Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

Eii Blog ,,

26th February :

Happy 21st Birthday Hafizullah

27th February :
Happy 21st Birthday Nadhirah !Love you lotssss((:

28th February

* Happy 21st Birthday Asna Ashraff

* Happy 18th Birthday Hamim

.............................. Anyway ..............................

Yesterday was the most enjoyable day to me
This is because friends celebrated my birthday (last years' birthday), Nadhirah, Zulhelmi and hafizullah's birthday
Unfortunately, hafizullah could not come without any reason ):

At first I didn't want to come because I wanted to complete IR assignment
But when Fazreena had become angry and has mengantoikan everything to Nadhirah,
Nadhirah forced me to just follow her cause kesian lah for those people who have prepared everything for us kan :')

When we arrived HS cafe, there was only Fazreena, Hafizah, Shawal, Dzul Fadhli and Zulhilmi
Then Arina and Akmal (our new friend) came
hmm it was quite joyful but meng-upset-kan sebab no more other friends gathered together ):

Thanks for everything you guys
Hearts you guys like forever !:-*


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Such a long day

Eii Blog ,,

Today-was so exhausting
Although there's just a class in the morning ,
But I was unable to get a rest in the afternoon
I went to HS department to declare my minor in IRK then discussed about IR assignment
Needed to rush to tv room for pre-registration on the evening

Went back from tv room ,take a bath and washed clothes
Then prepared to go to class
Halfway to class ,Nashidah texted Fazreena that class canceled
Hang out at HS cafe with Fazreena
Enjoying Nasi Goreng Kampung and Limau Ice
Unfortunately the meal was so yucky
Tasteless !Ugh
What a Night

Yeah ,although Fazreena could meet her "Lelaki Idaman" :))
Whereas I need to finish up my-tasteless Nasi Goreng Kampung and Limau Ice

Goodbye .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello Blog ,,

Nurin is in need of this camera
Please oh please :DDD

Anyway ,I always wanted to update my blog everyday but as I have IR second-quiz tomorrow ,I'm able to write short entry jek

Tangan aku dah gatal nak usha all the websites pasal cameras
Tapi tak pernah taw whether it's Lomo or what kan =S

Guess I need to find friends that are into cameras and hopefully they can share their knowledge of cameras .Wheeeee


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pete Wentz

This Fall Out Boy hottie is sure catches my attention !(:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Friend

Dear blog ,,

Here's the story where me myself and Yong sit together and talk about crappy things
It was the day where we managed to speak out
Because kalau hari lain ,neither of us manage to talk as fizah will do the talking .Hehe (Sorry fizah but true that !:P)

One day as Yong and I were walking to HS Cafe ,we saw satu friendly girl yang sangatlah familiar
I was staring at her but my mind wasn't there
Kire macam unintentionally staring at her lah :DDD
She was texting with err of course lah tataw dgn sape kan !aiyoo

What came across my mind is that why is she still texting her boyfriend when everybody knows that her boyfie is one of UIA students as well
Then the thought that can't wait to get out of my mind ,keluarlah dengan bangganya

And the conversation goes .........
Nuns :Cuba kau tengok budak tu Yong .Bukan ke boyfriend die pun budak UIA .Kenape die masih busy texting boyfriend die .Kalau tak takan tersenyum-2 macam tu .Tak buring ke kalau dah tiap hari jumpe then nak text lagi .Ape agaknye yang dorg borakkan ek ?
*Busy Body gile tak ingat .Memang pun !Hihik :">*
Yongsie :ish nun ni .Mestilah die nak tanye makan kt mane hari ni .Dah name pun boyfriend girlfriend .Dah kencing ke belum pun blh tanya taw
Nuns :Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...(tiada penghujung)

Yong Yong ....That was funny gile !
I didn't expect that answer datang dari kau
And I laughed my ass off
Such lawak was really brilliant to make me think about other couples
I wonder if it's for real lah kan the girl'd ask that type of question
If it's true ,I think it's stupid but prank !Hahahhahahhahaha

From now on ,I started to think weird questions that will be asked to their partners whenever I bump into any couples
HAHAHAK blame on Yong lah wehh !:P:P

So ,after this when I already have one
I'd like to ask him ,"bro ,you dah kencing ?"
OMG !Still funny !Well ,maybe the joke came from Yong yang before ni macam serious jek .Hihik :P:P
Good job young lady !((=


Monday, February 15, 2010

Vin Diesel

Hello Blog ,,

Loooooookkkkk Loooooookkkkk !!
Tough guy on earth
He's cute .Don't you think so ?
Kikikikikikiki :DDD
I'm officially love this guy .Hihik :">
I'll set him as a wallpaper for my lappy for sure ((x

Eh I was looking for Adobe Photoshop CS2 punya serial number lah
Does anyone know the serial for that software ?
I've finished downloading Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
Tapi I just realized that I Need to have Photoshop CS4

Now I need to download that software which it's hard to find or google it
This website ade link to download photoshop cs4
but then I tataw nak install that software sebab ianya portable
What The F !Buta IT habes !):

Esuk I'm going back to UIA already
That's sad .Totally
Rase nak demam jek sekarang ):


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad Day

Today I have no mood to talk
I am not angry at anyone
I just do not have mood to talk

I thought after the holidays, I can get a rest after all exams have finished
But lain plak jadik
Tension aku because I don't have photoshop and Asna ashraff wants the ticket as soon as possible
Azizan couldn't help me as he was very busy ):
And when I want to download Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended di music-sdrkamil , Mediafire could not be opened
It's like UIA has blocked that website

This is a very cruel because Mediafire is important to download things
In conclusion, I am very angry with the UIA although wireless can continue through to my room
But it does not provide any facility directly
Because UIA punya wireless is super duper SLOW ! X-(

I just do not know how to siapkan the tickets =S