Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Second school in Melbourne.

So this is the second school we visited in Melbourne. Montessori Early Childhood school. Syok. We got to see the freedom of activity they like to choose. The children were so behaved and I'm really impressed. I super love their apparatuses. I wish I could work here!!! 😆

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Melbourne Trip with the Colleagues 2018.

I was chosen to visit schools in Melbourne. This trip was planned to be in August but so many things to do, so little time, they postponed it to December. It's their last term of school in Australia. 

First school was Al-Siraat College. It's an Islamic school aged 5 and above. They have lower elementary and upper elementary just like us in Brainy Bunch. This school is awesome. They have the same mission and vision just like Encik Fadzil. They even shared the same name. I really like the concept and the environment of the school. Teachers are all friendly, they came from a different countries, yet they still so positive among them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hello 2018.

Hey. Do you know I love to blog.
But hey. Do you know I do not have time to blog.
Yes hey. Busy with work, from one event to another.
No hey. Do not regret, isn't it for your own good to get together? 

People once said, "why do you still blog?"
"Bloggers are for people with their imagination."
"Nobody blog anymore, anyway."
"People do not read your blog pun la."
"Capture this and that. So that you can blog it. You kan suka upload instagram la blog la."

But it does not matter.
My blog ain't for me to show off.
My blog ain't for people to read.
My blog is just for me to remember good old days, sweet memories, and bad experiences.

I really wish I could upload multiple pictures like instagram.
Oh damn.
Millions of photos.
Do not know where to keep.
Buying new memory cards.
More and more cards.
Or should I just print everything out?
Like the old classic vintage days.

Think. Think. Think.
But still. No solution.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Good Looking Boy.

Yesterday was the first time I saw you after 12years.
You were sitting at the corner.
With your family. A big family.
I hope it's not you and your wife's family.
Hope it was just you and your family.

Didn't I notice it was you.
Until my friend said she saw someone looked like you.
But she forgot your name.
And she was not sure.

So I looked.
And yes.
Definitely it was you.
100% sure.

But I pretended that I didn't know you.
So I said who's that?
"I don't know who you're talking about."
But deep in my heart I really wanted to see that face again.
The face that I haven't been seeing for 12years.

Not that I like you.
Not that I have a crush on you.
Not that I have feelings for you.
It's just that
You're too good not to be seen.

You're such good looking boy.
With your jambang.
And your jambul.
And your sharp face.
And your square chin.
And your pretty eyes.
Sedap Mata memandang lah kata orang?

I hope you are still single.
I hope when I'm single,
You are single too.

Please don't get married.
If not, it's so difficult to look at you again in front of your wife.

There's something about you
That made me feel scared to have an eye contact with.
Something about you
That made me always pretend that I don't know you.

You walked in front of me.
Should have at least looked right into your pretty eyes.
But I'm just scared.
So, goodbye.

Till we meet again.
Writing it down.
Describing the perfect you.
So that I will still remember you.
Even when I'm old.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pavlova is Love.

Lemme tell you about pavlova,  it's ze bezt pencuci mulut evaaahh. Hani knows how to make pavlova. She's a genius. First time I tasted pun was her idea. She made it and I thought it was ze bezt lova evahhh.

Then I went to Mak Leha's house. We bought the meringue from Tesco! Simple! And I fall in love with Mak Leha's lova and thought nyehh Hani's one jatuh number dua!  Kahh.

Then I went to Didie's Kitchen at Danau Kota. Falling in love with their lova. Gileeeeeersss sedapppppsss but kinda pricey but seriously yumsss. Dems. Let's go there some day!

So I think Didie's made the best pavlova. When you chew those kenyal meringue. You'd go lovalova!! Sorry Hani and MakLeha. Hehe.

It's interesting ey if Tesco Malaysia sells instant meringue. I'd go ratah that meringue everyday kayss.