Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Don't talk to me
If you hate me

Don't disturb me
If you hate me

Don't you dare to come closer to me
If you hate me

I don't care
I don't wanna know
I don't even bother about it !

Back off

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mereka berlagak

People have their own mase of mood swings aren't they ?
Why do they have those such thangs ?
I don't believe in it untill i found one
Actually they are lotsa them
Oh well ,people are not the same =S

Lemme tell you my experience with those people
I met her at the toilet
I said hye
She ignored
Next day ,I didn't tegur her
And she said I'm sombong
I'm confused !

The same person do the same thing again
And I decided not to tegur people first before they tegur me
She said hye nurin
I just waved my hand
Not even a word keluar dari mulut
I felt guilty
I should have said something

Next few days
I was on the phone
Went outside the room
Nurin hye !!

I just don't get it
When i'm in the mood of tegur-ing people
Nobody wants to tegur me back

I feel so mad
I feel so angry
I feel so careless
So lost ,confused again
I feel so cheap
So used ,unfaithful
Let's start over
Let's start over

And this roomate of mine
Don't have to mention her name thank you (:

I met her at toilet as well
I thought of tegur-ing her
But then she just tunduk and walk away without looking at me

What if I do the same thing as you did ?
will you get angry with me ?
Yes kan ?
Plus ,your gonna say that i'm sombong lagi
Urgh !

People are unpredictable
I just don't understand these people

I wish i was smart
I wish i made curses for how people are
I wish i had power
I wish i could lead
I wish i could change the world
For you and me

And sometimes
I wish i was brave
I wish i was stronger
I wish could feel no pain
I wish i was young
I wish i was shy
I wish i was honest
I wish i was you not i

Overall ,I wish i could understand people and read their mind
Gaaahhhhhh ,,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lil Kiddies

Me and my friends went to this kindergarten named Ar-Rahman
at Setiawangsa every Friday
Ain't that cool ?
I loike kids

Our first day was okay
but the kids were not that friendly
They learned hardly
And it's funny

I still remember when they said "Good morning aunty"
we were shocked and laughed
Then they changed to "Good morning kakak"
after their teachers asked them to call us KAKAK
well ,i feel so old that time !

Next friday
Me ,macha and fye didn't go
because we have lotsa thangs to do
We missed those kids :(

The following friday
we went there again
This time we bring along marble cake and and entahhh
That day they served us and the kids
cereal and marble cake
Daymn !I'm so in love with that marble cake mahn !
I feel like wanting it more and more

That was the last time we go there
We took lotsa pictures
Kiddies are so cute
I love them but i hate them too

Everynight before going to sleep
I must take a look at their pictures
As well as my nephews and niece's pictures
Oh and my friends' nephews ,nieces and adeks

Shit !
I nak mintak pictures of that persian kids laaaahhhh
Who're those little rascals eh ?
Elyas and Omar kan ?
sssssshhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss ,,cumil wehh mereka !!

Well ,kids are adorable
But sometimes annoying
No no ,,
MOST OF THE TIME they are annoying
This boy looks sick .I dnt knw his name .Sorry

Here's Raziq Dani who's deeply IN LAVH with fye .HAHA

Danish is his name .The cutest among all !I like the way he posed baby ~((=

Afiq Husaini is the victim in doing research .hahaha .Otai habis !:)

Rizal is such a rich boy .I met him once jek :(

Meet Alep Haykarl !I like him !I like him !Shy shy boyyyyyyy but cute gilak bah !((:

This two i'm not sure what are their names but look at that girl !she's wearing my baju kurung !heh

I think this is syarifah .she looks exactly like Marissa (mya's niece)

Friday, March 13, 2009

I’m not like them, they faked!

I hate it when you’re happy and i’m not
I hate it when everybody is on your side
I hate it when people like you more than me
I hate it when people give more attention to you rather than me
I hate it when you’re bossing me around
I hate it when you yell at me
I hate it when you thought that your way better than me
I hate it when you tell lies all the time
I hate the way you treat others differently
I hate it when everybody misses you
I hate people asking about you 24/7
I hate it when your mad at me with no reason
I hate it when your comparing your marks with mine
I hate it when everybody thought that you’re the trend setter
But your actually not
Totally no and it is a big NO !

I’m tired of making people around me happy when i’m not
I’m tired of being the youngest daughter
I’m tired of being broke all the time
I’m tired of being treated like shit
I’m tired to be friendly to those sombong people
I’m tired of smiling to people who don’t reply me back
I’m tired of having new friends
I’m tired of waiting for something that is not worth it
I'm tired of always being the left out one
I’m tired of making people around me happy
I’m tired of comforting people around me
I’m tired of thinking about others who doesn’t even care about me
I’m tired of pretending that i’m close to that particular person
I’m tired of trying to make things right
And mostly ,i’m tired of making people happy

Stop making me happy when you know you can't
Stop making things happen when you know it won't
Stop making things right when it's not
Stop making me go your way when you know it won't ever happen
Stop making me hate you when you know I won't
But please DON'T stop making me love you cause I know I won't

Please understand the way i am
Please say sorry for things that you did wrong
Please make others see the REAL you
Please be yourself
Please don’t pretend to be others
Please don’t make people think your innocent
Please be evil like the way you do
Please don’t stop me doing something thang that i can’t and
It is just me
Don’t blame me for behaving like this
Please don’t make any of my friends as YOUR friends
And i’ll make sure it is not gonna happen !
Please find your own way
Please find your own friends
Please find your own style
And please go to die !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You’re as bad as all the rest

Why am i so slow in memorizing Quranic ayat ?Dammit !
I should have memorized al-mukminun earlier .So that ,I have more time to memorize other 10 ayat .siud ah !:(

Anyway ,today there’s no class in the morning .i woke up late and i think atiqah dah gerak kan aku earlier but then aku tido balik .then came tasnim kejut i frm tido ,barulah bangun betul (: haha
And then i slept till 11am .planned to wake up around 1pm because bm class starts at 2pm but suddenly makkk and bapakkk texted me .adoihhhhhhhhh terus terbangun !;pp
Last nite i got mad kat my compartment-mate .mahn !i am sorry lah because i have this mood swings and am so stressed coz i didn’t hafal another 7 or 8 surah macam tu =S
Myra ,fye ,fatin and hanis was absent .mya and fizah had told fye ,hanis and fatin about the hafazan .should i tell myra or should i not ?hmmmmmm .confusing confusing ~

Last nite jugak i was like bloody homesick !felt like crying gila babi but tried to control maself tapi tak boleh .hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaa :”(

Ok Goodbye !:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mean man took my candy

I don’t feel like blogging because i don’t have any ideas what to write .I like ideas .i wonder why i don’t get any hm ?!=S

Anyway ,i tidied up my room just now .I washed all my clothes and swept the floor but i didn’t sweep others compartment because i was afraid to get into their compartment (jyeah right =P)

And this annoying compartment-mate of mine made me mad .really mad .while i was sleeping last night ,suddenly she switched on the light .Watta FUCK !!!!!!!!i was sleeping lah weeehhhh you bloody perempuan !X-(

And today i am not in the mood .i just keep quiet from the time i wake up from sleep and till now .seriously i have no mood at all

I feel like having a bad fever .daymn !

Oh yeah ,yesterday i met Mai at t.sq but i didn’t have the chance to say hye because me and fye were rushing to withdraw the money .huhu

I’ll update later .whenever i have the time and idea to blog .ya-haa(: