Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finals !!

Oh how i miss my afro hair )'=

Now i can ikat my hair already which is a BIG YAY ![['=

Dear blog ,tomorrow i'm gonna sit for my first and final science of hadith paper .
I'm so farking daymn scared plus nervous because i've no idea which topic should i focus more =S
All i'm thinking right now is rumah and my faizaltahir di rumah .haha

Whatever happens pun i still hv to sit for the examination kan ?aiyoo

Wish me luck guys .
Wish i could declare my major by next semester .
Fark fark fark !it scares the hell outta me !i feel like crying and hoping for an A from my madam =S

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can't sleep !

Hani ,this is the new dining table that mak n bpk already paid for the pendahuluan .in case u tataw abt it ,i took this picture SPECIALLY for u :-D
Anyway ,,
"oh ye ke ?"
"a'ah ek .."
Aren't these words show how down to earth and humble one is ?
What about these ..
"memang .."
"taw ..(dgn lagak muka sumbung)"
People often say these compared to the 1st one But in my opinion and my family's ,on behalf of 'em haha ,words tht people rarely use is much more sopan kan ?:-)
So ,from now on ,i'll try not to be berlagak and always jaga hati people and think before letting the words out :-P:-P

Saturday, June 13, 2009

About Me For You To Remember(=

I hate looking myself in the mirror
I hate knowing I have fear
I hate seeing what isn't there
I hate feeling that I am scared

I hate believing what isn't true
I hate believing and trusting you
I hate crying myself to sleep
Forgive me for I have dreams

I feel left out and all alone
With no one to call my own
My eyes are red and I cry blood
Please help me or I'll cry a flood

My friends see what I let them see
If they only could see the true side of me
And as I die inside with pain
Please don't think that I'm insane

Cause believe it or not I have a heart
That's been slowly torn apart

Friday, June 12, 2009

I've missed you kesten !:D:D

Here you go Kesten Emira
Entry that you've been asking me to post everything about you
Ever since we're friends
I dnt even know whether you like to be friend with me or not
Naaaaaa NOW i know how much you lavh me !
You've stated there that you oh so LAVH ME kaaaaann ?*blushing*

But i think she's using me
Look at the issue that we were discussing about
Ciss !bodo punye orang .I thot she's gonna lavh me for who i am
Rupenye she lavhs me just because i wanted to help her to korek the gossips .Ape punye orang laaaaaaaaah !X-(

Anyway ,,this is for you my little friend
I only can lepaskan rindu kat kau by looking at your photos that you shared with me tu
Dah lah dah delete friendster !i wonder how am i gonna keep in touch with you
Thank God there's a thing so called YahooMsgr !
Memories will never leave my mind ,oh no ,,
And i want you to know that I miss you so =.=
It's hard for me to say those words
And I just can't believe that I'm gonna say this ...................I love yaaahhh TOO :-* !gaaaahh :P:P
Daymn !I feel like crying now ..shit shit shiiiaaaattt !!='((

Goodluck in Germany
Hope to see you soon(:

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I did this within 2mins .it shows how bored am i without my baby faizaltahir !:-(

"nurin ,lawa rambut !"-this was frm s'one i didn't expect :-D:-D

"eh cool doh rambut kau"

"haha cumel la rambut kau"

"kalau kt ruma rambut yin mesti tanak turun"

"rambut gle kembang setaman"

Oh wow is this how they see my hair ?horrible i supposed
Well ,if they puji pun i'll assume that they perli
Because i rase my hair menakotkan orang ..haha

People will go like this if we bertembung di toilet or elsewhere
"ya Allah terkejut aku"
"oh mak kau !"
More melatah rather than pujian .hehehe

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School-sick-ness !

Haha .Apetahhh ..

Hey ,that day I saw a group of indians dalam lrt wearing school uniform .

adoi rindu same sekulah wah !:-(

Oh oh and they were gossiping abt a couple di sekulahnya dalam bahse malay .how impressive :-o

Itu ja ,maw pulang this weekend or not ?haihh :-S