Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August fifteen two thousand ten

God ,why can't I be so mean like certain people do ?:-S
Ugh uia !everytime I'm eager to go online ,there'll always be a connection problem .why is it that you need to be so gay when I'm in the middle of doing something important ey ?GRR !X-(

Eh blog ,,

Just now I berbuka at klcc with the sisters .we had our dinner at fish market or manhattan fish ,oh whatever they call it .I just LOOOVE the food !delicious and affordable :]err but I didn't contribute satu sen pun :P

what happen to my diet plan ?oh I couldn't care less .I think it will work whenever I'm away from home .haha .you see ,when you're in college ,you'll have the tendency to skip your meal right .I mean for the reason of being so lazy to get out from the gloomy room or maybe you don't have the mood to eat cause you're homesick .it sounds so not relevant but I found it logic .yes ,such a solid reason ;)



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