Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now I remember how to smile

Pizza Hut has its own kurma .impressive !:P

Eh blog ,,

I had laksa for berbuka just now .wasn't that delicious ey .tiMah ordered bee hun goreng with telur mata and sotong while mAryam had nasi goreng daging merah .mAryam's food looks delicious gila .next time I'm gonna order that for sure :]

I miss home .I miss bapakk and makk .therefore I called them and we had a great one hour conversation :')
Called haNi but she's asleep and asked me to call dinA instead .ceyt !talked with dinA just for a few mins cause she didn't know what to borak about .double ceyt !-.-"

I just need a deep rest as I have class from 8.30 till 7 tomorrow .eh wait ,I forgot I have hafazan tomorrow .shiat !>.<



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