Friday, February 25, 2011

I Hate that Boy

eh blog,,

I had a lil thing that made me soo upset yesterday and felt like give that boy a punch or a slap on his face! I don't know his name, neither does him. So, me and yOng ended up calling him budak baju ketat cause he wears tight t-shirts to class. That looks SUCKS on you la brother! Not sexayy AT ALL! BOO!

It's like this, we have presentation for Usul Fiqh yesterday. Another 10mins to 12.50pm but sir still called Jaws to present. yOng have class at 1pm but Jaws still doing her presentation. So yeah, we ended our class yesterday at 1.15pm. That was soo farking long okay.

At the end of the class, sir called names for the attendance. When it was yOng's named to be called, that baju ketat boy was behind me. Sir called yOng's name as NurAZREENA instead of NurFAZREENA. I didn't say yes cause I thought it was somebody else. So sir said, "okay absent"

And suddenly, that budak baju ketat mumbling something that I couldn't care less to hear what was it. But I just did I guess, HAHA. He said, "eh itu Fazreena kan." Malas nak layan and I just kept quiet. And he went to the front. I thought he wanted to correct sir about his attendance. Rupanya, he wanted to correct sir for yOng's attendance. OMG! I think he likes yOng lah! HAHA

No, that's not my point! my point here is that... hmm wait till I finish the story first aaa :)

I went in front cause I'm in charge of taking the LCD and laptop whatever la. So, needed to clean those up and pulang to the IRK punya bilik. So I went in front and he said to me, "eh awak nak betulkan nama Fazreena tadi tu kan?" I was like "hmm." Serious malas nak layan siaa!!!

Eh HELLLOOOO budak! I know what I'm doing la! yOng's my friend. Aku tau la nak cakap ngan sir camne. Kau siapa nak sesebok pasal kitorang. Kau fikir aku ni kawan yang teruk ke nak biarkan attendance kawan as absent padahal dia datang class. OF COURSE NOT! Duhhh!!
Okay now, that's the point!

He thought that Imma bad friend yang biarkan attendance yOng macam tu. I know what I'm doing la idiot! Baju tu dah la ketat. Perasan sexy. BOO YOU!!!

I dedicated this for you, budak baju ketat yang psycho gila!
Mind your bloody OWN business!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

You don't have to be so Perasan

eh blog,,

Lately I have mood swing like seriously teruk and that annoyed my friends so farking bad. Sighs! What had happened la -.-"

Anyhoo, I was clueless when a friend of my crushes knows about I have a crush on his friend. You get that? I don't think so cause I talked like a keling now -_-"

It's like this, when yOng and me were on the way to Usul Fiqh's class, we saw meowmeow walking alone heading to HS I guess. yOng was laughing after seeing him and I didn't know why cause I was walking waayy behind. After it was my turn to bump into that guy, he asked me, "okay ke?" I replied, "okay." Then he asked, "taknak kirim salam tutttt?" I was like wattafaakk!!! But with a weird face on my face, I replied, "err TAK?" Then we went away.

After that I told everything to yOng. Yeah, I don't have secrets with yOng, I tell her everything. She's like my problems listener to me, other than being my good friend. Hehe :P

We were like farking shocked! How on earth did he know about me having a crush on tutttt! That's hell weird okay! Ni tak lain tak bukan that F la ni bagitau but wait. I DID NOT TELL THAT F, DIDN'T I? yeah, I think I didn't. Stupid la diorang ni main buat assumption je. By asking that F what's tuttt's name does not consider that I like tuttt right? Sukati je kan F ni! -______-

Dah selalu tau things macam ni happened to me. Bukan kat UIA je. Entah apesal entah diorang ni nak menggelabah katak sangat. Mesti diorang takut a giant/monster suka kat diorang kan. HAHA!

So yeah, next time when I have a crush on someone, I will never let people know. Tapi nama pun 'crush' weh. It does not mean I want him to be my boyfriend or what. C'mon la! I'm so NOT THAT TYPE okay!

If you people know me very well, I'm someone who easily likes cute guys and the next few minutes, I forgot about him and like another guy pulak. HAHA. Yeah, that's just me. I'm not serious in everything that I do :)

I have like billions of crushes I guess. But tu baru kat UIA, belum campur dengan time sekolah and kat twitter and facebook lagi kan? HAHA. Okay I think that's annoying. A lil bit. :P
Me myself don't even know who I seriously like :-/

So for those who think I like him, forget about it. You don't have to be so menggelabah katak or whatever. It is just a CRUSH! I won't ask you to be my boyfriend or what. I know who I am and I know how do I look. I'm not that type of girls that you're wishing for. I know that and don't worry okay. I won't kejar you till lubang cacing and YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SOO PERASAN :)

Anyway, I have a lil something that I wanted to tell you but jyeah, let's just proceed it to the next post okay cause I'm too tired to tell T_T


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk Away Reluctantly

eh blog,,

shit laa I have exam laa deyy tomorrow! but haven't started revising anything yet. I skipped Arabic class this evening. Thought of taking some time to do some revisions but heh hampeh! Did not even touch the notes pun -.-"

So yeah, I went to Gamelan class at 5pm. I am so happy to get to play a new song called "Antawada." Cute innit? HAHA. Cikgu said it's the name of a bird. So far, I've tried to play "Perang," "Topeng," and "Timang Burung." And "Topeng" is my all time favourite song. Hihiks :">

Now, still preparing for Usul Fiqh presentation. My instinct said I won't present it tomorrow but I'm afraid if people won't come tomorrow and skip to my turn. Sangat FAKTAP if aku tak prepare aite? :-S

Wish me luck people! :) I so cannot wait to go back to Ampang cause bapakkk and makkk will be in Ampang this Saturday! woooooootttss! :D:D:D


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Eh blog,,

This internet connection is freaking me out. At first I had lotsa thoughts in my mind but while waiting for the web to load, seriously, rasa nak tampar je broadband ni. Grr!! :@

Anyhoo, since the internet is okay right now, let us share our story kay bloggie? ;)

hmmm actually I just miss my cousins. August 2009, was our hmm lemme see, like 3rd cousins' day out? yeah maybe. I couldn't even remember cause that was long ago :(

This morning, all of the sudden, jiHan texted me asking me where am I? I was about to reply but I'm afraid if she wanted to ask me out for lunch. It's not that I don't wanna have lunch with her. It is just that I didn't have enough money to go out for lunch. Neither do I wanna go out with her. Well, I think it is because my family once said that she's using me. Ya'know, there's a time when you don't have friends to hangout because they are busy or something, you'll just pick anyone to accompany you. Have you ever felt that way? I did. I used to pick anyone in the contact list. HAHA

So yeah, that's what my family is saying, that she's looking for me when her friends weren't around. I thought of replying the message tonight. Nyehh, I know I'm mean. I'm sorry :(

Oh and hey, I think my old habit is back! Dammnn! That's just not gonna happen to me okay. It's just wrong. The habit where I stayed up late at night at woke up late in the evening. How bad that is! I'm soooo not gonna stick to that habit anymore!

Last week, I spent my night watching How I Met Your Mother after having a bad night answering Usul Fiqh's questions. Then I slept around 3am like that. The next day I woke up, it was 10.30 o'clock in the morning! CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THAT! I freaked out! It was an overslept and I skipped IPE class. That is just so bad! -.-"

I'm afraid Imma do that again. SO, I'd better sleep early from now on. SERIOUSLY :-S

And yeah, I started to like eating cereal again. Weehoo! :D:D:D


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A combination of hectic week and tough semester

Eh blog,,

Ya'know I tak ambik banyak subject this semester. My credit hours is only 13. Too sikit compared to other geniuses. hehe but jyeahh Imma busy bee for this semester. Monday and Wednesday are the worst days ever! which I have class from 8.30am till 7pm! X_X

Nahh, I wasn't complaining about the classes nor do I wanted to complain about the lecturers. All is well :)

Here's the story when my week began so hectic. Classes were as as usual on Monday. Maulidur Rasul was on Tuesday. So, bapakkk and makkk fetched me at Setiawangsa LRT station Monday evening, after class. I forgot that I have Usul Fiqh midterm on Wednesday -.-"

So yeah, I didn't have much time to study and I skipped all classes on Wednesday. Bad me! Gamelan was the only class that I insisted to go to. Unfortunately, after hours of searching pintu masuk CAC tu, jumpa class but the it was canceled! sheeessshhh! malang gila nasib I :(

At night, me and yOng pegi Usul Fiqh midterm. The test was farkingg hard! I'm definitely a dead meat cause I think I didn't manage to answer the questions. Menyesal pulak skipped all the classes :(

The best part is, I jatuh depan class which is soo farkinggg embarrassing! and the ustaz was laughing at me, and all I sempat cakap was "sorry, sorry.." OMG! sorry for what la Nurin oiii? adoyaii -.-"

And now, I'm busy preparing for my Usul Figh and Methods of Da'wah presentations, Hafazan, Methods' article, and IPE midterm.

How I wish my next week will be wayy better than this week please, Ya Allah? :(


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, will it be okay?

Eh blog,,

It's Saturday baby! and these few weeks were so tough for me! with 4 exams in a row, hafazan, assignments and presentations. Well as usual, students life la kan, biasa letteww :P

I didn't entertain myself that much lately. I was so stress out with my midterm results. I just spent my weekdays with my girlfriend. On Monday she was not in a good mood therefore, I didn't want to disturb her and I just ignored her and didn't even ask what happened to her cause I know she won't answer the truth. So the next day I buat buat perli dia about the day when she was mad about I-don't-know-what. Then, baru la she started to say something. Well, tak semua but AT LEAST something kan :)

I went back to Ampang on Thursday. Don't wanna spend the weekends kat UIA cause nanti surely aku macam loner gila -.-" Yesterday I woke up at 7.30am but then hAni and diNa were still snoring. This is weird! So I woke them up tapi hAni reply "okay, 5mins lagi" ceehh! last last dia yang lambat pegi kerja! -.-"

and I woke up around 11.30am. Get myself updated with twitter. Then didn't know where and dengan siapa to have my lunch. So, I BBM zull if he wants to have lunch with me. He said okay as long as I tak lambat macam the first day I met him tu. Haha ofcourse la darling! First day haritu I was in a rush kot. hehe

We had lunch at Nando's KLCC. so hungry meh! felt like ordering 1/2 chicken je. Haha tamak! :P There was me, zuLL, muadZ, saFi and waLids. I had fun. They were ohsem! but I was hoping to see @megatmax and @NdraAiyad but well what to do, takda jodoh :P

Everybody was okay, friendly, borak macam biasa but then I found out that waLids was not that comfortable. I don't know if it is just my feelings or what but yeahh. Something wrong dengan aku ke? Do I look like an alien to him? Or he just doesn't want me to be around? :-/

Haha. Anyway, I just love meeting up and spending time with them cause lotsa infos aku dapat and they are my laughing partners. I'm sooo looking forward to spend time with others too :)

We will be having #twtupbowling4Nad at Sunway this Tuesday at 2pm. Whoever is free, you're welcome to join! Come laa! :D:D:D


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Shout Out

Birthday shout out goes to my girlfriend SYAZWANI JAMALI! :DD
Happy 22nd burpdayyy wani! Have a blast! Love you much! :-*

Eh blog,,

Me and my family went to pak lang's house warming just now at malacca. It was okay sebab kitorang tak baik with mom's side. So yeah :-/

Then me and my dad went to masjid untuk practice driving. It was fuuuuunnn :D

So that's all for today folks :B

Trying out new application on iPod :))))


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello dearly February!

Eh blog,,

I've been neglecting you for months kan! Awh I'm sorry. I've been busy with college and stuffs. January didn't treat me that well. FAKTAP GILAAA. With college stuffs, friends problems, strangers and everything, just, UGHHH!!

But hey, it wasn't really that bad ya'know! I met a bunch of new friends since I started using twitter. I joined #twtup that they organized. It's fun tau. For some people la. Well yeah, for me I think it's hell of a fun! :D

My first #twtup was #twtupGoldChili. It wasn't my intention to join the twtup. I was starving and craving for butter chicken. So I dragged asna to accompany me to have my dinner. Rupanya, my one and only diva doesn't really like to meet new people. I'm so sorry asna. I didn't know that :-/

The best thing of having this twtup thing is where you can meet different types of people with a very different attitude but they all make your life colorful. With those college dramas, I think I just need other friends outside Uia :B Knowing them is a bliss but old friends still kawan jugak okay :-/

This is Liy. Dia super cute. Suara dia paling cute :B

ni BFF. Zaza and zara :)

#McAwesome and #flipshair ni. Meet @zullicious. Semua orang punya favourite ;))

this is ayipp. He's around my age. A libririan to be. How cute is that!

retis ni! Korang hado? Haha!

Trish is one of my favorites too. Dia sweet okay plus she's from ampang too! Sepp sikit!

Most of them are from pj and shah alam. So buat twtup pun area sana je la kan :-/

I'm so need of friends from Uia or gombak who can drive and join us for this twtup thingy. But I guess noone likes this type of activity :((