Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pre Raya

3 tahun dah dengan BB.
There were lots lots lotsssssss of good memories and bad experiences as well.
I don't mind. I learnt thousands of lesson.
Naik pangkat, turun pangkat, semua dirasai.
Menyesal? Dulu, pernah.
Sekarang tidak lagi. InsyaAllah.

Experiences taught me to be tough!
No cengeng cengeng like I used to.
Ala, asam garam hidup.
Takda nangis ketawa, tak jadi la nasi goreng ikan masin tu.

Raya. 3 bloody years raya bersama.
People. They come and go.
Students? They stay. For at least a year or two.
Colleagues? They usually go. The longest they could stay, a year or less.
So who's staying?
ME.  Your bloody loyal old staff, my dear BB.
Appreciate me. Appreciate me not. Up to you.
You decide.

Pre Raya again.
I really really really love it.
What I quite ughh about it, it's during ramadhan!

Imagine that we have to handle 100plus students for a perfect photo!
Impossible ey.
But we can do it!
I know we can do it!
Cause I can!
My kids are the best!  (YOU BETTER BEHAVE HA KIDS! )

I'll post the photos once we've captured the precious moments.
Till then... 


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