Sunday, August 23, 2015

Skrin Cafe Burger.

Last Friday I went to Skrin Cafe near ukay perdana area. It was such a great feeling to be there cause been eyeing on this cafe for ages. Not cause Malaysian artists always lepak here,  but I came for the food.

Didn't know the sister and brother in law weren't that hungry. I had The Mexican Border burger all to myself. What attracted me the most was that charcoal bun. Always Hahaha wanted to try charcoal bun. Surprisingly it taste sweet. The patty tasted just fine. It's just the buns spoilt everything. Or maybe they should at least bakar the bun so it won't be that dry kan? Hehe. Fries paling tiptop!

On the way back,  I met one of my students' dad. He asked me whether I'm still with BBIM. I was like,  yeah,  so you didn't notice me all these while?  SAD!