not single
heh .

today - 30th July
rasok was okay ,i started to participate in class which is YAYY lahh kann ;DD
then psyche was okay jugak but i x lukis ini neuron and i didnt get what the lecturer was talking about
i was like uurrghhh gileeeee punyaa blurrr
benci !!
satgi kene study sume balik ,,nk cover yg x dtg tu :(
then balik and makan and take a nap
adoii ngantuk amat lah sgt kannn *yawn*
went to bm class which is buring cikgu ,,discussed about our presentation
i dont quite like itu ezwan ,,he's sumbung bila bertembung but gila talkative when in class
itu azim(lelaki byk kereta) masuk group kiterang .so now dh ade 5 lah -aku ,zetyyy ,fye ,ezwan and azim .
then gerak gy cac tuk reg laptop dorg
but fye didnt bring her laptop so they decided to register it tomorrow
ciss !wat penat aku jaa X-(
i started not to like one of my friends ni .
she talks a lot and agak lah annoying sikit kann
i dont quite like her since i met her for the first time
hahah :P
and now she close with fye
sedih sikit lahh
and fye you know why aku baik same itu nad ?
because that girl always call you "eyy fye ,,kau tawu tak ..."
whatev !!like i care !!
real friend is hard to find but once i've found her ,she goes to another friend and i think i have to make friend with all and forget about searching for BESTFRIEND !
yes ,my bitch is my bestfriend but sometimes she can be my ENEMY !hahah :P
we're not close for all the time .iloveyou ,bitch when your hyper !take note !hehe :)

ciao ~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ohh rabuu ~~

eyyhh today aku pkai tudung putih laa
it reminds me kt cfs !!!waahh how i miss cfs like fucking darn much !!:(
i miss arina ,awaiii ,asilah ,wani ,tyra ,ramai ahh kannnnn :((

hehey today is not that fun
we went to bm class but lecturer so called "cekgu" xda ,,
x sihat katanya .wth ,tak bgtaw pun X-(

and before that me ,nad and fazreena went to library
we're waiting for the psychology gathering but we didnt know the venue
cilake ahh kiterang gy tmpt yg salah kann
and there's one incik ni interview we all
adoiyaiii buring betul
sebaek itu incik sngt cumell ;DD

and now di cc ber-myspacing and fs !
heheh ;)


Monday, July 21, 2008

damn it !

aww man ,,dh ade assignment which is fcuking damn shiat ahhh !
malas betul aku
dh ahh aku kene participate in class which i hate it and gila laah malas aku nk bersuara
hahaha :P

class BM sgt fun but bitches yg bising gila amat mmg lah menyampahkan !
hmph !

other classes okay lahh kan
and my schedule not that pack which i can go shopping in the evening !
yayyy ;DD

i just dapat gamba2 time orientation week di gumbakk ini ..
best juga !
rindu pula sama taaruf week where we can observe other ppl punya cara
and paling aku rindu tidur di masjid !!!!!!
heheh =D

esuk class at 10am and i go online mcm gila x igt dunia :P
and duit abes lahh sengkek aku lepas ni :PP

ciaoooo ~

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my connection is fucking GAY !

aaahh buduh ahh aku nk online jek connection cm babi gila punya gay X-(
rase nk letup kan jek modem ni !haha

anyway ,aku kt rumah ni which is YAYY !
malangnya ,esuk maw balik sudah which is SOBS !:'(

and me and my family went to malacca tadik
serunuk brabis !;DD
we took some pictures but we're not in the mood to take picture
its just that my parents were not feelin well ,they're having a bad headache and fever i guess =S
i hope they're feelin much better after makan pills and stuff .
get well soon bpk and mak !
we're too worried coz we're going back tomorrow ogeyhh :(

these are the pictures that we sempat to ambek .
heheh :P
and we're planning to go to tanjung esuk ..
hopefully sume bangun awal yeahh ;))

eyy aku tabuleh upload gamba sini ..
buduh punya connection !!!X-(


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


is this what ppl are waiting for ?
mann ,it's kinda buring and depressing .
idk why ppl are waiting to go for uia gumbakk ,,
ppl here are weird and anoyying .
i hate it but i love the food !
but the price is HELL expensive shialll
i cannot afford it i tell you .

i love this place because it seems like i'm studying di overseas .hahaha
friends come and go .
you better not stick to one jek ,nurin !
tell you what ,,ppl here dont care about you and never notice that your around .so ,dun bother them !
do what ever you wanna do and duncha ever miss them because you know ,they never missed you laaahh !
they are hypocrite !they are evil !
they are fun indeed

indonesians here are friggin hawt shiall
i LOVE them !haha
yet ,they dunno me .ciss !

baby ,i miss rumah !shiatttt
i wish i could go home now and never gonna be here like for ever !
for the sake of my parents ,i'm here and gonna major in communication as what my parents are wishing for .
pray for me and others !
taaa ~i miss blog-ing !!ciisss :(