Monday, August 31, 2009


I miss home !)=
Unfortunately ,,i cant go back this weekend .
I have exams ,assignments ,presentations and stuff to be done before cuti starts )'=
I wanna go for shoe shopping .havent got anythg yet
Hani bought 3shoes just in 2days ?!grr
I'm out to klcc or t.square or pavilion next week .wheehoo ;DD

Gdnight .

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner .

I just got back from dinner over at BBQ Chicken Setiawangsa .
I've canceled all my plans .
It is because i'm busy with stuff like exams ,quizzes and assignments .
Ugh !Stress teramat !X-(

I ended up going to BBQ Chicken with my girls and the guys .
It was supposed to be just us ,Me ,fazreena ,fza ,mya ,nad ,zetyy ,fye ,shawal ,payie and helmi
All of the sudden ,ada Zakariya and Ashraff yang tak di undang tu !
Sengal gila weyh !X-(
Hm .Nvm then .

What did I buy ?
Oh just a bottle of perfume from Body Shop and Starbux caramel coffee .
Delicious weh !But all i wanted from starbux is that plain caramel .
Ya'know ,yang pure caramel tu ?Man ,I so oh failed in explaining things .hahah :P:P

Mya's car was like super duper sempit .hahaa
Aku and Mya jugak bebas (:
And setibanya di UIA ,aku jadi hyper
I hello to all the people and yeah thats all
Then fazreena got all mad at me .haha sorry babe :P

So yea ,that's it
I'm looking forward to have dinner with Aleen ,Natasha Aida ,Syakirah ,Tasnim ,Hamim ,and others but i'm not really sure when is it .
I meant the exact date because we are busy with collegue ):

Let's everybody off the lights ,jump on the bed ,pull the blanket ,blink 3times and sleep (=

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puasa .

Hm .It's our 4th day of Ramadhan .I missed home already :(
At home ,i can have rice and lauk for sahur .

But here ,I have biscuits and bread for sahur

I wonder what can i have for sahur this weekend ?

Because i might bersahur at dina's house .
They don't sahur kan ?

First day puasa di uia ,makan "ayam percit" yang not so tasty but the sauce is awesome !:DDD

Then ,berbuka with mya ,zetyyy ,fye and redha di Leha Kel Food .Ikan Bakar is so yummy okay ((:
What's next ??Somebody please bring me to "kacip fatimah" restaurant .I'm so oh craving for that karipap besar :(

Anyway ,tomorrow am gonna have presentation for CCT

Man ,i dont even know what to present
I mean ,what's the main point of my presentation ?
I couldnt understand any of it after reading the notes like for what ?50times ?
What happen to me ?!
Guess my mind is not here .

I thought of going home for raya dah .man man man =S

Just so you know ,this is FaizalTahir .
Look at his tummy .I think he's getting fat ,isn't he ?
Hahah nahh ,buncit a lil bit but still look awesome !(((((:
Ily :-*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

you morron



Monday, August 3, 2009

Nothing Much

I'm tired
I just got back from Port Dickson
It was such a GREAT GREAT vacation
i'm so gonna miss the moment :DDDD
Single-Cousins-Day-Out rox the sox !((((:

I really need a week off from campus and I hate them badly whom having a week holiday for that H1N1 case
It's not that i desperate nakkan holiday
The thing is I just need some rest ((:

Will this be our LAST conversation ?,that's the question
If you're reading this to that particular person
I'd like you to contact me back yea
and may i please know why you're avoiding me ?!
There's no reason for you to not talk to me
It's killing me !
You're starting the drama
Oh grow up !X-(

and oh people ,i so oh need CROCS like yeah seriously
I'm sick of wearing my crocs-look-alike slipper jepun tu !
Eventhough it's comfortable hmmmmmm tapi kaki aku kotor dah asyik pakai slipper jek
Anyway ,i can't afford to buy crocs
So i might get flats untuk ke class
Yeah .That's it [=

malam all .