Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mookie Conster

Eh blog ,,

I think I just couldn't stop smiling after seeing Sir Moniruzzaman smiled happily for the gift I gave .ahaxx :">

Me: sir ,here's something for you from oppss
Him: oh you're back from oppss ?how was it ?
Me: yeah :] .it was good but the weather is pretty hot
Him: oh yes yes .so did you pray for me there ?(with the sweetest smile I've ever seen from him)
Me: of course sir :P
Him: thanks :)

Aww .now I know he can actually bergurau with students like friends .haha :P

Sir Tunku Mohar treated me nicely as always .instead he didn't want the gift cause he's not my lecturer for this semester .heh jual mahal taw !haha

Oh so relief !just need to wait for the arabic lecturer's response as well as tilawah lecturer's
Hopefully everything will be alright =S



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