Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spell it correctly ,LOSER !

Eh blog ,,

I miss my 'short semester friends' so freaking bad :(:(:(

I miss her letting me know if she wants to skip classes

I miss her asking me whether I want to tumpang her or not

I miss her curiousing abt me for being alone in the class

I miss her taking me out for dinner

I miss her asking me out for muviesss

I miss her wanting me to sleep over at her room

I miss ugh EVERYTHING I guess !
God ,why am I being so emotional here ?!
Hmm cause I feel so left out now .ask me why ?yeah ,cause when long sem starts ,everybody will be busy with their own friends .yes ,their friends yang before this didn't take short sem and now they're seeing each otha again after 3months seperated !hahaha

In conclusion ,I'm just their friends when they need me .I'm not their true friends .I know right ,they are using me :(

Hmm I don't mind .I still love you ,dear 'short sem friends' .eventhough we're so close just for few months .hopefully you're gonna miss me when I'M GONE !:-)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First day of class

"halo .I'm Nurin .from Johor"
"oh Nurain"
"no .Nurin"
"Nurain !"
"err Nurin sir"
"I know but in Arabic it's Nurain"
"I see ..."

That's what will happen when you take Arabic with foreign lecturer .they will translate your name to Arabic name .at first I found it weird and annoying but somehow it's funny and interesting;-)

And oh btw ,I couldn't even understand what he's saying in English apatah lagi Arab !heh .mati !


Monday, July 12, 2010

Year 3 ,you better treat me nicely ey

Eh blog ,,

I'm at uia already .it was tiring and I was sweating the whole day .first with the bus incident ,then trying to catch the train ,wait for one and a half hour to get the room key ,clean the fan and room were the most tiring activity ,at night went to cafe and the girlfriends' room ,around 2am prepared for tomorrow -.-'

But I love new sem cause I get to meet the girlfriends of course !:) oh I just need to catch up on my gossips .xos !;)

Hopefully everything will run smoothly .I need to settle some errands .I really hope that the lecturers and the deputy dean will approve my study leave application .oh I'm so nervous .wish me luck !=S


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Year 3

Oh no ,my pre-registration course session did not run smoothly last Thursday :( .I forgot that I need to register for the subjects .so I went online around 1a.m and the server was being so gay that makes me pissed off .after few minutes of cursing UIA's system session ,I managed to add only 6 subjects >.< Supposedly I'll be taking 7 subjects for next semester but all the reserve subjects are no longer reserved .GAAHHH !So for now ,next sem I'll be taking Event Management Skill ,Arabic Level 4 ,Introduction to Economics ,Political Thought II ,Introduction to Fiqh and Tilawah I which makes the total of 10.5 credit hours only .I'll add manually for International Political Economy and Methods of Da'wah .if I managed to get these 2 subjects ,I probably will drop Arabic Level 4 and one IRK subject .ugh I don't know .I just haven't decided yet -.-"

and I seriously don't know whether I can cope with it or not .with 3 core courses and 2 IRK subjects might sound so tough for me man !oh I've already told my parents about my result .my mum was so pissed off I guess that she was speechless for a moment .I'm sorry .I've tried my best to get an A but I just managed to get A- that makes no defference in my CGPA :(

Therefore ,I promise to myself to be more independent and hardworking for next semester !(HAHA yeah right Nurin ,every semester you'd promise the same thing) But never mind ,as long as the intention is THERE :) the important thing is the intention ,if our intentions are good ,I believe He will help us :) but if talk only ,no effort ,you don't need to say much lah Nurin oii hahahahahaha okay ,stop .enough of me crapping !


Friday, July 9, 2010

I know you're listening ,God

couple of friends said not to hate someone cause we will get what we hate

if so ,I HATE JOHN MAYER ,I'll get him one day .can ha ?:)

*crossing fingers*



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

why Holland ?

Uruguay vs Netherlands .I proudly say that I'm on Netherlands side :)

I think
Martin Caceres of Uruguay is so annoying with his 'collar ternaik' ,ugh so not handsome or macho at all okay boy .why is it that you need to lift you collar ,for attention ey ?last night he was playing too rough and made Zeeuw of Holland got injured in his nose :(

Martin Caceres kicks Demy de Zeeuw ,for which he received a yellow card .serves you right man !heh

Demy de Zeeuw is seen after receiving a kick in the face

Sneijder was full of dramas when he tried to push Caceres for making Zeeuw injured .he has been given a yellow card instead :) and oh oh Van Bronckhorst looked so handsome when he managed to get the first goal .I love you for that Vanny boy ;DD

Feels like supporting Holland eventhough Bazil just lost because of THEM !nyeh !:((

Ohmaiigadd Ohhmaiigadd !just after a second I texted aniQ saying that Netherlands rock ,straight away Uruguay scores 1 .UGH damn you FORLAN !>.<

but I think this game is much better than Japan vs Paraguay match because this game is full of dramas .i loikeee :)



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sayonara three-weeks-of-holidays !:'(

Eh blog ,,

I just realized that I only have a week to sit down and take it easy at home .I'm so lazy to go back to UIA and start a new semester which I know it must be more tough than usual .sigh >.<
Anyway ,,I just read people's status on facebook .hmm I am frigging weird why the status of all people on Facebook said they desire to start learning again .my oh my ,,am I the only one who is not willing to face the reality in which I have to go back this Sunday ?ugh .stop with this UIA thingy ehh ..I just have to enjoy my last day at home with the family :):)

Ahaaa .here's what we need whenever you're in the state of depression !this will calm you and make you happy whenever you're actually not .hehe ;D
at first ,the taste was really bad and erm some sort of weird or should I say too sweet ?but eventually ,I think it tasted really good .like seriously .you must try this icekimo sour soup :)
Available at DairyFresh

it has been proven that it is so delicious =)


Seriously why must we quarrel ey ?

You're the best friend I've ever had in my life
You bring out the best in me
You make me more than I thought I could be
You're the one I can talk to about anythig

Oh I love you much ,dear blog =)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Messi DEARIE =)

Messi the Legend

Hello people ,meet Messi .the best footballer in the world :P


The second man after Messi .He's hot I tell ya .RAWRRR !;D

tevez tevez tevez .CARLOS TEVEZ

The worst man ever !the name is popular .unfortunately ,I don't think he is a good player .I mean I just don't really like him playing in the field or the way he plays may also be too violent I guees ?=S

As far as my own happiness is concerned ,I would like to see Argentina prevail against Germany last night .Lionel Messi has been the player of the tournament so far and I would hate to see his team eliminated .UNFORTUNATELY ........UGH !!*you already knew the result right*

UGH .I am not satisfied with the results of yesterday .argentina ,ZERO ?nadaa goal ?what the heck !!!!!!
I was expected that Argentina kalah with at least one goal ?

that's all I can say T_T


Saturday, July 3, 2010

How I wish I could turn back time

Arif Aziz .known as DikBee .he's such a cutie but now he's all grown up .he's a man now .he's 13 !his eyelashes were very long and looked as if they had been coated with mascara even though they hadn't been .that's what I LIKE about him !:)

Eh blog ,,

It's 2010 ,I would have been 21 ,and I knew for sure I wasn't 21 .I didn't feel 21 .I felt ..I couldn't say the exact number ,but I just knew I felt younger .17 .18 .my body didn't feel 21 .my mind didn't feel 21 either .damn !I just can't face the fact that I'm 21 .why would I be this old ?I wish time would stop when I was 4 or 5 .I so oh miss my childhood life :'(


Friday, July 2, 2010

Brad Pitt is one of the hottest man in the werl-d !:D:D

I just watched this movie last night .yeah I knowwwww I'm so outdated >.< but as a matter of fact I thought this movie is some kind of a dirty movie and so I made up my mind not to watch this movie :P:P

After all I think the story is not bad but the ending is a lil' bit cliché ey .most important thing is that BRAD PITT is super hot !yummylicious as alwasy !;)
but somehow I think that Angelina Jolie is ugh ,annoying ,there's some parts when she's trying so hard to look sexy .nyeh -.-"

Overall ,the story is just an okay for me :)

Gdbye .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the girls that i'm in loved with

Melaka Melaka oh Melaka :D

marked by pleasure

kawan sepanjang zaman <3<3

meet iKi and teacher anIsah =)

when the seniors visit their school (;

Eh blog ,,

Last Friday I went to Melaka with my girls .ohh you know how I miss them so much aite .finally ,we got the chance to hang out and I was so excited !:):)

10am :Umaii fetched me and straight away went to dIba's

11am :with unplanned 'plan' we went to Melaka .HAHA we ,as in me and Umaii ,actually decided to go to Maahad for the SPM certificates thingy - err don't bother to tell heh .so yeah ,,at first it was so awkward when you haven't meet the people for about a year then now you have to hang out with them ?ohh for me it's an awkward awkward situation cause I don't get used to situations like that .got me ?:S

12am :having lunch at McD ,Dataran Pahlawan .boy oh boy ,,you HAVE TO as in you OUGHT look at the way piKa eats !HORROR I TELL YOU !scary as hell !HAHAHAHA !at first Umaii wasn't brave enough to tegur piKa but when I started to laugh ,,then only Umaii did the talking .we laughed at the way she eats .like seriously babe ,do something about it weh !HAHAHA

after that we went shopping ,emm more to window shopping I guess and took lotsa pictures .oh lovessssss =))

4pm :went to Tanjung looking for monkeysss .HAHA but I was fcuking afraid to get closer with the monkeys .oh they are so not my friends :P:P
then went to Maahad and we were so amazed with Maahad's new look .HEH it's just so unfair to be 'that' advanced/developed oh whatevs .I'm effing jealous meh !our class was made a store .wtf !!!&@#$%^!&*(^% !!!haha okay .done cursing *relief* ^_^

7pm :Umaii sent me home .thanks babe =)

Overall ,I was having so much fun .thanks for the day and I love you girls .smooches !