Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ultra Sensitive Today.

Eh blog,,

My title for this entry was one of my tweets. Megats (@megatmax) did comment about it. He said it's Durex. Amaigadd! Lucah tahu megats ni! -.-"

Anyhoo, today intro to econs' class was cancelled! :))) but I still hafta wake up early to do my pre-reg for Mahallah at 8am. Zzzzz!

Methods of Da'wah class was not bad. It was our last class. SOBS! I thought Arabic class pun cancel, however, ustaz still came to class and gave out the previous quiz and asked questions.

So, here I am at the library. Trying so hard to focus for finals. Demm! Still failed to focus at least a minute :-/

Stop with all the craps. I guess I need to start doing my revision like NOW! or I'll be dead at the end of the day :-/


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Friends

Eh blog,,

I'm now having breakfast with my girls at HS Cafe. We are waiting for our class at 11.30am.

yOng and naD are trying to compete in memorizing several surahs in the Quran. I just watch and dot want to interrupt. Hahaha

There they are busying hafal :P

Okay. I'm thirsty like hell :B


Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello blog,,

You know what, there are varieties of people in this world. I've found like thousands or should I billions of people with different types of attitude and have different types of thought? Yes. I did. I do. Whatever.

I also have varieties of friends which somehow I found them annoying yet fun :)

1. Friends for benefits
2. Friends for just a hello and then goodbye
3. Friends who doesn't appreciate their friends
4. Friends who thinks they are the best
5. Friends who loves to brag
6. Friends who thinks they are laser macam Azwan Ali :P
7. Friends who are kind with us when their girlfriend weren't there
8. Friends who expect people will follow their lead
9. Friends who are over-confident
10. Friends who call their friends with "names"

Should I list all of them? Nahh! I don't have to! It's too many and it's not that necessary I guess :-/

There's lotsa dramas here in Uia. Ya know, the far you go, the wider you'll see, and by that I mean types of people :)

When I was a girl I thought people hate fat people but as I grow older and studying in KL, I know that different people have different minds and yeah whatever.

Now, all I have to do is to be me. Just me. Somehow, people just hate me for who I am but I can't change the real me to who I am not right? So, better stick to the real me but need to touch up a lil bit on the attitude towards orang tua. Hehe :P

Whatever it is, can you just accept me for who I am and don't try to complain about it cause I never complained about you, how annoying you are and such. Just be patient. We are not seeing each other everyminutes or everyseconds. But we are seeing each other everyday. DEAL WITH IT! ;)


A Time for Myself

Eh blog,,

Last Thursday I had a time for myself. Wheee! :D I went to watch Beastly at klcc all by maself. Thought of asking yaKk to accompany me but then he didn't want to cause he said "kau ajak aku dating la ni?"
Hmm malas la kalau ajak tengok muvie je pun dah kira dating kan. Zzzz! -.-"

Oh and I had a blast weekend spending with my sister. I just love it! :) me and haNi went to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Cool innit? Have you guys watched it? You hafta watch that muvie. Seriously. Even it's not that good. Somehow, it's a good attempt I tell ya :)

So yeah, haNi paid everysinglething that day. As usual bak kata diorang. Hehe. Sometimes kesian jugak kat haNi and dIna sebab everytime keluar mesti diorang bayar. Well, I'm still a student who doesn't even know how to manage the duit. Sorry guys. But I promise once I got a job, I'll pay everything back. InshaAllah :)

I'm CRAVING for THIS!!! potato and sausage at econs' cafe. Nyums! :)

An now I'm in the class updating my blog. Haha. Gotta get ready to tahan mengantuk in a few mins. Sigh!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some Things are Better Off unsaid.

Eh blog,,

This is my 3rd draft for this entry. I did save it in my iPod notes but wattaheck! It's all gone! So I hafta type it again. Ngek -.-"

Ah whatever la! Just now I bought my breakfast at econs' cafeteria. The food was nice and very cheap! me lavh!! :))))

Unfortunately, the students were like monsters! They were chasing the food like there'll be nothing left. Ngokngek budak Uia ni :P

Ish. I wanted to add photos pun tak boleh. Internet connection wad being so farking gay siud! (*(oo)*)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Eh blog,,

Last night I had a heavy dinner - rm2.80 Maggie Kari. And then the next morning kena cherry berry. (*(oo)*) betol!

So tonight I'm having a very simple dinner which is maggie sedap pulak. Home made Maggie. 90cent je. Tak yah sampai rm2.80. Hmpft!!!

Tonight I hope everything's fine. I hope I don't have to wake up at 5.30am again to berak macam last night -.-"

Oh and blog,, my tekak is still gatal. What happen la deyy! :(


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All Done

Eh blog,,

How are you? Missing you so badly! If I'm at home, I'll update ma blog everysecond. Like I used to be so active on twitter :( Uia's connection is being so gay right now. I can't even visit triplets' blog. SIGH!

Anyway, I've done my usulfiqh's presentation just now. It was okay but not that great. Well, I wasn't really prepared cause I'm not feeling well right now.

I had a bad fever last week and now I'm having diarrhea. WTF! I think makcik kotor is the one who made me have diarrhea. I over heard everybody complaining about her but because of the stubbornness, I still went to buy Maggie Kari at her stall last night -.-"

I didn't have the mood to eat lately. Actually I didn't know what else to eat sebab tak banyak choice la kat Uia ni :( I miss home! I want satay :'(

Now I'm at ye library waiting for fizA to finish her class and whether I have to jaga POSSA's AGD or not. On second thought, I don't want to go to the AGD cause I felt so left out and unwanted (*(oo)*)

Aahh! Wadehel! Now spending some quality times with the books. Awh! LOVELY! :DD

I wanted to use this photocopy machine but today it's not functioning. Bangang betol! -______-


Saturday, March 5, 2011


Eh blog,,

Guess what? I'm in Muar right now! Whippie! :DD

I had a bad fever last week. Err not really a fever. It's just that my body was too weak and I didn't have the mood to talk. At all. Teruk right.

But I did attend POSSA's AGD's meeting. So yeah, I now spend a quality time with the family. So relief meh! And so happy liddat :))

I'm having a rough semester. Even I ambek only 13 contact hours :-/ yet it's fun ;)


Friday, March 4, 2011

Update: Starving

eh blog,,

I'm still wide awake. And I'm starving like hell. Teehee :P

I had this Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara for lunch yesterday. It tasted just fine as it was still hot. I did take away one bungkus for my dinner. So jyeah, I had this again for my dinner plus Susu Strawberry. Hihiks :"> but it didn't tasted as good as it was still hot. Nyehh..

Imma try Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah near Taman Melati LRT Station. Somehow, I prefer Nasi Lemak with any ayam rather than Nasi Kukus cause Nasi Lemak ada sambal. Especially if the sambal is so pedaaaaas! yumss! :)

Shit. Now I'm starving gilaaa. Demm me :P


Ahoy March!

eh blog,,

It is March already. Isn't it greaaaat? Look how fast time flies, it scares the hell outta me. So far, March treated me so-so je la. Baru four days je kan. So, apadehal :P

Been busy with college lately as I've joined POSSA. I'm the committee of POSSA's Annual Grand Dinner. Thought of not joining it but then macam felt like this is the time to make myself busy and forget about every single thing that have been stuck dalam my mind for about 2 months. So yeah, let's make it happen and have some fun! :D

My phone had been barred since yesterday morning. I don't bother to pay the bill. I mean like, what's the purpose of paying the bills if later nobody wants to contact me. Nyeh :( and I nak less tweet, that's the main purpose I guess :-/ but Hani asked me to pay the bill cause susah nak contact. Hmmm.. we'll see how okay ;)

Semalam sangat penaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat okay! and by that, I meant my Wednesday was so tiring! I was exhausted gila! and now I'm not feeling well. I have fever starting on Wednesday morning tu till now. Sigh!

Now I ada husky voice liddat! Cool ain't it? HAHA :P

Penat la. Presentation tak habis lagi. Lagi another 2 presentations left. Might be presenting Usul Fiqh next week on Tuesday. Unfortunately, lecturer for Methods of Da'wah asked our group to get ready to present this Monday. AHH! NOT FAIR! UNFAIR UNFAIR! We're supposed to present on the 9th. C'mon la! Tak aci gila nak suruh prepare macam tu je -.-"

I need to go back to Muar this weekend. I need the fresh air. I need my family. I need laughters when I'm at home. I need everything yang ada kaitan dengan Muar. I miss Muar like so fucking shit! :'(

So, whoever got problem with me yang asyik balik je ni, just back off! You're just so pathetic! Kalau tak dapat balik, duduk je diam diam where ever you are. You don't have to complain about me cause I just don't care. I feel comfortable around the family. Here in UIA, semua liar, hypocrite, semua drama ada. And I just sick of it. HEH

That's all for today. I'm so nervous of being one of the "LAST YEAR" students. HIHIKS :">