Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pavlova is Love.

Lemme tell you about pavlova,  it's ze bezt pencuci mulut evaaahh. Hani knows how to make pavlova. She's a genius. First time I tasted pun was her idea. She made it and I thought it was ze bezt lova evahhh.

Then I went to Mak Leha's house. We bought the meringue from Tesco! Simple! And I fall in love with Mak Leha's lova and thought nyehh Hani's one jatuh number dua!  Kahh.

Then I went to Didie's Kitchen at Danau Kota. Falling in love with their lova. Gileeeeeersss sedapppppsss but kinda pricey but seriously yumsss. Dems. Let's go there some day!

So I think Didie's made the best pavlova. When you chew those kenyal meringue. You'd go lovalova!! Sorry Hani and MakLeha. Hehe.

It's interesting ey if Tesco Malaysia sells instant meringue. I'd go ratah that meringue everyday kayss.


Hi hoi hu.

Didn't know I've been neglecting you for yearssss. I mean for a year jahh.

Year-end concert is ovahh!!!  Weebeedoobeedoo 🎓🎉🎊

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Skrin Cafe Burger.

Last Friday I went to Skrin Cafe near ukay perdana area. It was such a great feeling to be there cause been eyeing on this cafe for ages. Not cause Malaysian artists always lepak here,  but I came for the food.

Didn't know the sister and brother in law weren't that hungry. I had The Mexican Border burger all to myself. What attracted me the most was that charcoal bun. Always Hahaha wanted to try charcoal bun. Surprisingly it taste sweet. The patty tasted just fine. It's just the buns spoilt everything. Or maybe they should at least bakar the bun so it won't be that dry kan? Hehe. Fries paling tiptop!

On the way back,  I met one of my students' dad. He asked me whether I'm still with BBIM. I was like,  yeah,  so you didn't notice me all these while?  SAD!

Monday, July 6, 2015

People. They are Weird.

People kept asking,
"Kau masih keje tadika tu lagi?"
"Bila kau nak tukar keje weh?"
"Kau tak boring ke hari hari mengadap budak?"
"So hari hari la kena cebuk budak ek?"
"Banyak ke gaji diorang bayar?"
"Cukup ke gaji kau dengan cost of living here?"
"Tak rasa rugi ke belajar tinggi tinggi, keje tadika je?"

Aren't you sick of those questions?
You don't? But I am.
I am freaking sick of those questions.
I've been working with kids since 2012.
Still. I still get the same questions from people around me.

Cikgu tadika. Haram ke kerja tu?
Is it even illegal?
No. Definitely no.

Don't you know when you're so stress,  you can always hug the kids, and talk to them.
They will give you unexpected answers.
And somehow will make you smile and laugh.
Been there. Done that.
Stress relieved.

Don't you know when you ask for the kids' help, they will straight away help you out.
Try ask them to help you cleaning up things.
They'd be happy to help. Unlike adults.
Adults berkira.
But don't forget to praise them and thank them. They'd be very very happy and proud of it.
Been there. Done that.
Our little helpers :')

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sorry No Cure.

What I've been saying for the past few days.
Whenever people apologize, I'd go like "sorry no cure la!"

I've been thinking.
For things I've done.
2008. The best year of my life.
Tahun tahun lain pun best.
Jangan salah faham.
Tapi yang ni.
Haihhhh. Mix feelings.

We laughed.
We shared.
We blushed.
We cared.
We talked.
We discussed.
We never fight.
I can't believe we never fight!
I guess that makes me still keep thinking of that year.

2008. Still.
We faught.
For the first time in forever!
I can't believe we bertekak!
I made you cry.
It was me.
But I stayed strong and macho.
I didn't cry.

Now that you're  happy.
I'm happy.
I'm happy to see you're happy.
I've been jinxed.
I made you cry once.
Now it's my turn to cry.
More than once.
Guess that's the balasan from Allah.

I'm so sorry.
But please.
Stop seeing me in my dreams.
I need to move on.
Just like you.
It's just so...

It's so frustrating.
To get to see you in mimpi.
Not in real life.
That hurts.
It really hurts.

I believe that's how you feel.
When I made you cry.
When I hurt you.
When you never wanted to listen to my explanation.
When you never want to see me again.

I stalked you once.
Then I feel like a loser.
Till you private your page.

I just hope,
You will never ever ever ever ever appear in my dream anymore.
Pretty please.
Cause I feel you now.
I'm just...

I'm sorry.