Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sugar Candy Mandy Lil Wandy Oh Got Crazy !

Eh blog ,,

This is what happen when you stay up late at night and watch tv drama okay !I'm craving for all these candies macam gilaaa !I'm looking for these for soooooo long !like for ages !
where do I exactly can find all these candies ey ?can cold storage solve my problem ?:(

I couldn't find Twizzler at c
old storage .neither do other candies but I think Tootsie Roll ada kat Cold Storage .I'm not sure but whatever it is ,I'm gonna find it tomorrow !read my word blog ,T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W okaaaay !:DDD

This one is new .I mean I haven't seen this flavour before .okay sangat outdated but yes ,the matter of fact that candy ni takda kat Malaysia ,sangat lah LAME !-.-"
Eh jap ,I just saw that it says it's LIMITED EDITION .haha okay ,err my apology dear Malaysia :)

and these ,I believe it's new !sebab it's stated there .HAHA

but of all the candies ,this one is what I'm craving for .candy that I love the MOST !:')

aww how I missed my cousins who used to give me all these candies especially the peppermint candy cane here .now no more I guess since they're already in Malaysia and I grown up too fast ?SOBS !:'(

AWH .I guess I'd better go to Cold Storage and hunt for those candies ey .a great idea isn't it ?!these are all I need for berbuka tomorrow :]



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