Monday, August 30, 2010

I yell because I hate you

last Friday I was supposed to go out with a boy whom I barely recognize and the one who kept on calling me everyday at 6am ,dah macam it's a must for him to do that .weird ey ?but I cancelled for the last minute because I was fcuking exhausted and not in the mood to meet people especially strangers and idiots ?

___: :(.nape cancel today?
nuns: oh sebab I takot you orang jahat .haha !
___: fine !stop contacting me you MORON !!!

matherfaker !!aku pulak kena moron ?and what's up with "stop contacting me ?" it was you who contacted me first .I don't even know his number and he kept contacting me since the first day of Ramadhan .fine lah ,I'll stop contacting you but I just wonder why would I do such thing because as a matter of fact I tak pernah pun nak contact kau !

haa elok lah ,aman hidup I lepas sahur lepas ni kan .thanks for the wake up call dude !



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