Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rough day

It was a hectic day !i feel dizzy and feel like fainting .tilawah class was cancelled izzit ?hopefully it's a YES cause I went to class just now ,there was no ustaz ,not even a student came to class .ustaz didn't reply my text message ,he also rejected my phone calls -.-"

Anyway ,I met Nor.Faiz just now and I asked him what is he majoring in .he said 'Political Science' but it wasn't that clear .as if he was so ashame of majoring in Political Science .why is that so eh ?
I somehow think that he should be proud of the course he's majoring in cause the subjects are tough and aren't that easy to get an A ,plus the high competition .hmm well ,different people have different views raiittteee ?:]

Oh cepat lah Sabtu !I wanna go watch muviesss .hojyeahh



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