Monday, June 28, 2010

Kedah Trip

Hello Penang :)

It's US and the paddy field <3<3

Bye-Bye Kedah&&Penang :(

Eh blog ,,

How are you ?I've been busy lately and therefore I forgot about you .I am so sorry man !:)

June 19 - June 22
Me and my girlfriends went to Kedah and Penang .It was a first trip with the girlfriends .We were so excited but there was a lil' conflict at first where Ida didn't want to join us cause she had stuff to do with her friends .Everybody was so pissed off but then it was a mistake and she decided to join us .Phew :)

It was fun but I was having PMS during the trip and I didn't talk much .I'm sorry you guys :(
But the truth is I had fun and thanks to you guys .

Nothing much happened eyy .we laughed ,we talked ,we cooked ,we slept ,we did everything together .thought of going to Penang and getting sunburn and all unfortunately ,it was raining .blergh -.-" so everything was in a hurry .sigh

so that's all about the trip .I've uploaded the pictures in facebook but the quality gaaahhhhh beyond expectation I guess ?HAHAHA naaahh ,the quality is not so good .I don't know why .mungkin kena hujan ?:(


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding serenity is just what I NEED :)

"nurin.kau ada megi.aku lapa la"
"nurin.aku tak bole ah"

Haha I just received 2messages from faTimah this morning .thank God I managed to reply the messages before she fall asleep .PHEW =)

Oh and I told Qila that I have a mission need to be accomplished ;; I'll be switching off my phone for this bloody 2days .interesting ,no ?:)

But after receiving another message from maryAm ,I think I just need to switch on my mobile phone back just to save her new number .zzzzzz

I guess I'll start my mission right after I got back from Kedah la -.-"


Sunday, June 13, 2010

How do you respond when others break promises to you ?

Eh blog ,,

Think back to a time when someone broke a promise to you

Here's a lil' something that makes me think friends like this type of people are so irritating !
maL is my friend but I haven't seen him over a year ago .he didn't even contact me for such a long time but all of the sudden he contacted me again .it's weird isn't it ?your mind will keep on asking and wondering why must he contacts you and not your other friends right ?

It happened that on Monday I went to KLCC with nAbila ,qiLa and khaZu .maL texted me few days back if I'm still alive and he'd like to hang out with me whenever I'm free .so I just texted him that I was at KLCC with the friends and I thought he didn't want to come and see me .but then he effordly said that "okay ,I'll come to KLCC and you just wait kay"

and it was a oh-shit-oh-shit situation for me because I was just kidding .I mean who would come to KLCC just to say hye and a few secs later it's just a bye-bye kan ?movieee starts at 8 but maL still was not there .what took you so long to come to KLCC ah you ?grr

So when the movieee was about to start ,he called me millions of times .he texted me to go out just for a while because he was already at TGV's entrance .ugh !fucked up !I ignored him and just enjoyed the movieee :)

around 11pm we went back to UIA and I totally forgot that maL was still waiting for me .so yeah I left him but I didn't promise to meet him that day okay .my appology

on Thursday as I've planned to go back to diNa's house ,I told him if there's a chance to meet ,we can meet up somewhere around lunch hour but guess what ?!HE DIDN'T SHOW UP !damn it !he didn't even reply my calls and messages !I straight away deleted his phone number .oh thank you lah Mal kan cause you promised me to wait for you and don't lie ,I DIDN'T LIE AND I KEEP MY PROMISE !X-(

and so this is maL .BOOO !

Dear maL ,stop making promises when you couldn't even keep the promise
you'll only hurt people's feelings and they'll definitely want to kill you like I do !ngeh ngeh ngeh ;)

And you people please don't mess with me cause I'll definitely delete your number and facebook once you make me pissed off !
You get me ?:P


Saturday, June 12, 2010

would you like to go out for a movie with me ?(:

Eh blog ,,

I'm dying to watch this
please oh please

and this one too !

and this of course =)

just in one day .can ah ?:D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pity you

What's the point of being so bossy ,such a braggart ,pretend that you're matured enough ,etc etc ..but when it comes to boyfriend ,everything's changed !it's all gone !no no more being she's all that when you mingle around with us when your boyfie is just next to you ?what's the point of doing that to the BOYFRIEND'S FRIENDS eyy ?

Is this what we call love or mengada hm ?
Okay ,why am I being so emotional here ?HAHAHA

Boy oh boy ,I'm sorry I think I just hate your girlfriend !=)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If only ...

...I could sleep like him for the whole day =)

Eh blog ,,

Once you skip class ,there's always the tendency to skip next classes kan !sigh .malas nak pegi class harini -.-"

But hey I have quiz today .wish me luck people ;)


Friday, June 4, 2010

why blog ?

People write things they can't say and so do I .=)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's tricky

This is bad ..bad baad baaad !!!

I HAVEN'T asked for the parents' permission to go for a trip to Kedah with the friends but I've already bought the ticket .see how stupid am I ?!OR is it just a trick so that makk and bapakk can't say no sebab I dah bought the ticks ?!ahaaa ..heh heh heh ;))