Saturday, August 21, 2010

A test during Ramadhan

Eh blog !!!

Arabic mid-term was ugh !so fcuking susaaah !i'm doomed !>.< why is it that they need to buat paper macam tu susah eh ?

Okay .I admit that I haven't finished study yet but the fact that everything that ustaz mentioned in class ,not a single pun yang keluar memang frust gilaaa okay !I thought that I could score for this subject but by looking at the mid-term questions ,oh I wonder how finals would treat me ey ?

and to my dearest friend fAtin ,I know you won't read this but I'm so sorry I didn't halo you just now .I was frigging scared for the paper .dah lah tak habis baca semua kan -.-" that makes me even scared and didn't feel to talk with people .sorry babe :(

Well blog ,,arabic mid-term paper just ruined my mood .THANKS A LOT lah kan !feel like yelling at anyone's faces right now .too depressed ,too hard to control !X-(



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